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The Big View

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In my previous posts, they were made to be articles giving my opinion on certain subjects. They were not to be debated topics but could have easily been due to re-wording. I do not have Microsoft Word on my computer so to avoid grammar and spelling mistakes, I use GTA forums to type it and correct anything with a green or red squiggly line under it. Then, transfer it over to tumblr. Seeing as this sub-forum thrives on topics like these, I thought they would be interesting reads to you all so therefor I uploaded them instead of dis-regarded them. I just wanted your constructive responses. I did not read the rules and I accept the fact that my most recent topics were locked. I am now here to fix my mistakes after reading the rules and make each topic debatable. I apologize for the inconvenience as well. I will be uploading all of my previous topics into this one thread so that I do not spam the sub-forum with different topics. They will be put into spoilers to avoid a million word essay and to avoid scaring off the "tl;dr" users. You have a choice of which to read and which to respond to. I also encourage you to add you own questions and debatable things to be debated upon. If this thread still breaks the rules or does not live up to the expectations, I ask a moderator to message me and we can discuss what needs to be fixed as I am not trying to break any rules and I do want my topics to not be locked and actually debated.



To avoid irrelevant or non-understandable responses, I ask that, since I am putting multiple topics, each different from the last, use this format so that I, and others, may know which one you are replying to and what your argument is upon each is:




In reply to [Title of Debate]

Constructive Response



In reply to "Appreciation":

I, personally, appreciate life more so than others but though I may appreciate life, it does not make me naive and unable to see the wrongs in life and that these things may infact lead the next generation into a downward spiral.

Of course it can be longer but the general idea is that you give your opinion on the topic at hand. It does not have to be lengthy like mine but so long as you voice what you think, it's fine.





Do you think we appreciate enough of the things in this world? Do you think that due to our mistakes, we will send the next generations to come into a spinal downward spin to depression or end up making them make the same mistakes as we have? Do we focus on the negatives in life too much? What deserves to be appreciated? What should we appreciate more?


The problem(s) with this society are more than I can list. One of the most focused on, though, is racial discrimination, or discrimination in general, and segregation. First, where does it originate? Well, like most things, what we learn is what we're taught or what we experience. Discrimination and segregation are nothing but mere subjects. Subjects are learned, not genetically created. Not passed down from your predestining generation. It's not something you are forced to partake in. When you are born, based on my beliefs as a empiricist following notion of "tabula rasa" or blank slate, your mind, after your soul fully has enough energy to let you go through birth, starts off blank without any knowledge other than general self-awareness. So how does the idea of racism, discrimination, and segregation. Along with how to preform according to these and what each is based off gets placed into the new generations mind and how do they know to act the definition if they have no prior knowledge, or knowledge what-so-ever, without us experiencing or being taught. And even if we were to experience it, we would not know what to make of it unless it is taught to us. Sure, we may act that way to mimic the behavior if taught that it is OK but how will we know that it is unless taught or told that it is?


We complain and fights against something that we teach and only promote more to the audience we’re trying not to expose this to so why be it such a problem to society? Why does the word problem even exist? Because we make it exist. We make problems become problems and we make it a big deal. But problems don't go just instantly become a big deal, no. They gradually increase to the point of becoming problems and no problem goes unnoticed. Some people were aware of the issue but choose not to do anything about it because we're lazy. Some people are aware of the issue but do nothing to stop it or address it. There are six billion people on the planet and unless you know that person personally, you don't care whether they live or die unless you see it. Tens of thousands of people could be killed by terrorist in a third world country before sundown. Nobody's killed people that fast since Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Unless you know any one of those people personally, then you won't even bat an eye or even care. You didn't join Amnesty International, Oxfam, Save the Whales, Greenpeace, or anything, no. If someone you do know dies or someone dies in front of you then you throw a hissy fit. You wish people like those terrorist who did that don't exist but do nothing to make it happen. It is because as you hear or read about these people, you are tucked safely inside of your house.


