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[Xbox 360] HPR Car Meet/Show

HPR Car Meets

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HPR Car Meets

I'm down for Friday 12th if there is still space on the list

Gamertag: BradInDaHood98


I'll put you on the list.

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HPR Car Meets

Right guys good news HPR Skyline is now UNBANNED so car meets are back to normal every weekend day! 1st page has more info

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HPR Car Meets

Could I join on friday please?

Gt DaffyDuck iii


Im up for this if still space GT: glesgatroops

I'll put you both on the list ;)

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HPR Car Meets

The meet tonight starts at 11:20pm GMT guys so get your car or bike ready for a good one if you haven't already post your gamer tag below for a space.

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HPR Car Meets

HPR Car Meet List

  1. HPR Skyline (Host)
  2. HPR Supra (Co-Host)
  3. CHIPPEWA388
  4. EXP Fusionz
  5. Vital Specs
  6. CjCool17
  7. JamRock55
  8. Conster3000
  9. Jamiem52
  10. Challenger R A
  11. Aston209
  12. DaffyDuck iii
  13. GlesGaTroops
  14. Dannybrett6
  15. BradinDaHood98
  16. zaston209

If you put you name down or sent me a message and your gamer tag is on the list im sorry but you can always send me a message saying NINOTL which means name is not on the list and i will try and get you in if somebody leaves it will be in no perticular order


Edited by HPR Car Meets
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HPR Car Meets

what am i not on the list ?i was in the friday when the meet didnt happen becuse of banned host .


Please read the bottom of the lobby list thank you.

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