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I am here to challenge the morals of the average person. Moral? Do we even have them anymore? Do we even teach them anymore? Morals. Are our morals even right to begin with? Morals are the only thing keep us from planetary devastation. Morals are our guilty conscience nagging us not to do such actions. We used to be able to listen to that voice inside our head, believing it to be the right thing to abide by. Now, we hear the voice but, we choose to ignore it now. We have an understanding of right and wrong but, those examples are challenged now. Somewhere along the line of life, we were plagued by the virus that made us stop caring. It used to be "Thou shall not kill his fell man". Now, it's "Thou shall only kill his fellow man if wronged by him". Someone would assault your friend and all you would do is get angry. Someone could have disrespected you and surfer from the little to no consequence. Now, to some people, disrespect is death. I hear everyday "What is wrong with this generation?". Why is it only what's wrong with this generation? Why is it never "What was wrong with the last generation?" We learned from the,/ They taught us the we to act, what was OK and not, and taught us our morals and what we know. Why are we the ones to blame for acting the way we were taught it was OK to act like? Yes, some people act based on how others act. What if our peers were bullies? Not having a parental guidance figure in our life, we could easily follow their example, believing that since most people act this way, it must be right since no one has told you otherwise, and become a bully yourself. Now, you are a bully. Don't blame your peers, blame who taught them to act that way and make it seem like it was OK for them to act that way. We don't automatically know what's right and wrong from birth, no. We are taught it. We inherit it from the previous generation. If they are teaching us the wrong morals, it is their fault. But is it really their fault alone? Who's to say that the same thing didn't happen to them from their previous generation? Could one argue that overtime, our morals decrease and slowly drifts away from what's right to whats wrong? What's "Right" and whats "Wrong" is questionable. Atleast we could come up with the general or basic idea of it together as a species. We should be voting on what our basic morals should be every 4 years, not who is our nations voice. God, mother nature, meteors, asteroids, natural elements, the weather, catastrophes, and life. None of those will be the death of us. The downfall to the human race, the phenomenal catastrophe that will end all life as we know it, will ultimately be our deprivation of our own morals. We have all these weapons and technology that all it will take is the person in control of those things to push a button and they could end the world. The small thread between that happening are that person's morals. Why is peace, harmony, and true love unreachable dreams? Because in order to achieve these dreams, we need morals. It is a cycle for many generations to come that our morals decrease until the point where they are so low and so stray of the right path that murder and suicide are considered acceptable and are cheered upon. Look at it now. We cheer for men and women to kill in the name-sake of our own defense. We gain entertainment from watching people fight and almost kill each other. Some even goes as far as to imitating those things to gain attention or to fulfill selfish ideals. Or even further as to get horny from violence. We pay to see death, violence, and heartbreak. To us, it's "fun". Then on Sundays we go pray to the sky for forgiveness. We destroy the world and pray that we be forgiven. What gives you the audacity to ask such a thing after such actions? We pay to see our society slowly kill itself. Why are we so afraid of the devil when he is in every mirror? Look at where we are now. Can you bear the thought of the future? Do you now anticipate it more? The generation we have no are going to do the same thing the previous generation(s) have done. We are going to instill the poor morals we assumed and were taught to the next generation. The next generation is going to instill their poorly taught and made up morals to their next generation. The cycle will continue until it will be our lack of morals that kill us. We are blessed to have a conscience. We are blessed to not be able to rely upon solely instinct. We are blessed to have morals. Without morals, what would be the difference, besides the obvious bodily structure and mandatory needs for survival, between the human race and mere animals? We are aware of death, they aren't. In an alternate universe without morals, we would just do what we need to to survive. We could die and not even be aware of what happened. Life would be simple. But if only we had the right morals, life would be even simpler. It's sad because our generation avoids deep thinking and social issues. WE avoid being aware of the bad yet, we address and complain about ti so much. So many of us don't even see what's happening and how low our morals have gotten. Every cycle can be changed but you can't fix something that's broken if you don't know whats wrong with it. But, the people who do realize what's going on are too shy, outspoken, lazy, or simply don't care. So, this cycle will forever continue until someone brings it to the attention of the masses and forces them to change. What is the most influential thing right now? The entertainment buissness. Movies, shows, music, social media, YouTube, the radio, plays, and books.What do they all teach? Violence, heartbreak, death, and everything negative. Why? Because that's what entertains us. But believe it or not, they also provide good morals. They showcase the world for what is is and can easily convince us to change it. We are slaves to the rhythm. We are robots to the machine. The entertainment and social media and internet gives us a voice. It replaces our heart of iron with a pure heart. We are no longer enslaved to the government's practices and rules. We are, for once, able to fulfill our dream of freedom. Even if you aren't from America, these things give you the voice to make a change. These things single handed are the most influential things in this world. All it takes is the right words to inspire others. WE need moral enhancement. "Give me morals or give me death." ("Give me liberty or give me death.") It is easier for us to harm each other than help. It is easier to kill each other than save a life. We have enhanced to the point where we could destroy everything without morals. War and climate change are some major threats to us right now, infact. Is it too late to save our morality? Are we destined to be doomed? We already have everything that is lowering our morals and due to the arrogance and ignorance of many, they aren't going to give those things up. Our natural morality is not enough to win the war against the misguided morality. WE need moral enhancement. But, my words wont mean anything unless you are will to make a change.

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