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⭐ GTAF Weekly Snapmatic Competition ⭐


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"Stillness Speaks"


You guys are making this a real challenge. Really tempted to get NG seeing these awesome shots. Best of luck all.....

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Looks like I'll be helping judge this week but I love this theme, so here's a shot that could have been entered just for fun! :p



Edited by Conwin
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Congrats to the winners + runner ups.


Glade to see the competition gaining traction again with lots of quality entries. Giving the judges a tough time. ;)


The NG shots are really nice.





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Wow! Stunning pictures again folks.

Just throwing this out there, if anyone has any good ideas for future themes that they would like to see, please PM either myself, Alien or Starscream_910

Please do not post theme ideas on the thread as it may cause confusion, thanks!


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I thought this judging gig would be easy, but no, you guys are making it really hard.

There have already been so many great shots with lots of variety. Keep it up.


If I could, I'd probably enter one of these pics from LG.




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Don't forget folks, this week's theme is ...Countryside Shots!



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i would share mine but none of them ever get saved online not a single one


you have to manually upload them by pressing R3...

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Great entries guys...PS4

(Anyone else find they can't crouch with the Snapmatic activated anymore? I think it got patched due to the weird character animation involved)



Edited by Vertighost
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I feel sorry for the judges, damn these all look awesome.("i will not buy a new console, i will not buy a new console" the voice in my head.)

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