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⭐ GTAF Weekly Snapmatic Competition ⭐


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Welcome to the     GTA V and GTA Online     The competition is open to PC, Xbox One, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3. This weekly competition is


on a warm summer evening | PC  

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Wow! We are on page two of the new competition already, good stuff folks.


Just a reminder, this weeks theme is Sunrises and Sunsets




I can't wait to see more New Gen images!

Edited by ~Tiger~
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The Lonesome Drifter

Reserved for next gen :)


Good luck to all

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Last Gen:



I'll probably post a Next Gen screen on the release date.

Next Gen Sunset:



Next Gen Sunrise: 8UMJ63ZOKkqr4rKb-ntIeg_0_0.jpg


Next Gen Alt Sunrise:


Edited by NexusLordNova
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Last gen



Edited by LokDog
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My snapmatic has not worked since october 2013, i dont know why and neither does rockstar. Hopefully on new gen it will work and i can upload better images. But for now i apologize for using my phone and tv.

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@NexusLordNova I think it would be better to just edit your post next time, no need to have two posts for a last-gen screenshot and current-gen screenshot. Also, which one is your current-gen submission? You posted two screenshots, you can only submit one.

Since I won't have a PS4 for two or three weeks, I'll stick to last-gen, good luck to everyone.

Quite an old screenshot, I took it about two months ago. Los Santos International Airport with the sun setting in the background. (Playstation 3)


Edited by TJGM
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Loving the NG pics. Santa better bring me a PS4. I will hunt him down if he doesn't.


Here's my entry. Mirror Park Lake. One of the best urban areas to catch a good sunset.


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Lovely pics, man, but for the competition you can only enter one per LG/NG (last gen, new gen). When those are edited down, we can judge the remaining one!

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Loads of brilliant pictures this week!


If i'm allowed to enter this week being guest judge, here's my submission, if not then fair enough. Good Luck




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The Results are in...

Congratulations to the Winners

of Week 39

Last Gen Winner:



New Gen Winner



*Congratulations also to our runners up this week:*







Congratulations to this weeks winners, you will be invited to join the Judging Panel and help choose next week's winner.

PLUS Bulleto will shortly be in touch with you to arrange your free winners badge for your signature.

Next weeks theme will be announced shortly!

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~ Week 40 ~

This Week's Theme

Reflections In The Water




From the Oceans and Coasts, from the Alamo Sea, from the Canals and waterways of Los Santos...

Show us your best watery shots!

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