Let’s be honest, no one wants to risk their own safety and protection for others, right? We put ourselves first and then are deemed selfish for it. In an alternate universe, let’s say this isn't the case. If there becomes an issue, everyone inherits the will, pride, and power that the U.S citizens had after the bombing on 9/11. Let’s say there is a terrorist threat and every single American joins the army and rushes over to eliminate it; where it is more accepted to do such things. Now back to reality. You do that now, rushing in full of pride and putting your country men and fellow peers safety and protection before your own and you are deemed a fool; A naïve person in over their head. You expect to be someone who should be worrying about his own protection and the protection of his family. It’s uncanny of someone to abandon their family now. We feel inclined to do something and we get that surge of pride and boldness and courage but yet we do nothing.


Back to the main topic at hand, we let racism, discrimination, and segregation become the problem it is today because we’re too lazy and ignorant to put a stop to it. We teach it. We promote it. We encourage it. We encourage a negative. We are so fixated on stopping problems that should have never been problems in the first place. Have you ever stopped and wandered why there are all these things wrong with the world? Of course you have because all we do is look at what’s wrong with everything. Why is there such a thing as a pessimist and why are they so widely accepted? Why do people commit suicide? Why does hate exist? Why peace is considered an unbelievable dream? Why can we not live in harmony? Because all we do is focus on everything wrong and complain about everything wrong and encourage it because no one really knows the difference between right and wrong. We hand down all the world flaws, hatred, sadness, segregation, racism, corruptness and everything we want changed down to the next generation. We inform them instead of just dropping it. If we just stop doing it and talking it, it becomes irrelevant. Teaching them the wrong in hopes they make the change you couldn't or teaching them how to do the wrongs. Every problem made irreverent no longer becomes a problem. It just becomes something that may have a negative effect based on what we determine are negative effects on our species.


We have the knowledge children don’t. All we have to do is nothing. Because if we do something, that something causes a reaction, which can neither be good or bad. But honestly, nothing is something. Even doing nothing causes a reaction. The harsh truth is that there is nothing you can truly do to fully fix the situation and problem at hand. The only thing we can do is try to teach morals and be a proper role model to the next generation by focusing on the positives and make the optimist the widely accepted rather than the pessimist. Because if we want the problems to go away but only complain and try to fix them with duct tape then we might as well pull the plug on life. The only way we can rid of the problems and live in harmony is in the fantasy that is the afterlife since we've not grown accustoms enough to “ruin” that.





What impact does motivation have on us? What influences motivation? Why do people need meaning to life? Why do we need motivation? What should motivate us?



What is the meaning of meaning according to your meaning? We all have meaning in life but the question is does that meaning have meaning? The real question is does life have meaning to you? Death, in a way, creates meaning to life. Once you have an understanding of death, you are then motivated to make something of your life, give your life meaning due to life is short and death is inevitable. Death creates meaning. Can you cope with the idea that we all die? Can you cope with the idea that we are nothing but people who die and remain nothing but a sheer memory? What creates that memory? If you are a nobody, someone who has done nothing in life and has been nothing to society, you won't even be a memory. Once you are taught meaning and importance, you are then taught to value yourself. You don't want to feel lesser than anyone and you want to be valued and noticed. It's like crack. We are so addicted to attention and the things that make ourselves feel important.


So, can you imagine being a nobody? In life now-a-days, to be a nobody is the equivalent to nothing having a life. We want to leave a mark in this world. We don't want to feel like our life has no meaning. That is the quickest alley into the deceiving world that is depression. No, we live life to make ourselves worth meaning. We know we will die and so we prepare, anticipate, death and what happens after we die. We live life to fill ourselves with self-worth. Though knowledge of death may encourage us to make something of ourselves, it also creates fear. The more we know about such things as death, the more we fear it. It's something unknown and we fear the unknown because we create measurements and things to know everything to control everything to make ourselves feel superior to life. A silly notion but we need to prove ourselves, our intellect, and when we can't understand something, it drives us insane.We fear it.


Fear of death comes from us constantly thinking about it and trying to understand it, leaving us with only our assumptions and imagination that could very well be our mind playing tricks on us. But fear of death is greater to people without meaning to life rather than people with meaning to life. People with meaning to life aren't as terrified of their own mortality because they are proving themselves.


"They want to be more then mortals who die and disappear forever."



