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Sadler or Bison?

Catlas Se7en

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Which pickup should I get?

I like them both, but idk which to pick.

Each has it's benefits

Edited by RedRyder2142
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Isn't the Sadler a Utility-class vehicle? If so, you could probably win loads of Utility-Class races that allow custom cars and restrict non-customs to the others... Also, it can come with some visual stuff on it; don't know if it will stick after saving it...


If it's of any importance, the Bison can fit 6 people and the two in the truck-bed outside (usually) won't get killed from a sideswipe and have better firing angles. Though, they are very exposed while back there...


Performance wise... They're trucks! Get an Entity (or other supercar) if you want great performance!


I'd say Sadler just so I don't have to worry about people climbing into the back then saying it's my driving when they die... Well, I will admit that ramming a train just to kill them might be my fault, but they started it!

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I've had one of each and class notwithstanding, I prefer the Bison. I believe it's faster but it's been a long time since I've had a Sadler.

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I'd go with the Sadler because I'm a racer. A fully upgraded Sadler is unbeatable in utility races while a Bison in van races could have some competition with the Youga and Paradise.



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don ovdi' island

I don't really like either pickup and, neither pickup really has any cosmetic mods available other than what comes on it already, but id say Bison because it can hold more people.


Most trucks and SUVs in this game are incredibly sluggish.

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