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The GTA V Secrets and Mysteries Hunt

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On 12/16/2018 at 12:31 AM, SomeComfyGuy said:

Seems like our work is far from over. In classic Rockstar fashion, they added another easter egg regarding the aliens. 


It seems like it's all pointing towards the final DLC, which will probably be the Alien Invasion/Battle one. Couple that with the fact that the Space Docker is now a dripfeed vehicle available for 1million$ discounted and we got ourselves something cool coming in the future.

I dont think the docker will be drip feed. You need to get to AP level 500 for it to unlock and you can get it for free.

It will take over a year to do this even with some serious grinding so who knows what they are planning.

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Since a lot of players have many millions on their maze bank account, they may have in mind to introduce a new currency and release new sharcards...

AP sharkcards !!!

the bs gigalodon platinum AP sharkcard will be on sale only just for you  for 150$  :-)

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okey, i think everyone noticed since the last DLC that there is a massive alien content included.

this on top on the already existed alien stuff since the basic beginning of GTA solo campaign.


i dont think that is all for accident. i think GTA will die (in the next years) with a great big bang.

for example, cliffford is back again and has alien attackers in the back to dominate the world.


what i just noticed, as stole some sentinel XS near the ecplise tower, a (new?) calling woman.

dont remember the talking perfectly ind etail, but she talked over aliens, epsilon and salvation....


think about it 😄



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I think that what should be done, what would give you the best overview, is substitution.


Sprunk is Sprite.


e-Cola is Coca-Cola.


Find the analogues from the real world in the digital representation.


In many ways, you've already done this, but you've kept everything confined to what has been imposed upon you as related or unrelated.


But "everything will be related", as something in the game's world said somewhere or another.


Just as Sprunk has been Related to Sprite, just as Lindsay Lohan related herself to game art.

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Care to elaborate a bit more?.....

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I'll give it a try, sure: 


Let's say I want to convey something to you, except it's not necessarily something that is easy to put into words. I might use metaphor or simile. For example, let's consider the expression "Think Outside Of The Box". That metaphor is used when someone is confused or overwhelmed by a problem. The box is the problem hanging them up, so a person is told to look at it from the outside, from a fresh perspective. To abstract themselves out of the situation and be able to examine things objectively. To step back, and take a look at the bigger picture.


In the case of GTA games, the problems in our world are portrayed on a box that cannot be entered at all: The Television.


Because the television is used, and the names and faces are changed from the world we know, it is easier to remain an abstract observer in the world of GTA V. To look upon a digital representation as an outsider. The interactive image of the world captured in a GTA game, in many occasions, is like your own little alien ant farm that you can observe and draw insight about the real world with.


Over the previous few GTA games, there have been mystery hunts and theories about the inspiration behind brands, characters, vehicles. Each little detail and inspiration. Cluckin' Bell - some of the world, no doubt, still believes this is "basically" a KFC knock off or a generic fast food restaurant, however through discussions about the GTA world, it became known to many of the more detail-oriented fans that KFC and Taco Bell have joint-restaurants where you can get 2 fast foods at once. The stigma around fast food, and the fact that you can order from 2 stigmatized food menus at once in America, is the joke. The joke works because of what people say about fast food, and what the media says about the fatness of America. That's important to clarify: It's about what people say. It is a depiction of the narrative around fast food in america, in that case.


By discussion, people who didn't know the joke, then knew the joke, because of people from places that have KFC/Taco Bell combo restaurants told them that they exist. When Cluckin' Bell came to be, those combo restaurants weren't as common as they are now. Not by a long-shot. I'd be surprised if they actually existed in 1992, however, it's entirely possible that they did, and that I, for example, never saw them until the early 2000s, similar to how many people never knew about them until they were told what Cluckin' Bell was, then googled or clicked a source link and saw a kfc/taco bell for the first time.


The game is full of these stand-ins. When Rockstar says "I don't think any one person will ever see every easter egg in this game", that is because a very large amount of people do not, for example, know what In-N-Out is. Now, because GTA is celebrated for this "parody satire" of real things, In-N-Out is now known by thousands of new people in GTA players from places that will literally never have an In-N-Out because the owners are firmly against expansion of the business. They know about it because of other fans pointing out these little details. I would also say that many people knew about In-N-Out, and recognized it, despite never eating at or being to an In-N-Out location. Because it is part of the SoCal image, so while some people learned about In-N-Out for the first time, there were others who, though not having experienced their burgers, knew what it was.