When you read the quote, try to comprehend the greatness of the measurement of the word "forever". Imagine how long "forever" is. We die and that's it. We aren't put into time out and rejoin life life. You only live once. So Why Do People Need Meaning To Life? To feel meaningful is to to feel like you aren't dead. Like you left behind your legacy, your mark on life. It gives you a sense of immortality. Life is finite, not infinite, and is a driving for for people to feel purposeful and meaningful. But how do we know those meanings are of the right choice. How do we know that what we're doing to give ourselves meaning is right or wrong? What you experience that makes you feel bad makes you avoid the things that made that happen. So, when we go through hardships in life, they motivate us to overcome future hardships. Meaning motivates.




Empiricism Vs. Innate:

What do you interpret Empiricism as? What do you interpret Innate as? According to you, what is the difference between both? What is the more ideal idea? Which one applies to our society as it is now the most? Which one do you believe in?



I've looked into some of the philosophy trees and I found one of the interesting things is the great empiricist and Innate debate. The theory of "tabula rasa" is simply amazing and I agree with it. I agree with the empiricist and am intrigued with the whole blank slate theory and knowledge through experience but learned through teaching and perhaps prior knowledge, which is the ultimate contradiction. But can you imagine being born and having all this knowledge all ready there? That all you need is help unlocking it? Like maybe your experiences and wisdom and everything is transferred when you rebirth as a infant?


To go into more depth; your soul is connected to the brain made and your brain controls your senses and through those senses: smell, eyesight, hearing, feeling, and taste - your brain doesn't learn but it unlocks things relevant to that unless you have not done those things in your previous lives? You need the help of others to unlock that prior knowledge? Once unlocked, depending on how familiar and how experienced you are and how well you were of that particular thing, your skill on that depends on how well you were skilled with it in your previous lives? If you weren't as experienced at it then you will learn it more slow and naturally bad until you learn enough you don't now that you become good at it? This all applies to souls with previous lives? New souls just learn? That is the Innate idea, my version and perspective atleast.


Now, can you believe from the moment of your birth, you have nothing in your mind? That even from the moment you come out of the womb, you aren't fully self aware until you are slapped? The first piece of knowledge you receive in life is pain and that whatever happened hurts and you don't want it to happen again. That you can't go through life knowing things unless learned through senses or experience? Can you fathom the arrogance and ignorance that lies within that? Does that explain why so many of us are arrogant and naive? Am I arrogant and naive for having these thoughts? Can you imagine not believing anything unless you see it, smell it, hear it, taste it, or feel it? Unless you experience it? Someone could tell you gods is real and you won't believe it unless you experience it/him/her through one of your sense? Faith, common sense, hope, belief, all of them made null in this case since you don't experience what your common sense or hope is?


If we are blind, deaf, prone to not feeling, can't smell or taste anything, that would just rule out alot of potential information? We can't trust a word of mouth anymore, no? We are from then on either independent for information or reliant on others to help us experience to get that information? Our parents teach us how to utilize those sense to gain knowledge? Could you ever imagine such a life? Could you bear it either? That's what the empiricist believed, in my own perspective. Now, compare both of the two. Which more fits the description of the life we're living now? Are we living the innate/realism life or are we living the empiricist/tabula rasa life? The life we're living does not need to be 100% accurate to either, I'm simply wandering which one is the closest to the one we're living. For me, even though it all not be true, based on my perspective and experiences, I believe we are living the empiricist life style. These aren't the only things they focus on but based on what you read, what do you think?




Empiricism Definition:




"Empiricism is a theory which states that knowledge comes only or primarily from sensory experience."



Some links to help gather an idea of the empiricist theory:



Innate Definition:



"Originating in the mind."




Some links to help with understanding this theory:





Do we have morals? What are morals considered to you? Do you think that a such thing as "natural morals" exist? Would the lack of morals ultimately lead to the death of us all/our extinction? How do we know what the right and wrong morals are and how do we tell the difference? Does that average person in today's day in age have decent morals? Where would we be without morals?


I am here to challenge the morals of the average person. Morals? Do we even have them anymore? Do we even teach them anymore? Morals. Are our morals even right to begin with? Morals are the only thing keep us from planetary devastation. Morals are our guilty conscience nagging us not to do such actions. We used to be able to listen to that voice inside our head, believing it to be the right thing to abide by. Now, we hear the voice but, we choose to ignore it now. We have an understanding of right and wrong but, those examples are challenged now. Somewhere along the line of life, we were plagued by the virus that made us stop caring. It used to be “Thou shall not kill his fell man”. Now, it’s “Thou shall only kill his fellow man if wronged by him”.


