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"The Goodbye Old-Gen Event" - Car Meet and Playlist

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Here I am again. With another event.


So, as a lot of people already know, Grand Theft Auto V is coming out on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Tonight at midnight (November 18, 12:00PM).


So, as a goodbye to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, I'm hosting a "Goodbye GTA V on Old-Gen" Playlist and a Car Meet on Xbox 360.


I'm hosting a Car Meet at 5:45PM (UK) or 10:45AM (US).




- ONLY Custom DLC Vehicles, Custom Muscle Cars are allowed

- Impromptu Races with other people


NOT Allowed:


- Destroying vehicles (Kicked from Lobby)

- Inviting your own friends.

If you don't have any DLC Vehicles, remember, steal a Muscle Car from a random pedestrian and make it your personal vehicle. NOTE: I recommend insuring it, since some people don't read the rest of this thread, and they go and destroy every vehicles.


I'm currently setting up a 16-Job Playlist. It will start after the Car Meet and it will be made off of Deathmatches, Races and LTS'.


If you would like to join either the Playlist, Car Meet or both, post the following on the comment of this thread:


Xbox LIVE Gamertag

Event you want to join (either Playlist, Car Meet or both)


Invites will be going out at 5:30PM (UK) or 10:30AM (US). i will be inviting players to the Car Meet and Playlist after the start of them.


You will recieve an invite from MarkTheGamer13, which is my Xbox LIVE Gamertag. I don't want anyone to get confused from getting a random invite to a random lobby. :)


I also recommend having a Microphone while you are on the Car Meet and Playlist for better communications. But if you don't have a mic, you're still welcome!


Edited by MarkTheGamer12

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