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GTA V roleplay city


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hey guys my psn is high5gamer and im looking for people to roleplay on gta v if you intrested im on everyday for ages haha there will be rles its meant to playing like inn real life so if your a gang member you cant have military items (merryweather,miniguns etc) you base it like real stuff guys drive like humans or cops will chase and arrest you if somone is passive respect that and if they use surrender gesture then don shoot or hit you may do whatever you think would be a real job or thing murderer's can be hunted down b cops and kill just have fun sorry this topic a mess i dont know what to say oh you must have a mic tosee you guysin the gta v worl (it will be a private session thats why you have to add me so i can invite)




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Oh yeah, aight. Aight, I put on my robe and wizard hat.


I cast magic missile.... at the darkness!


*lightning bolt* *lightning bolt*

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Death and despair death and despair,death and despair I`m gonna be an abandoned orphan emo boy with daddy issues lurking the lonely streets of San Andreas.

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Lelouch The Zero

I'm a Pirate!




Har Har




Hee Hee Hee.














Har Har




Hee Hee Hee














Har Har





Hee Hee Hee


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hahaha funny stuff especially the emo one now each of you bring up the menu go down to kill yourself click on it repeat till you have no cash

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Welcome to the forums!


Post in Crew Recruitement if you have a crew and want to recruit here at GTAF - in which case, you will have to include a Social Club link to your crew. Post in Find a Lobby & Meetups for quick GTAO robberies, races, and the like.

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