Someone would assault your friend and all you would do is get angry. Someone could have disrespected you and surfer from the little to no consequence. Now, to some people, disrespect is death. I hear everyday “What is wrong with this generation?”. Why is it only what’s wrong with this generation? Why is it never “What was wrong with the last generation?” We learned from them. They taught us the we to act, what was OK and not, and taught us our morals and what we know. Why are we the ones to blame for acting the way we were taught it was OK to act like? Yes, some people act based on how others act. What if our peers were bullies? Not having a parental guidance figure in our life, we could easily follow their example, believing that since most people act this way, it must be right since no one has told you otherwise, and become a bully yourself. Now, you are a bully. Don’t blame your peers, blame who taught them to act that way and make it seem like it was OK for them to act that way. We don’t automatically know what’s right and wrong from birth, no. We are taught it. We inherit it from the previous generation. If they are teaching us the wrong morals, it is their fault.


But is it really their fault alone? Who’s to say that the same thing didn't happen to them from their previous generation? Could one argue that overtime, our morals decrease and slowly drifts away from what’s right to whats wrong? What’s “Right” and whats “Wrong” is questionable. Atleast we could come up with the general or basic idea of it together as a species. We should be voting on what our basic morals should be every 4 years, not who is our nations voice. God, mother nature, meteors, asteroids, natural elements, the weather, catastrophes, and life. None of those will be the death of us. The downfall to the human race, the phenomenal catastrophe that will end all life as we know it, will ultimately be our deprivation of our own morals. We have all these weapons and technology that all it will take is the person in control of those things to push a button and they could end the world. The small thread between that happening are that person’s morals. Why is peace, harmony, and true love unreachable dreams? Because in order to achieve these dreams, we need morals.


It is a cycle for many generations to come that our morals decrease until the point where they are so low and so stray of the right path that murder and suicide are considered acceptable and are cheered upon. Look at it now. We cheer for men and women to kill in the name-sake of our own defense. We gain entertainment from watching people fight and almost kill each other. Some even goes as far as to imitating those things to gain attention or to fulfill selfish ideals. Or even further as to get horny from violence. We pay to see death, violence, and heartbreak. To us, it’s fun”. Then on Sundays we go pray to the sky for forgiveness. We destroy the world and pray that we be forgiven. What gives you the audacity to ask such a thing after such actions? We pay to see our society slowly kill itself. Why are we so afraid of the devil when he is in every mirror?


Look at where we are now. Can you bear the thought of the future? Do you now anticipate it more? The generation we have now are going to do the same thing the previous generation(s) have done. We are going to instill the poor morals we assumed and were taught to the next generation. The next generation is going to instill their poorly taught and made up morals to their next generation. The cycle will continue until it will be our lack of morals that kill us. We are blessed to have a conscience. We are blessed to not be able to rely upon solely instinct. We are blessed to have morals. Without morals, what would be the difference, besides the obvious bodily structure and mandatory needs for survival, between the human race and mere animals? We are aware of death, they aren't. In an alternate universe without morals, we would just do what we need to to survive. We could die and not even be aware of what happened. Life would be simple. But if only we had the right morals, life would be even simpler.


It’s sad because our generation avoids deep thinking and social issues. We avoid being aware of the bad yet, we address and complain about it so much. So many of us don’t even see what’s happening and how low our morals have gotten. Every cycle can be changed but you can’t fix something that’s broken if you don’t know whats wrong with it. But, the people who do realize what’s going on are too shy, outspoken, lazy, or simply don’t care. So, this cycle will forever continue until someone brings it to the attention of the masses and forces them to change. What is the most influential thing right now? The entertainment buissness. Movies, shows, music, social media, YouTube, the radio, plays, and books.What do they all teach? Violence, heartbreak, death, and everything negative. Why? Because that’s what entertains us. But believe it or not, they also provide good morals. They showcase the world for what is is and can easily convince us to change it. We are slaves to the rhythm. We are robots to the machine. The entertainment and social media and internet gives us a voice. It replaces our heart of iron with a pure heart. We are no longer enslaved to the government’s practices and rules. We are, for once, able to fulfill our dream of freedom. Even if you aren't from America, these things give you the voice to make a change. These things single handed are the most influential things in this world. All it takes is the right words to inspire others.


