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The GTA V Secrets and Mysteries Hunt

Recommended Posts


just tired of the merry-go-dround

oops I ment round


Lmfao twitter?

That one actually made me laugh


NO. I'm not a bitter, sour, rotten Orange LOL

Although I have seen that there is a guy with my screen name on there.

I guess there are no points for originality, but there is no substitute for the real thing.



Hunt For What?


but you're good

don't mind me.

just thinking out loud


322 and closing

Edited by Deadman2112

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Alright, we're gonna give this thread another shot at life, however to prevent the problems caused previously, any whiffs of antagonism and/or off topic-vagueposting are going to be an instant tem-ban.


Have fun!

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My name was reset

I have a new mural theory, and I would like to hear what you guys think:


Devs and artists placing rocks and other terrain in the game. They are messing with the shadows, making sure everything looks good. Somebody notices one of the shadows kinda looks like a man with a backpack or something. Another dev adds the baseball bat to make it look even more like a person. Somebody draws a stick figure representation of what they saw in the shadow and hangs it up somewhere in the office. Dave Dixon is strolling through the office, procrastinating as usual, and notices the drawing. Dave thinks it looks like a guy with a jetpack. Instead of going back to work on whatever he is supposed to be doing, Dave decides to incorporate this drawing into another drawing. Makes the mural as an inside joke. Puts his face on the mountain too, just to be cheeky.

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Le biatch

I really think we should be listening to npc chatter. I heard one the other day that got a call from a "Mr. Johnson" and something about working on a song together at the arena. Wierd how they look like a speaker and sound waves from the top.

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Also, did anyone notice that the first thing you ever hear on the in-game radio is about the FIB, IAA and the epsilon program ?

It's always playing the same radio with the same lines on it when you're first left in the open world. ( when you end the race with lamar ).

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Posted (edited)

Ok guys idk if this is the right forum to post my theory about the gta 3D and HD universe since I could also post this on a new forum or the gta 3d mysteries and secrets. However I do it here since it's launched again and it came like a surprise to me!!! :lol::lol::lol:



regarding the HD and 3D universe.

In the mission in GTA SA were you have to deliver some green goo to the Truth.

The truth says this about the green goo: "They will call this:"Year zero" "

And after GTA SA we got gta IV AKA the HD universe. I do not count the GTA stories since those took place BEFORE the event's of SA, SA has the latest time of events in the 3d universe.

However what if. The green goo of GTA Sanandreas is actually the HD universe?? Then that would mean we might be stuck to the HD universe. or not if we see it again.



(not my video)

(This video is the footage of that particular cutscene were the truth talks about the Green Goo)



However a lot of time travelling easter eggs are in GTA V.

And if i'm right doesn't Omega talk a lot about the green goo. And what do the spaceship parts contain?


My theory is.

If somehow we can find the green goo in GTA V. Might that be the key to the purple or yellow mural?

And does that mean the next gta era is close to be started? I think that would be great really!!

Edited by MelvinV

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Posted (edited)

Melvin, the time of events in GTA III era is:


VCS 1984

VC 1986

SA 1992

LCS 1998

III 2000.


The latest events are in GTA III, you see.


The green goo is a reference to a music video from a 1989 song which was a hit throughout the 90s called Epic by a band called Faith No More. The lyrics are about how "you want it all, but you can't have it". And asks the questions but "What is it?", "it" being some kind of secret thing he's talking about and describing throughout the song. There is the green goo, splattered throughout the video, note and see the eye.



"It" is some secret that permeates throughout music, movies, television, books, video games, and more. "It" is the reason why you see so many celebrities doing the "shhhh" with their fingers, covering one eye, or always saying things like "You won't have to follow me, only you can set me free". Also, "rock and roll horns" with the hands.


It's kind of like "hey we have this club, the shhh club, and we are telling you something, and when you understand it and see 'it', you can't unsee 'it'.


Well that's how I understand it, anyway. There was a website where you can read all about GTA secrets by Cris Formage but i cant find it.


To me, this explains everything, and can be further explained for the rest of any of our lives and still have more examples out there, all referenced in GTA games, V not the only one.


