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Empiricism Vs. Innate/Realism

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I've looked into some of the philosophy trees and I found one of the interesting things is the great empiricist and Innate debate. The theory of "tabula rasa" is simply amazing and I agree with it. I agree with the empiricist and am intrigued with the whole blank slate theory and knowledge through experience but learned through teaching and perhaps prior knowledge, which is the ultimate contradiction. But can you imagine being born and having all this knowledge all ready there? That all you need is help unlocking it? Like maybe your experiences and wisdom and everything is transferred when you rebirth as a infant? Your soul is connected to the brain made and your brain controls your senses and through those senses: smell, eyesight, hearing, feeling, and taste - your brain doesn't learn but it unlocks things relevant to that unless you have not done those things in your previous lives? You need the help of others to unlock that prior knowledge? Once unlocked, depending on how familiar and how experienced you are and how well you were of that particular thing, your skill on that depends on how well you were skilled with it in your previous lives? If you weren't as experienced at it then you will learn it more slow and naturally bad until you learn enough you don't now that you become good at it? This all applies to souls with previous lives? New souls just learn? That is the Innate idea, my version and perspective atleast. Now, can you believe from the moment of your birth, you have nothing in your mind? That even from the moment you come out of the womb, you aren't fully self aware until you are slapped? The first piece of knowledge you receive in life is pain and that whatever happened hurts and you don't want it to happen again. That you can't go through life knowing things unless learned through senses or experience? Can you fathom the arrogance and ignorance that lies within that? Does that explain why so many of us are arrogant and naive? Am I arrogant and naive for having these thoughts? Can you imagine not believing anything unless you see it, smell it, hear it, taste it, or feel it? Unless you experience it? Someone could tell you gods is real and you won't believe it unless you experience it/him/her through one of your sense? Faith, common sense, hope, belief, all of them made null in this case since you don't experience what your common sense or hope is? If we are blind, deaf, prone to not feeling, can't smell or taste anything, that would just rule out alot of potential information? We can't trust a word of mouth anymore, no? We are from then on either independent for information or reliant on others to help us experience to get that information? Our parents teach us how to utilize those sense to gain knowledge? Could you ever imagine such a life? Could you bear it either? That's what the empiricist believed, in my own perspective. Now, compare both of the two. Which more fits the description of the life we're living now? Are we living the innate/realism life or are we living the empiricist/tabula rasa life? The life we're living does not need to be 100% accurate to either, I'm simply wandering which one is the closest to the one we're living. For me, even though it all not be true, based on my perspective and experiences, I believe we are living the empiricist life style. These aren't the only things they focus on but based on what you read, what do you think?

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There are these awesome things called paragraphs. Please use them next time. Your last topic in this subforum was locked because it was incomprehensible and the same has happened to your most recent three. Which is a shame as they're all interesting subjects.

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