We need moral enhancement. “Give me morals or give me death.” (“Give me liberty or give me death.”) It is easier for us to harm each other than help. It is easier to kill each other than save a life. We have enhanced to the point where we could destroy everything without morals. War and climate change are some major threats to us right now, infact. Is it too late to save our morality? Are we destined to be doomed? We already have everything that is lowering our morals and due to the arrogance and ignorance of many, they aren't going to give those things up. Our natural morality is not enough to win the war against the misguided morality. We need moral enhancement. But, my words wont mean anything unless you are will to make a change.





What is happiness? How do we know that what we are feeling is happiness? Is there a such thing as happiness? What's the different between true happiness and happiness? Do we really need to be happy? How do we define happiness?



Maybe the reason we can't achieve true happiness is because we set the standards to happiness too high. Most of our goals in life is to be happy. But how do we go about being happy? We have such high standards for happiness and what we expect it to be like. We each have our own unique version and perspective on happiness. We all perceive it a different way. We all have this "perfect vision" of happiness. That's the bad thing. Since happiness is praised by so many as one of the best things in the world, naturally, our expectations for feeling "happy" is very high. We don't just want to be happy, no. We want to achieve true happiness. And we're not going to achieve true happiness based on some silly definition or what others tell us it feels like. No, we're going to strive to achieve OUR true happiness. But that's the thing. What is OUR true happiness? What is even happiness? How do we know what happiness is? How do we know what it feels like? When we get a feeling, an emotion, how do we know it's happiness?


How do we know that we are truly happy? How do we even define happiness? What do we base it off of? Do we base it off of what we see in the movies? The smiles, the sentimental moments, the warm feeling in your chest? But isn’t that just acting? But what do those actors draw inspiration from to put on the display of happiness? The smiles they see on the faces of their peers? The definition? What someone tells them happiness is? Do they base it off of someone who is always happy? Do they base it off of someone who is smiling? Do they base it off of the performance people put on daily to display that they are happy? Well, there’s the thing. We don’t know the story behind their smiles and actions. Their smiles and laughs could just be an act, right? It could just be there to portray that they are not upset but behind closed doors, they’re falling apart. You could be drawing the inspiration of happiness from someone who isn’t even happy. Well, that leaves you with the definition. What is that definition based off of? Someones emotions. And are emotions facts? Can you, right now, tell me what it means to be happy? Can you right now tell me how you feel when you are happy? Okay, now stop. What you are telling me is whatyou perceive happiness as. That’s what the definition of happiness is. What the person perceived it as. That makes it no more less than an opinion than a fact. So can happiness be defined? Sure. Based on your standards. Because does everyone feel the same way or see happiness the same way or perceive it or experience it the same way? No. So what does that make happiness? A state of mind.


Happiness is just a figment of your imagination. But everything in your imagination draws inspiration from somewhere. So where does our imagination get the inspiration to paint the portrait that is happiness into our minds? Maybe it was from your friend who was explaining how he was so happy. But, can you really base your definition of happiness off of someone else? No. Why? Because happiness is different for all of us. But ultimately what is happiness? Just our imagination. Happiness is just like so many of the undefinable things in life. When the first humans that were on this earth felt happiness, were they feeling happiness? They were feeling something, but what do you think they defined it as? What do you think they called it? What do you think they were feeling? Can you imagine what they were feeling? Can you truly grasp the imagination of someone else is feeling? No, because whenever you do, you are just drawing from what you were feeling and then it becomes what you are feeling and not what they are feeling. We can’t understand the emotions and feelings of someone else on the level that they understand their own.


“If you don’t share someone’s pain, you can never understand them. But just because you understand them doesn’t mean you can come to an agreement. That’s the truth”.

Happy. It’s an emotion. It’s a word that is hard for me to say this next part without relying on the general definition of being happy. How did they know that what they were feeling was happiness? Or was it even happiness? Maybe it was just a mere emotion. But what emotion? In order to define the undefinable, you sometimes have to go to the root of its origin and figure out how it came to be. So, how did happiness come to be? Because we couldn’t have just been born and felt this feeling and defined it as happiness. What if their definition of happiness wasn’t even based on a feeling. What if their happiness was them.. eating a bug?


