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Why do people need meaning in life?

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What is the meaning of meaning according to your meaning? We all have meaning in life but the question is does that meaning have meaning? The real question is does life have meaning to you? Death, in a way, creates meaning to life. Once you have an understanding of death, you are then motivated to make something of your life, give your life meaning due to life is short and death is inevitable. Death creates meaning. Can you cope with the idea that we all die? Can you cope with the idea that we are nothing but people who die and remain nothing but a sheer memory? What creates that memory? If you are a nobody, someone who has done nothing in life and has been nothing to society, you won't even be a memory. Once you are taught meaning and importance, you are then taught to value yourself. You don't want to feel lesser than anyone and you want to be valued and noticed. It's like crack. We are so addicted to attention and the things that make ourselves feel important. So, can you imagine being a nobody? In life now-a-days, to be a nobody is the equivalent to nothing having a life. We want to leave a mark in this world. We don't want to feel like our life has no meaning. That is the quickest alley into the deceiving world that is depression. No, we live life to make ourselves worth meaning. We know we will die and so we prepare, anticipate, death and what happens after we die. We live life to fill ourselves with self-worth. Though knowledge of death may encourage us to make something of ourselves, it also creates fear. The more we know about such things as death, the more we fear it. It's something unknown and we fear the unknown because we create measurements and things to know everything to control everything to make ourselves feel superior to life. A silly notion but we need to prove ourselves, our intellect, and when we can't understand something, it drives us insane.We fear it. Fear of death comes from us constantly thinking about it and trying to understand it, leaving us with only our assumptions and imagination that could very well be our mind playing tricks on us. But fear of death is greater to people without meaning to life rather than people with meaning to life. People with meaning to life aren't as terrified of their own mortality because they are proving themselves. "They want to be more then mortals who die and disappear forever." When you read the quote, try to comprehend the greatness of the measurement of the word "forever". Imagine how long "forever" is. We die and that's it. We aren't put into time out and rejoin life life. You only live once. So Why Do People Need Meaning To Life? To feel meaningful is to to feel like you aren't dead. Like you left behind your legacy, your mark on life. It gives you a sense of immortality. Life is finite, not infinite, and is a driving for for people to feel purposeful and meaningful. But how do we know those meanings are of the right choice. How do we know that what we're doing to give ourselves meaning is right or wrong? What you experience that makes you feel bad makes you avoid the things that made that happen. So, when we go through hardships in life, they motivate us to overcome future hardships. Meaning motivates.

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