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⭐ GTAF Weekly Snapmatic Competition ⭐

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Top Posters In This Topic

Popular Posts

Welcome to the     GTA V and GTA Online     The competition is open to PC, Xbox One, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3. This weekly competition is


Congrats to the winners and runners up of last week and the week before and the week before that. PS4 ...Hope this fits the theme...

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The Results are in...!

Congratulations to the Winners

of Week 49

Last Gen Winner:



New Gen Winner



Congratulations also to our runners up:






Claudes Kuruma


Congratulations to this weeks winners, you will be invited to join the Judging Panel and help choose next week's winner.

PLUS Bulleto will be in touch with you next week to arrange your free winners badge for your signature.

Next weeks theme will be announced shortly!

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I keep checking to see when the new theme gets posted, then I realized its the weekly contest. New theme probably gets posted closer to Sunday huh?

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I've missed the last two weeks. I had a cool one for last week but missed the cut off, but oh well. Look forward to seeing this weeks theme. The photos the last couple of weeks have been great! The action shot of the 'Copter and the bike with the flare was amazing!

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Great work from the LG and NG photographers this week, for the win!

Congrats to the runner-ups as well :) Many other impressive snaps.

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~ Week 50 ~

This Week's Theme

San Andreas is the largest map yet in the GTA series with some of the largest set pieces in video games. The citizens of Los Santos have "Excess" down to a science; How can you best express the concept of Big?

*Big: Zoltan's Wish Granted*

Tall buildings, monstrous cars, expansive homes, giant mountains; S.A. exemplifies the Large and In-Charge. Show us:

Size is more than just a state of mind.


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NG - EDIT: Against better judgment, I'll change my submission to this:


Large skull, large truck, big letters - the 'Murican way! :D


Edited by nola
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I absolutely love how small the town looks with the big mountain in the background.




Edited by TJGM
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Davey Boy

Congrats to the winners and runner ups!

Not sure if this counts as big, but this place where I took the photo was big and empty




Edited by FedoraTheExplora
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