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[Xbox 360] HPR Car Meet/Show

HPR Car Meets

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HPR Car Meets

I just caught the end of the meet which was really fun. Would love to join tonights.I trued adding you last night.

GT: BradInDaHood98

Thanks and I'll add you to the list also I don't accept many friend requests.

Put me on the list you know who I am


Also what time does the meet start?

10:30pm GMT

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HPR Car Meets

HPR Car Meet List

  1. HPR Skyline (host)
  2. HPR Supra (Co-Host)
  3. Vital Specs
  4. EXP FusionZ
  5. EXP TacTicZ
  6. JackVidlerr
  7. Madkylehatter3
  8. ProWildz
  9. BadInDaHood98
  10. Straight Sh0tta
  11. PinkLemonBear
  12. Jordn14
  13. xTeddy Kongx
  14. ChuckAndretti
  15. GhostFaceVick
  16. Ceejae703

If your gamertag is not on the list and you posted to be in the mmet or not then send HPR Skyline a message saying 'NOTLAPG' which means not on the list but posted gamertag

Thank You

Edited by HPR Car Meets
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HPR Car Meets

Great meet, thanks for hosting. Probably won't be able to make tomorrow's though.


Thanks Appreciate It ;)

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HPR Car Meets

Great Meet, Tonight Guys Thanks To Everyone Who Turned Up Was Good All Through With Some Nice Cars Pictures Are Below.




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HPR Car Meets

nice meet hpr skyline had a good time :lol::lol::lol:


great meet ! much fun! :D


Thanks Guys Appreciate It Hope To See You Again !

From HPRCrew

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HPR Car Meets

Can I be on the list for tonight's?



GT: PinkLemonBear


Ok guys I'll put you on the list ;)

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