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The GTA V Secrets and Mysteries Hunt

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On 12/16/2018 at 12:31 AM, SomeComfyGuy said:

Seems like our work is far from over. In classic Rockstar fashion, they added another easter egg regarding the aliens. 


It seems like it's all pointing towards the final DLC, which will probably be the Alien Invasion/Battle one. Couple that with the fact that the Space Docker is now a dripfeed vehicle available for 1million$ discounted and we got ourselves something cool coming in the future.

I dont think the docker will be drip feed. You need to get to AP level 500 for it to unlock and you can get it for free.

It will take over a year to do this even with some serious grinding so who knows what they are planning.

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Since a lot of players have many millions on their maze bank account, they may have in mind to introduce a new currency and release new sharcards...

AP sharkcards !!!

the bs gigalodon platinum AP sharkcard will be on sale only just for you  for 150$  :-)

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okey, i think everyone noticed since the last DLC that there is a massive alien content included.

this on top on the already existed alien stuff since the basic beginning of GTA solo campaign.


i dont think that is all for accident. i think GTA will die (in the next years) with a great big bang.

for example, cliffford is back again and has alien attackers in the back to dominate the world.


what i just noticed, as stole some sentinel XS near the ecplise tower, a (new?) calling woman.

dont remember the talking perfectly ind etail, but she talked over aliens, epsilon and salvation....


think about it 😄



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I think that what should be done, what would give you the best overview, is substitution.


Sprunk is Sprite.


e-Cola is Coca-Cola.


Find the analogues from the real world in the digital representation.


In many ways, you've already done this, but you've kept everything confined to what has been imposed upon you as related or unrelated.


But "everything will be related", as something in the game's world said somewhere or another.


Just as Sprunk has been Related to Sprite, just as Lindsay Lohan related herself to game art.

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