Now, for many years, people have been doing that, along with theorizing about what can be unlocked if you play a certain way. Not for this game, I mean for San Andreas, and then even retrospectively behind it. The Karma Theory, for example, comes from a previous game, GTA IV's kill or spare mechanic and all the things people did trying to make the chained up liberal heart do something (statue of happiness heart).


The game world is a mash up of real things. Well, as real as the cartoon caricatures you can have drawn of yourself when out on a beach. If you are wearing a gaming shirt, or the artist asks "what do you like?" and you say games, and you have a big nose and buck teeth, he draws you holding a game controller and has those teeth out like roger rabit and gives a Pinocchio nose. He exaggerates it, he makes it funny, the artist does it in an aesthetically pleasing way, and everyone is happy - but the image is still true.


The game world is like this. It allows you to be an alien, zipping around from the outside. Or like an Angel (or Devil) on the Protagonists' shoulders, so to speak.


Where people find mystery, in many occasions, are just like the KFC/Taco Bell joke. You can play the game just fine never knowing it, however when you do know it, your view of the game world's depiction of the real world is more informed and in that way, you see more of the bigger picture.


GTA allows us to come together and inform each other. It's, in my supposition, the entire purpose of it. There are a great many things in that game which I tend to notice that, for example, when in groups growing up and playing SA, I was the guy telling everyone what everything was based on and pulling it up online and showing them when they didn't believe me. There'd be things I didn't have anything for, that one of my friends knew the meaning of or inspiration for. It's what the game is for: "America is for Americans". It's a picture of how we are, in a place we can easily look at from the outside, and see what's wrong. In many, many areas of reality.


If you keep making sprunk, then up n atom, cluckin bell, FIB, UFO camps, cults, religions, and so on, and you keep building it into a snapshot of it all, eventually, you will see more than any person can see in any other way. In other words, GTA is a Critical Snapshot of Reality. Where some people see mysteries, others will see business as usual. Where some people see "a random mash up of fast food", I have been to a Taco Bell/KFC. By sharing it, then other parts of the world knew the joke. This is where the application of my previous post across the entire game world could potentially be paramount to sorting everything out.


You know all those people who spoke that the "unlock" would be tsunami, Armageddon, comet, end of the world? They are seeing what they believe about the real world, because they are relating things in the game trying to "figure out what they mean/solve the mystery/unlock something". A person led to think of an end of the world "reward", is potentially a person who is living in fear of that very thing in real life, for example. We can absolutely solve every mystery in this game. We will need to go outside of the game to supporting media and history to do it, but we can do it. Just the same as mapping their games before Rockstar even shows the layout. Similar to finding the "clues".


"The answer is right in front of us" - the screen is what is right in front of us. By using supporting media and history, I mean, for example, abstracted away from GTA V: If we go back to GTA SA's example to make what I am saying about V easier to see just like V itself makes the world easier to see and just like how people's theories make them themselves easier to see, there was the green goo, while the song itself was in the soundtrack - something Sam Houser is notorious for toiling over to get "just right". "See the eye" clues in GTA V, the eye can be seen in that link, as well. If there is representation in the game, there is representation that it is based on from the real world. For me, it isn't a mystery. It's just more of the same stuff I already see. Where many things directly "mystery-related" (I posit that it is all related, a position mirrored by the game's "Everything Will Be Related") are being discovered, for me, it's more like watching people discuss a series "the story so far..." recap to a TV show I've already been watching before this game drew a picture of it. Likewise, there have been lots of things I never noticed until others posted them.


Whatever is mysterious or unexplained is only because we can't abstract the community into the sources of the mysteries, outside of the game. It is all only because no one has been allowed to explain it.


There is a lot to be said about all of it. It can really only ever be discussed when people make these particular connections across the barrier of "in-game, and in the game because it actually exists". I think, eventually, we will be able to make these connections.

Edited by HelloMyNameIsHuman

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Damn, I thought Brian was gone for good, but I guess not

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Gustavo Mota

Something I’ve found just today, the sun beams for Franklin represents a clock, but I noticed something, where one o’clock and seven o’ clock is on the sun they are dimmer. The very top of the Maze tower in LS has the number 17 in a circle. If you are facing north looking at the number right side up there are smudges on the circle. One at one o clock and the other at seven o clock.

Edited by Gustavo Mota

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