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Review score predictions.....


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What do you guys think about what the review scores will be?

I know the game isn't out yet, but judging from all the info released, and the early reactions from those who've seen it in person, it looks better than the last gen version by a HUGE margin. Now just imagine all of the things we DON'T know, and it's hard to imagine this game not receiving solid 10's across the board.


The original GTAV averaged around 9 to 9.5 scores from most reputable outlets. It's important to consider that a perfect score doesn't mean it's a perfect GAME. There IS no such thing as a perfect game, so I think it's important to keep that in mind.


Considering how GTAIV received SEVERAL perfect scores, I'm curious to see how anyone who gave GTAIV a 10 could justify NOT giving the next gen GTAV a 10 as well.

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But in seriousness, probably between 9 and 9.5 for most sites like the original release. Although if it lives up to a lot of this hype we could see a few perfect 10's.

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It's pretty obvious that if it was a solid 9.5 and 10's the first time around it's going to be the same if not a perfect 10 this time due to the FP mode alone. But who knows. I'm not into review scores. I don't think I've ever let a review score determine whether or not I'm going to like the game. Even if it's a 3 out of 10, if it interests me I'll get it regardless of what everyone else says. Sometimes you end up the minority and liking what everyone else doesn't.

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5/10 first person and graphics couldn't fix the story.

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11/10 "Preposterously enjoyable,breathtaking in scope and bitingly funny, GTA V is a landmark game²" - IGN.

Edited by VIPΣR
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Homemade Dynamite

Seeing as how GTA V got at least 38 perfect 10s, we're going to see that as the average with all the improvements. Consider this the real GTA V they've been cooking up all along, and the one we got on last gen consoles was just a sample.

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I don't let reviews scores determine how I feel about any game. I'm just curious as to how this version will be scored as compared to the last gen version.

Edited by DISCO-INFERNO-70
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It will get a 10/10 from IGN guaranteed. All the mainstream sites will give it the same score as it got on last gen or ever so slightly higher.


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I haven't thought about this yet. Most remastered games have been scoring the same as the original, or even a little lower. The Last of Us got a 95 metascore, which is the same as the remastered version, but Sleeping Dogs got an 81 and then a 77 for the definitive. GTA V is already sitting with a 97 metascore, so it's hard for it to go higher, but R* is really setting the bar high for remastered games.


It would make sense for most sites to at least give it a small bump for the visual upgrades and added content. The addition of an entire new way to play should also add to the overall score. A bunch of sites gave the original a 90, so I imagine the metascore will be around 99 or more after all the reviews are in.

Edited by BlackNoise
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Polygon: 2/10 the gameplay and graphics were perfect but it offended my childish sensitivities. Muh soggy knee!

IGN: 10/10 it's okay


Game Informer: 9/10 it was perfect but we're too pretentious to give big-name titles perfect scores unless they're mopey, unoriginal, and can court my shallowness by having no deep, subtle themes that take time and brain power to see.


On a serious note, I'd say it'll get a 9.8 average.

Edited by DeafMetal
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1/100 "Couldn't follow the damn train."



Edited by GtaV Is Coming To Pc
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Algonquin Assassin

-10/10. :)

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GTA IV Signature V4 by Lettermaniac on DeviantArt

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Based on the texture reworks, the new features, etc. it's clear that R* put in work and made a remastered masterpiece, I believe it's worthy of a 10/10.

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I can't imagine them being any lower last year.


I'm pretty sure it will receive the same scores as last year, just the written review will be different.


GTAV on PS3 and 360 was already a masterpiece, but now it's a masterpeice to the grandest extent. How could it possibly get lower scores than last year?

Edited by daltontigerboy
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"1/10 Where is the realistic steak?" ~ IGN


Honestly, 9.5-10's wouldn't surprise me, especially with how much effort R* put into these versions, and that's an understatement.

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Doland J. Trump

Lol all these people praising the graphics. Remember when everyone was saying "ermagherd graphics don't make a gaeeeemmmm!!!!". Yes people used to say that. Sure the graphics are very nice but we still have the story...it'll probably get the same score as LG versions.

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It was 9 or 9.5 on old gen, but now it's an all new ball game...


It's a new gen game, so only new gen standards should apply.


No f*cking idea how it sould be rated (it doesn't exist atm, right?), imo only on Nov 19th we can kinda rate it.


Anyway, it will surely be highly rated by almost everyone.


Hopefully I'll personally highly rate it too, but I'm having some atm doubts...

I've bought the PS4 mainly for this "remaster" though, so I'll keep my hopes high (enough)...


I don't give a f*ck about any (review) rating status, since through the last couple decades, some met my liking while others surely didn't...

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