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The problem(s) with this society are more than I can list. One of the most focused on, though, is racial discrimination, or discrimination in general, and segregation. First, where does it originate? Well, like most things, what we learn is what we're taught or what we experience. Discrimination and segregation are nothing but mere subjects. Subjects are learned, not genetically created. Not passed down from your predestining generation. It's not something you are forced to partake in. When you are born, based on my beliefs as a empiricist following notion of "tabula rasa" or blank slate, your mind, after your soul fully has enough energy to let you go through birth, starts off blank without any knowledge other than general self-awareness. So how does the idea of racism, discrimination, and segregation. Along with how to preform according to these and what each is based off gets placed into the new generations mind and how do they know to act the definition if they have no prior knowledge, or knowledge what-so-ever, without us experiencing or being taught. And even if we were to experience it, we would not know what to make of it unless it is taught to us. Sure, we may act that way to mimic the behavior if taught that it is OK but how will we know that it is unless taught or told that it is? We complain and fights against something that we teach and only promote more to the audience we’re trying not to expose this to so why be it such a problem to society? Why does the word problem even exist? Because we make it exist. We make problems become problems and we make it a big deal. But problems don't go just instantly become a big deal, no. They gradually increase to the point of becoming problems and no problem goes unnoticed. Some people were aware of the issue but choose not to do anything about it because we're lazy. Some people are aware of the issue but do nothing to stop it or address it. There are six billion people on the planet and unless you know that person personally, you don't care whether they live or die unless you see it. Tens of thousands of people could be killed by terrorist in a third world country before sundown. Nobody's killed people that fast since Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Unless you know any one of those people personally, then you won't even bat an eye or even care. You didn't join Amnesty International, Oxfam, Save the Whales, Greenpeace, or anything, no. If someone you do know dies or someone dies in front of you then you throw a hissy fit. You wish people like those terrorist who did that don't exist but do nothing to make it happen. It is because as you hear or read about these people, you are tucked safely inside of your house. Let’s be honest, no one wants to risk their own safety and protection for others, right? We put ourselves first and then are deemed selfish for it. In an alternate universe, let’s say this isn’t the case. If there becomes an issue, everyone inherits the will, pride, and power that the U.S citizens had after the bombing on 9/11. Let’s say there is a terrorist threat and every single American joins the army and rushes over to eliminate it; where it is more accepted to do such things. Now back to reality. You do that now, rushing in full of pride and putting your country men and fellow peers safety and protection before your own and you are deemed a fool; A naïve person in over their head. You expect to be someone who should be worrying about his own protection and the protection of his family. It’s uncanny of someone to abandon their family now. We feel inclined to do something and we get that surge of pride and boldness and courage but yet we do nothing. Back to the main topic at hand, we let racism, discrimination, and segregation become the problem it is today because we’re too lazy and ignorant to put a stop to it. We teach it. We promote it. We encourage it. We encourage a negative. We are so fixated on stopping problems that should have never been problems in the first place. Have you ever stopped and wandered why there are all these things wrong with the world? Of course you have because all we do is look at what’s wrong with everything. Why is there such a thing as a pessimist and why are they so widely accepted? Why do people commit suicide? Why does hate exist? Why peace is considered an unachievable dream? Why can we not live in harmony? Because all we do is focus on everything wrong and complain about everything wrong and encourage it because no one really knows the difference between right and wrong. We hand down all the world flaws, hatred, sadness, segregation, racism, corruptness and everything we want changed down to the next generation. We inform them instead of just dropping it. If we just stop doing it and talking it, it becomes irrelevant. Teaching them the wrong in hopes they make the change you couldn’t or teaching them how to do the wrongs. Every problem made irreverent no longer becomes a problem. It just becomes something that may have a negative effect based on what we determine are negative effects on our species. We have the knowledge children don’t. All we have to do is nothing. Because if we do something, that something causes a reaction, which can neither be good or bad. But honestly, nothing is something. Even doing nothing causes a reaction. The harsh truth is that there is nothing you can truly do to fully fix the situation and problem at hand. The only thing we can do is try to teach morals and be a proper role model to the next generation by focusing on the positives and make the optimist the widely accepted rather than the pessimist. Because if we want the problems to go away but only complain and try to fix them with duct tape then we might as well pull the plug on life. The only way we can rid of the problems and live in harmony is in the fantasy that is the afterlife since we’ve not grown accustoms enough to “ruin” that.

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As above really, structure it like a coherent argument and all is good. Feel free to make a new topic when you do.

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