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Cool Things You Didn't Know About Vice City

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On 11/5/2015 at 6:36 PM, Carbonox said:

Or, for the record, pretty much the only gang to have female members in the first place.

LMAO, The Golfer gang has female members and known it within my first few days playing the game (when I got to Four Iron mission) back in 2004, the courier's gang however is the only all female gang in the game (unless you count the chicks with guns cheat that turns the Vercittee gang female, but I rarely ever use cheat and completed the game 100 % without any).... The golfer gang is a legitimate gang, any gang that fights other gangs (I often lured cubans/haitians/others there and they brawled, and the golfer gang is tough with the golf sticks) and and can be added to the least favorite gang stat is. One male and one female model for the golfer gang.

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On 9/6/2018 at 8:31 PM, Motorik said:

There's a secret office in the Cherry Popper factory, behind the save icon. It can only be seen with trainers or through the "rocket launcher cheat". It's really dark so it's hard to notice. I know it because of GTA Wiki (Yes, I know you don't always believe in what it says, but this is true). Sorry, I don't know how to post pictures, but you can confirm it easily. And sorry for my english, too.

I actually added that to the wiki😊 I knew it from WikiGTA, a lesser known old GTA guide (mostly meant for Dutch audiences, as the English verison of the site is much less enhanced) they have an image with adjusted lighting that shows the furniture a bit better:


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I just learned that you can auto-center the camera behind you by holding L1 on PS2, or Black on Xbox. It also works on GTA III too. I do not know about the PC. 


I've been playing this game since it was released and i never knew this. It's much easier to turn the player around using this instead of using the right stick.

Edited by Awesom-0

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The ghost driver in the mission "Psycho Killer". I know the vehicle (trashmaster) initially drives by itself aimlessly into the wall, but much later found out this cool AI glitch but counts as a ghost in terms of gaming world perspectives. The trashmaster drives by itself and tries to smash either Tommy or The Psycho. It misses and gets stuck on the wall. After passing or failing the mission (either ways after the mission is over, but be sure to be near the trashmaster or it will disappear), if you hit it with a car, its free from the wall, and drives visibly by itself. Its slow, you can easily follow, it stops at red lights and moves at green light, no driver XD, neatest "ghost driver" in the game on the trashmaster trash truck . If you get in and get out of the vehicle the phase ends, you have freed the ghost driver's soul, may he rest in peace. If you chose to follow , as long as you don't lose sight you can follow its progress for hours, actually until you decide to close the game....

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