It’s so hard, in today’s day in age, to look at someone and wish happiness upon them. Especially if you think to this level and you start to wander, “What exactly am I wishing upon them?”. You’re wishing something on them, but what? A word? An imagination? Maybe you’re wishing that the image of happiness in their imagination becomes reality to that person. Maybe, when we wish happiness upon someone, we are wishing that. But, even if that were the case, how do you know that they are going to be able to live up to the expectation of their imagination? Lets say true happiness does come to them. Your imagination is going to alter and then your perspective of true happiness will no longer be true happiness. So how do we go about wishing happiness upon someone? Well, it’s kind of useless to say you hope for someone to be happy or for you to be happy. It’s like saying you’re in love. You don’t know that. You can’t possibly know if you’re in love. But you can set a definition for love so that you can say that, based on your standards, you are in love. But then that would not be true love, would it? It would be just love. It’s the same concept with happiness. Sure, we can walk around with smiles on our faces, looking as happy as can be. But there’s that word again. We can’t look like something that we can’t define. So that takes us back to my primary supporting question. If we can’t define happiness, how do people draw inspiration from others to display happiness? That takes us back to my theory of how do we know what we know. It’s simple. Someone decided to attach an expression and an action to a personally defined based word and soon people started imitating them. But that doesn’t mean you are displaying true happiness. It just means you are displaying that persons way of displaying happiness. Either way, it’s not your own way of displaying it, but another persons. So where do we get our inspiration for happiness and the image we paint in our heads? A person, or a group of people.


But, where did they get theirs?———


So if happiness is just a state of mind, a imagination that we conjured up to feel “better” and “happier”, then is it really that important? Yes, we can feel happy. But, as it stands, it is impossible to achieve “true happiness.” We can’t achieve true happiness because we can’t keep up with the standards set by our own self to be truly happy. We can’t draw inspiration from something that draws inspiration from nothing. We can’t know that what we’re feeling is happiness and what happiness is. We don’t even know the true feeling of it. We can’t rely on another persons definition because its their emotion and if you’re relying on how someone feels to define happiness, then it isn’t true happiness. What we display to showcase that we are happy is not our own display, but of another persons. We can’t bring an imagination that is forever changing to reality and expect to live up to it when it doesn’t stop changing for a moment. Do you now see the struggle of achieving true happiness and all of it’s impossibilities? Isn’t it easier to just go about life being content with life rather then having true happiness in life? You can define true happiness yourself, but that doesn’t make it true happiness. Maybe one day if we let go of all our basic assumptions and ideals on what happiness is… maybe that will be the day we can achieve true happiness. But even then, we must define one thing first.


What is happiness?


Peace, Pain, & War:

Are you willing to give up your ideals, your ways to prevent pain and bind together to make the alternate reality become reality? Why is it that you want to achieve peace, but aren't willing to give up something to achieve it? Because you think it's not right? Well, there is no such thing as "Right" so what other excuse do you have? If you can't define the word "right" where everyone agrees with it, then there is no such thing as "right".


