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The Biggest Things The GTA Franchise Is Lacking...


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In all the GTA games, the main character(s) have always been someone else's little bitch. The main character(s) always get caught up in some type of predicament that always involves them needing to work for someone of higher power and basically doing what they say without asking questions. Now don't get me wrong, everybody has to start from somewhere and work their way to the top but it seems that in the GTA franchise, we never go as high as we possibly can.


GTA V seemed to be stepping in the right direction because when everything is said and done, the main characters gain some power and they can buy businesses and make money off of them. Just like GTA 4 was just a preperation for GTA 5, GTA 5 is just a preparation for GTA 6.



My Big Idea


Now my solution to this problem is to eventually give the protagonist in GTA games power and ways of expressing that power. Let's

say that in the next Major GTA game, players can rise and switch roles and become like the people who have been giving them orders. This basically would come with gameplay features such as


  • Running your own drug networks
  • Individually hiring people to run your operations (the better their skills the more success just like GTA 5 heist)
  • Deciding who to double cross (this will effect things like the players who trust you)
  • Hiring personal hitman
  • eliminating competition
  • Operations you run might have culprits (you have to figure out who it is a fix situations)
  • The people you hire could die (replace them if they do)
  • If you don't pay people they wont do your work (you can threaten them or kill them or just leave them alone)
  • If your people get arrested it could impact your operation (If someone snitched or something)
  • Deciding which part of the streets you run your operations (things could get messy if you try to rival npc's)
  • Ability to kill off your workers and be a corrupt boss


The thing about these features is it wont be based on the main story line. it will be an optional thing to do when you feel you have enough money or power to do so. Its kind of like the stock market in GTA V, you don't have to participate but its good and fun if you do. Another thing about these features is its all during free roam. You could be free roaming causing mayhem and accidentally get one of your drug dealers killed. You will get a notification on your cell or map and you have to replace them to keep your operation running smooth.

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I think it´s time we see these stuff in GTA franchise:

-game set in the 1970s(hopefully in some future game)

-game set in the mid West(also hopefully in a future game)


-motorcycle with a sidecar


Edited by LeopardGecko
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I agree. I've always kind of felt like they only focused on just rushing GTA V's story, then going straight to GTA Online. There isn't really much to do after the story, and so these ideas would really be great during free roam.

Edited by GtaV Is Coming To Pc
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I wish we had a Random Heist Generator a la the Sega Genesis cyberpunk classic Shadowrun


any sort of sandbox-esque free roam crime gameplay would be welcome tho! :D

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