The GTA V mystery is just a result of 1000 obscure references that only any given 5 out of 100 people will immediately pick up on... It takes 1000 people to list them all and put them together, or else it looks like clues for something to individuals, mysteries... but bring together all who understand every little easter egg/reference, and you get the whole picture, and it's a very rewarding picture to see.

Edited by JuliusCaesar

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What picture? The one of overdone, comical aliens taking over our world? Or what? This mystery is only present in 4 and 5 if you wanna strech it. And really most of the clues if not all of em are either really cleverly made, or are just sand in the wind, that Rockstar throws at us, knowing we're gonna connect the dots when they're not really there.

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Posted (edited)

I absolutely understand the confusion and will try to explain. All of the dots are drawn after real things. Many of the connections made around this are real connections. The game is the picture. Of the world itself, with the way things "really are" and not sugar coated or lied about or covered with illusion. It is greatly simplified, being a video game, which makes it much easier to see The Truth.


When you simulate the world in the simplified ways real time video games force it, and you try to be very accurate, you end up with these kind of mysteries for people who are still learning about and understanding the world they live in, many times never fully understanding, but still living full lives all the way through, never the wiser.


There are two kinds of people in the world, after all.


None of the information on the mysteries, none of the observations, indeed even being able to recognize what you see rendered in the world, is possible without being based on real things. You cannot recognize an object that is not familiar. Familiarity is the keystone of recognition. Now, what you do with it, is up to you, and no one's business but your own.


But known things are not mysterious. And mystery only describes the unknown. Knowledge is not believed, it is quantifiable. By building what is known, GTA is a mirror of the world, which allows you to see things perhaps you cannot see in the real world. The abstraction, the fact that you are, at all times, an Alien in the GTA World, switching cameras between the UFO's you are using to fly around, big brother, controlling the events in the world, as you do in games. As you zoom in and out, observing, from the outside, looking in, you are able to see what, in the real world, is too hard to see from within it and among it.


GTA allows you not only to be in the world and not of it, but also outside of it, and viewing like a bird's Eye above it.


It's easy once you know how it's done. It's 5 years of dead ends until you apply it, from the outside looking in.


Now dig deeper. Dig.




Celebs. They are not like you and me. They are looking at it from the outside in the real world, they have the Rock Star life without the simulator.


DIg to the outside.

Edited by JuliusCaesar

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Rainbows used to be a mystery. There's a book that attempts to explain them as 'a promise'. Sometimes science will reveal that which is considered mysterious, to be only the believers lack of exposure to anything different, or perhaps a case of biased denial or self-inflicted arrested development.


When you walk on the glass ceiling of gta, you can observe many things in the game world and our own. The majority of society chooses to be controlled by fantastical thinking, bias, emotion and reactivity to what often amounts to just another avenue or path to parroting a fallacy of logical thinking, opting to indulge the stimuli seeking mind to latch on to whatever jerk-off some dopamine receptors. This, my friends, is an epidemic that breeds barriers to logic and may leave you with a lifetime of mysterious mysteries to solve, in a sort of self-inflicted, biased, beyond reason sort of way.

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Posted (edited)

Hi all, it's been a long time.


I'm surprised and kind of glad to see a lot of you're still here. Took me only seconds to realise why I left for so long though (I think a lot of you know what I mean, no offense intended)


So, the Original "Hunting For Secrets (spoilers)" thread was amalgamated with this thread a long time ago yeah? I kind of forgot which one was the more productive of the two.

Edited by Vertighost

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My name was reset
On 5/3/2018 at 3:12 AM, Vertighost said:

Took me only seconds to realise why I left for so long though

The amount of self-righteousness in this thread is staggering

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Posted (edited)

I think this is an important video for all hunters. No click bait! Pleas let me know you thoughts. 


Chiliad mystery, solar system and the shadow. Gta 5






Edited by Technosjaak

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Posted (edited)

I just found the origin of this weird music from a secret phone number. It's from BULLY



Edited by Jailbr3ak_acdc

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Hi guys

Its been a while for me, but ive just read about the alien mission incorporated in the smuggling missions which gets you the alien egg wtf

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