The more I think about it, the harder it is for me to imagine it. Is there even an answer to the question, "What is peace?". Peace is a state of mind. Something that we hope will end all of our problems and make the world into this perfect place. A utopia of happiness. Well, how can we achieve peace if when we achieve peace, we need to be happy? But we can't even define true happiness? And what happens when we achieve peace? What will make it peace? And how do we know that that peace isn't just our mind playing tricks on us, making us think that it is peace, when, in reality, it is nothing but us being emotionally destroyed to the point where we can't feel anything else and that lack of feeling is what we describe as peace? The mind --- the most convincing thing in this world. Our mind is strong enough to convince us that murder is not bad. It's enough to convince us that we are just monkeys. The mind is just something that makes us think what we think. No mind is absolutely alike. The mind makes us think of peace. No, the mind makes of things that we sum it up to be peace. The mind even makes us think that peace is good. Well, isn't it? Even that is questionable. Who's to say that if we achieve peace, everyone will be happy? Well, isn't the whole goal of being at peace to be happy? Well, not everyone is going to be happy when peace is achieved because the peace to them may not be the peace to their neighbor. So, does that mean, in the name of peace, an exception should be made? Someones happiness should be sacrificed? Well, then why do we get to experience peace while that other person doesn't? Who's to say the reality we live in now isn't peaceful to someone else?
Some find peace through violence. Some find peace through silence. Some find peace in death. Some think peace can be created by science. So how do we go about achieving world peace if we all have our own separate interpretations of the meaning of peace? There are billions of people in this world, each person has their own mindset. Within that mindset is their own meaning of peace. There are billions of different interpretations of the word "peace". If we can't agree or picture the same thing in our mind, how do we expect to paint the perfect picture everyone can enjoy? That's our problem. Peace. It's something unachievable yet we all strive to achieve it. Since we have different meanings, we go about achieving it in a different way. If we can't achieve it in the same way, our methods will conflict with each other at heart. Thus, war is born. The slightest disagreement can cause hatred. We fight each other to have our idea of peace be the accepted one. Peace breeds war. War breeds pain. Pain breeds war. War breeds peace. A never ending cycle. But we still are striving for peace, right? Well why is that no one ever stops to think, "Am I striving for peace, or am I striving for my peace?". Then, what if in that quest for your peace, you cause distraught on someones life. Now, what if that person you caused distraught on decides they're going to seek revenge? Now, what if something that person does to seek revenge makes you upset. Now, you are no longer at peace. Why? Because your peace is not their peace. Your peace affects someone negatively if you can not modify your vision of it to meet everyone else's at a average point. But, if we have to modify it, is it really truly peace? Or is it simply just some form of peace that you are content with or don't mind but aren't fully happy with but can still live with it? But then what was the purpose? Because now, your idea of peace is considered less important than someone else's. So, does that mean you are at peace? Or are you at someone else's peace? If you are at someone else's peace, can you agree with it? What if there is something you don't like, can you accept it and move on? With something such as peace, the image is always going to waver with every passing moment. Sure, you may be able to reach peace but can you stay at peace? Your conception on peace will forever change and modify to stay with current times and you have to chase after it to stay at peace.
Well, that is the conflicting problem. Your idea of peace and that guys idea of peace are both constantly wavering. You may have agreed with him at first but, later on down the road, will you agree with him? Well, let's think for a moment. Where did the idea of peace come from? There was a person who went around telling people and or appeared to be something others wanted to be. Why? We don't know but all we know is that they wanted to be that. So let's say that what that person was, they were at peace. They appeared at peace and everyone observed this and too wanted to be at peace. Wanted to be as the person appeared. They then asked the person, "Hey, how did you do that? How are you like this? What's it like to be like this? How can I get to be like this as-well? Can you teach me?". Then, that person sat there and told them all about his peace. What he was experiencing, how he got there, how they can get there, and what it was. They then thought it was pretty cool and followed his ways to achieving his peace. And thus, the concept of peace was born. People wanting to be like something that was put into their brain and imagination by a person. So, when you think about it, what is peace? Actually, more like where did we get peace from? Is it when we were sad for the first time and wanted to go back to being happy/content and and never wanted to be sad again and searched for away to prevent such sadness? Is it when we saw a being sad and we never wanted to see another being be sad again, so we looked for something to prevent such sadness from happening ever again to any being? Is it when someone told us about peace? Well, if we were happy all of our lives and never experienced anything we deemed as negative and thought of it only as normal, would we believe in such a notion as peace? I mean, the only reason we strive for peace is to erase the possibility of those negative things from ever happening again, right? We search for peace to no longer be sad, to longer be anger, to no longer see anyone else be sad, right? Well, even if we did see someone sad, how can we feel bad if we can't relate? If you are seeing someone be sad, will you feel sad if you've never experienced sadness before? Well, the same thing goes with peace. If you've never had any reason to achieve peace and someone told you about it, will you care? and I mean care as in really care. Not as in if that person asked you to do these things to help them achieve peace and you are only doing so to help and don't really care for peace but, to help.
So, let's say for instance, we live in a alternative universe. I'm going to use the movie "The giver" as an example for this universe. We live in a universe where everything is peaceful. What do you think I mean by that? Well, when I say everything is peaceful, I mean that everything is peaceful. But I don't mean peaceful as in good; I mean peaceful as in peaceful. So, what if there was no such thing as negative emotions or things? What if life went on exactly how it is now aside from everything negative in this universe? What if we we still had a problem with world hunger, global warming, and death? We just didn't have anyone in charge and none of the systems we have today? I mean, we still had jobs and everything else but nothing as far rulers and etc. The whole universe was under anarchy. Peaceful anarchy. What if in this universe, we had no motives for war, killing, disagreements, etc? Everyone agreed on everything and if they didn't, they accepted it. Well, what about the rest of life? Such as death? Well, in this universe, every action committed is justified. You can kill a man, of course without motive, and it would be a peaceful killing. Death would be considered a natural cause and no one would care if it happened. If you run over someone, they die, then you go on like it just happened. You feel no negative emotions. Everything in reality that you disagree with and deem as "wrong", you will not care about if it happens in this alternative universe. I can hear you shaking your head now. Why? Because you'll never be able to get around the fact of what you think is "wrong" or "right" or "unfair". And that's simply why we can't achieve peace. Because we will never be able to get around those things. You can't even consider that peace. You can't even imagine not caring if your wife/husband that you love very much gets killed. Why? Because of pain. Why can't we achieve peace? Because we've already experience pain? We, essentially, are just trying to prevent something from happening before it even happens again without knowing if it is going to happen again. But where do we get pain from? That sadness you feel? How do you even know that sadness you're feeling is bad? I mean, really, we are just imitating other people.
When we are a baby, if we see our parents sad, when we get that sad emotion, we do the same as them. So what if no one cared to the point where they would not feel sadness? What if we lived in that alternative universe? Then, if the baby sees their parent and they get sad, they won't identify that sadness as a bad feeling. Just a feeling and they will learn to live with it. If, when we feel sadness, we can turn that sadness into something that happens naturally and not care, the baby will do the same. That's how we can make reality into that one. So, if a kid grew up in that alternative universe, if he saw all the bad in this world, he wouldn't care. He would think it to be normal, right? Why? Because he's at peace with what's going on. Why can't we be? Because we've experienced pain? And what happens now? I mean, we don't want to experience pain again so we come up with these ways to prevent pain. But, those ways conflict someone else's ways. Now, since you think your way is more correct, you want it to be used. Now, you two are fighting over who's way is more practiced throughout everyone. Now, you are at war. Two sides of the same breed fighting and creating something that they are trying to prevent. You are influencing and instilling the very thing you want to rid of into the youth for them to repeat the cycle.

