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Ultimate Conversion Mod Nr. 1


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I have created an all-in-one conversion mod with the best quality mod's etc. i could find for GTA IV.

It's called Ultimate Conversion Mod Nr. 1


This is GTA 4 like you have never seen before, the best package available you can get, believe me!

I promise you won't be disappointed. Screenshots will follow soon.

It keeps the character of the original GTA IV, no freaky-mod like some others.


I am searching for some testers who can give me feedback before releasing it officially.

The feedback of the german mod-community was overwhelming already.


removed link




ONLY FOR GTA 4 - (EFLC will maybe follow)

What does this conversion-mod include?

-iCEnhancer 3.0 [Patch1-REV2] (modified + more performance) + "Extra Textures"
-RealizmIV 6.2 (a lot of features!)
-BisonSales Vegetation Textures (summer pack)
-RoadTextures by DKT70
-More Liberty V3
-Realistic Driving 'n Flying 2.7
-RealismSeries Sounds (Rain & Thunder, Helicopter, Subway)
-Real NewYork-City emergency siren
-Realistic Weapon Sounds
-Weapon Realism Mod 1.1
-Better Skydome
-WaterFix for Radeon graphic cards
-Some small other textures/improvements


-Savegame - story completed (no cheats, Playboy X mansion, nice weather, 10:00am)
-Simple Trainer 6.5
-Liberty City Maps



Edited by TJGM
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Marty McFly

Oh, it's you. Saw your post with the iCEnhancer "ordentliche Settings" where you just took a pic from another ENB release and tweaked the iCE 3.0 params a slight bit, while bashing the sooo dumb and sooo stupid icelaglace in the release post and ignoring the people who told you so.


Now you are assembling a few mods (where giving credits isn't enough if the author disallows repacking/reuploading which is the case in a few mods on your list). I never saw the sense in modpacks anyways, people like their game customized for their own taste and packs force them a certain style in almost all aspects. A proper modpack would be a pack of many of your own (!) mods, not just collecting a few mods and putting them together. Everyone familiar with mod installing can do the latter.


FYI, some mods are conflicting with each other such as Better Skydome and ENB, the latter alters the skydome with its own code so the Better Skydome mod is totally senseless. And almost EVERY file of RealizmIV is replaced by some other texture so it's also senseless (or it's the other way round and you added RealizmIV later so it will replace road textures, part of BisonSales vegetation and so on.

Edited by Marty McFly
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