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Xl anthrax lX

Mormonism: An obvious absurdity

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Xl anthrax lX

This is a list of reasons why Mormonism is completely absurd.



  • It was founded in the 19th century by a man named Joeseph Smith claiming that "god called upon him" to reform christianity.
  • Book of Mormon was written in 17th century english because the writer (Joeseph Smith) was an uneducated farm boy
  • Smith claimed to have dug up golden tablets and that he copied the writing from them down into a form of a book to create the book of Mormon. This happening in the 19th century. A farm boy finds golden tablets of god, writes down the contents and then convienently loses them.
  • Mormons believe that the garden of eden was in Missouri. Need I go into the absurdity of that belief?
  • Mormons also believe that Native Americans are the lost ten tribes or Israel and that Jesus Christ was in North America
  • Smith claimed to be visited by an Angel named Maroney who informed him of a book written on gold plates speaking of the origins of people in North American as well as revelations of the gospel.
  • In order for Smith to translate the gold plates he is said to have used two magic stones
  • Smith claimed that if anyone other than him looked at the supposed gold plates that they would die. Problem is he was illeterate and could hardly read. His wife had to write and read for him meaning she would have had to look at these gold plates.

The beliefs and ideas I have listed above are all obviously preposterous and comepletly improbable. Most of them are impossible and can be disproven by anyone who knows history. I invite any follower of the Mormon religion to prove any of those beliefs. If you can give me concrete evidence that the garden of eden was in Missouri or that Native americans were the lost ten tribes of Israel then I will be very impressed.

Edited by Xl anthrax lX

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not sure if you are going to find anybody that will take you up on debating this one...

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El Dildo

I'm much more interested in debating dogmatic beliefs in general.


ganging up on a particular institution gets us nowhere.

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This isn't debate, this is mockery. That gets no one anywhere. Cheap laughs aren't worth a topic in this section.

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