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Xbox 360: American Redline Racing Crew looking for recruits


Recommended Posts

American Redline Racing Crew

President: TruChainzzz

Vice President: BigSeksy2009

Website: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/redline_racing_crew

Crew Color: Lime Green

Who We Are:

We are a small crew on Grand Theft Auto: Online that has been around since the launch of Online. We are a couple of seasoned veterans to the game and are looking for similar people to game with. We are also looking for people who are skilled in the emblem editor software supplied by Rockstar as we are looking to update our emblem.


What We Do:

We play around on GTA: Online by grinding missions from time to time for money and RP, along with doing free roam gameplay as well. On occasion we will do deathmatches and versus missions. We don't grief, but we don't sit back and allow bullying either. We also from time to time like to take cruises around Los Santos and Blaine County.


When Do We Play:

We usually tend to be online during the weekends more often than we are on the weekdays. We understand that most people have a 9-5 job or other things they have to do offline in the real world, and we respect that.



1. No teamkilling

2. No trash talking in game chat unless provoked

3. No cheating (mods, hacks, etc.) If you glitch or have glitched in the past, that's on you.

4. Have fun!


How Can I Apply:

Contact me on Xbox Live at the Gamertag "TruChainzzz" or send me an email at [email protected]


Thanks for your interest, and we hope to see you soon!


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