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Grand Theft Auto III Pre-Release Discussion


Recommended Posts

52 minutes ago, Staunton Assassin said:

Well, here are some more BETA finds:


- There's a developer comment in "frank1.sc" that says "FRANKIES LIMO NEEDS A UNIQUE COLOUR". This means the developers at R* originally intended to give Salvatore's Stretch a unique color in "Chaperone".
- According to the commented out blip coordinates seen in "frank1.sc", Luigi's mission marker was originally supposed to be located at the bottom of the steps leading up to his club's backdoor.
- "frank2.1.sc" (code for "Bomb Da Base: Act I") contains commented out code for displaying these two unused subtitles:


FM3_A - "We should take these Colombian bastards out"

FM3_B - "but while we're at war with the Triads we just ain't strong enough"


It seems that these two dialogues weren't added as an afterthought in the post-PS2 releases, but they were always intended to be there.


- According to commented out code in "frank4.sc", Maria and Asuka were originally supposed to be visible at the pier next to Callahan Bridge from the beginning of "Last Requests" (immersion friendliness?).


- Moreover, "Last Requests" was originally supposed to outright fail if you entered the rigged Cheetah.
- The "Claude meets Maria and Asuka at the pier" cutscene in "Last Requests" was originally supposed to be positioned slightly different than in the final version of the game.


- There's a commented out "PRINT_NOW" command in "8ball.sc" that was supposed to display an unused subtitle in the opening cutscene of "Luigi's Girls":


EBAL_I - "The boss will be out to see you shortly..."


Looks like Mickey Hamfists was supposed to say this line in that cutscene.


- Both in "main.sc" and "asusb3.sc" (code for "S.A.M."), Catalina's mission marker is created with a global variable named "maria_contact_blip".
  Maybe this marker was originally supposed to be represented by a "M" on the radar instead of a "C"? This mission would've seemed more logical if it was given by Maria, though. Anyways...


- "Under Surveillance" was originally supposed to create a marker of some sort by the front entrance of Kenji's Casino.

- Also, the FBI agents/Leone goons standing on the balconies of the building near Kenji's Casino in "Under Surveillance" were originally supposed to come equipped with 99% of Body Armor each.


- To add to Donald Love's unused garage discovery mentioned in one of my earlier posts in this topic: If you manage to get into the unused garage, you'll notice it's fully solid.
  And here's another fun fact, the garage was heavily shortened and actually reused in LCS for the missions "The Morgue Party Candidate" and "Love on the Rocks".


- There's an unused source file named "demo2.sc" which contains code for a test mission that plays a series of gameplay-based scripted cutscenes where several locations around Portland are showcased.


- This one was already documented by Vadim M. in his "GTA III Removed Content [Part I]" video, but whatever. "Gone Fishing" has these developer comments in it's code related to it's early concept:


// *****************************************************************************************
// *********************************** Ray Mission 4 ***************************************
// *********************************** Gone Fishing     ***************************************
// *****************************************************************************************
// *** Ray's partner is going to turn State's Evidence. He goes night fishing on the     ***
// *** Lighthouse Rock. The player will have to use a boat to get to him.  This boat will***
// *** have guns, and that is how the player must kill Ray's partner. Ray's partner will ***
// *** also have a weapon of his own, as he flees he will be dropping barrels of          ***
// *** explosives into the water and the path of the player.                             ***
// *****************************************************************************************


- The Drive-By Rampage located behind a guard box in southern Pike Creek was originally supposed to display drive-by help text.
- "Waka-Gashira Wipeout!" was originally supposed to feature twelve Yakuza gang members instead of eight and some of the existing gang members were originally supposed to guard the area around Kenji.


- "Bling-Bling Scramble" was originally called "Drug Rush".
- The Yardie gang member in "Uzi Rider" was originally supposed to explicitly tell Claude to kill five Diablo gang members.
- Both Yardie gang members in "Uzi Rider" were originally supposed to chase Claude down if he abandoned them? Not sure about this one...
- The "Police bribe delivered to hideout" pager message was originally "'Get out of jail free!'" and was supposed to be displayed after every five-in-a-row kills during the "Vigilante" side-mission.


- Moreover, here's a hidden fact about "Vigilante"; The game sets the "SET_GET_OUT_OF_JAIL_FREE" (0x0413) opcode to TRUE after every five-in-a-row kills. For more info about this opcode, click it's name.

Can you also recode what Ma Cipriani says in "Salvatore's Called a Meeting" ?

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Staunton Assassin
Just now, Martin4004 said:

Can you also recode what Ma Cipriani says in "Salvatore's Called a Meeting" ?

I believe you're talking about Ma Cipriani's un-subtitled dialogues. Well, the leaked mission script source code doesn't contain subtitles for Ma's dialogues, sadly.

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1 minute ago, Staunton Assassin said:

I believe you're talking about Ma Cipriani's un-subtitled dialogues. Well, the leaked mission script source code doesn't contain subtitles for Ma's dialogues, sadly.

Damn, it would be great to know what she's talking about. But thanks for reply anyway

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@Jinx. Any idea as to the body as for the Banshee's magazine shot of the dark grey bumper?

Also seen as white with the blue stripe and dark bumper in this commercial @ 0:40 

I believe the white and blue color scheme appears in LCS. 

Also at the end is a full white/grey yakuza? or plain stinger with rear spoiler?

You probably know all of this but I'll mention it anyways.


Edited by Lips10Sixx
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I think the cutscene Banshee also has a dark bumper. It's probably mapping related.


The Yakuza Stinger looks good with the final mapping but when the bodymaps are removed the "red" color is not as red. I think it's the same effect in the trailer.

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Has it been mentioned that the Police intercom in some cars when wanted will be described as a different/beta car color rather what the car is. EX: suspect last seen in a dark purple convertible (stallion) while the car is blue with saddle brown style top. 

Late to the party? but just realized that. 

Edited by Lips10Sixx
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