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GTA IV Modding Requests & Finds

Recommended Posts

iiCriminnaaL 49
2 hours ago, jaqub said:

You can do it in a way by just porting the .sco from tbogt to tlad. Also the interior can be easy tho if you take this mod as example https://www.moddb.com/mods/gta-eflc-map-updates-to-gta-iv

You need a a bit experience into mapping.

Yeah, I thought of that. I'm not sure if .sco will work, as it's not supposed to be loaded while playing TLaD, but I'll see what happens if I add it.

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On 10/30/2014 at 7:04 AM, TJGM said:

Before making a request, make sure you check out our Mod Index for IV, thanks.




Request/find mods here, that includes vehicles, characters, buildings, maps, textures, .dat files, ASI plugins, etc.. here.


Only post your request once every 2 days. Remember that requests won't always be fulfilled.


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Hi, I'm looking for the best (most realistic) car pack mod compatible for Really, even individual cars would work with me so long as they go together. Any help would be appreciated!

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iiCriminnaaL 49

Is there any mod that replaces TBoGT's Electro-Choc with the original one from IV? (not vice versa)


Nvm, I've managed to do that.

When I tried to replace the file's assets with ones from an MP3 file, audio editor crashes. Tried that with WAV and it worked.

Edited by iiCriminnaaL 49

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Mersedes CLK DTM AMG I looking for this vehicle to gta iv. If you now where to find one or interested in convert lets say from Test drive unlimited can wright in personal messages. Thank you for yours attention.

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Hey there everyone! I'm working on a script for GTA SA and I'm currently in need of some specific textures, I already have the ones from GTA IV but I can't seem to find the scope detail from TBoGT by looking in its files, I already have the "target" texture but I'm missing the sight design. Hope someone can help me out!


Edit: I found it! it's was inside "hud.wtd", I don't know why I didn't see it before but well 😅

Edited by Mysterdogg

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Barzo's Bro

i just want the multiplayer jeans and hoodie with jacket on for niko , if anyone make and send 'em that'd be great. thanks.

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Hi guys im new here and i wanted to ask you if you can do me a favor for a SWAT skin in GTA IV...


I want someone to make the SO19(swat) from The Getaway Black Monday.


Here are the pictures on how they look like:



Check on some videos to see how they look more clearly if someone can make this skin for swat ped or fbi.


Should i post it on lcpfr too? because it have to do with police mod.



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elders, please make a 150 'skin / mod sonic motor


elders, please make a "sonic 150R" bike skin/mod gta 4.thanks

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Chev  Chelios

Hello everyone, could somebody make/convert a 2012-2014 Chevrolet Malibu into GTA IV plz?  I am currently working on my GTA IV civilian vehicles' car pack,  since there are not too many released civilian vehicles, so I am here. If you're interesting in my request, plz make one like this:1920px-2013_Chevrolet_Malibu_Eco_1SA_--_


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John Van Winkle

Hi everyone.


I'd like to know if anyone could make a 1940 Cadillac Fleetwood for the game. It'd be awesome. This is an American icon featured in many movies. I believe there might be a few 3d models out there that may help (a very similar Cadillac is featured in L.A. NOIRE). I really love this car, but I don't understand modding (nor 3d modelling) to make this mod :(


If anyone out there would do this, I'd appreciate it.


Here are a few pictures of the car (sorry for the different colors):


40_Cadillac-72-Fleetwood-DV-13-SJ-01.jpg - Front


40000001.jpg - Side

10635193-1940-cadillac-fleetwood-thumb.j - Back

BTW, I don't own any of the pictures above they're just for illustration/demonstration purposes only.


Thank you very much for your time!!!


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Posted (edited)

Does there exist a mod that adds a keybind to toggle 30/60 FPS lock?

Edited by BorbingoBoy

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Can someone please convert a Checker Marathon into GTA IV? Or maybe convert the HD Cabbie from that famous III / San Andreas mod into GTA IV?
I tried the one from the III Rage mod but it has weird reflections on the wheels and seems to be missing a few textures, besides being extremely dirty when it spawns dirty.

If a Checker or Cabbie mod already exists for IV please let me know!! Or maybe even a Declasse Tornado taxi for IV. I've looked in many places but couldn't find one.
Thanks in advance!!

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