"We're both of the same breed, after all… motives for war are of no concern. Religion, ideology, resources, land, grudges, love, or just because… No matter how pathetic the reason, it's enough to start a war. War will never cease to exist… Reasons can be thought up after the fact. Human nature pursues strife."



Are you willing to give up your ideals, your ways to prevent pain and bind together to make the alternate reality become reality? I mean, the way things are now, you are just making a cycle. You are trying to achieve something that you are making impossible to achieve. But if you aren't, why not? Why is it that you want to achieve peace, but aren't willing to give up something to achieve it? Because you think it's not right? Well, there is no such thing as "Right" so what other excuse do you have? If you can't define the word "right" where everyone agrees with it, then there is no such thing as "right". So if that's the case, why do you care if you don't care? You want to be at peace? Well, that reality is peaceful. In that reality, you are at peace with everything and have everything you have now. You have no motives to do harm. Is it because you think not caring if you kill someone without motive is good and that death and everything else unpreventable negatively is not good? Well, who says everything is going to be good when you are at peace? If you want to keep thinking your way is better only because you think everything is good that way, what if it's not? It may be good to you but it won't be to someone else. In this reality, no one cares so it is good to everyone because in this reality, there is no such thing as good. You accept everything. You want to be at peace with everything yet aren't willing to do things to make that happen. That means you have not the right to complain about not achieving peace, right? You have not the right to be upset with the lack of peace, right?
We are all simply just looking for a way to prevent pain from ever happening to us or anyone else again. That way is peace. How do we go about achieving peace? Are you willing to make sacrifices to achieve that peace? If you have to make sacrifices, is it really true peace? Or are you just at peace with everything? Who says peace means you have to be happy and everything has to be your way? Who says peace can't mean you are just at peace with everything?



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