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It's just me or...(Past participle)

Super Shizuku

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Super Shizuku

I'm serious,the main characters who speak past participle always used was for "to be" even though the subject is you.

this is for the first time that i realized:

you was born in there.. damn(sweet)

and then

we was like family homie...(carl)

uh, you was... Seeing a way past this?(johnny)

you..but cesar said you was a real man(catalina)

i believe there are still more and i believe it also in other gta games can anyone explain this it's rockstar or i who wrong that "was" should be used for i he she and it while you should use "were" for you they we

Edited by Rendy Specter
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A lot of people actually say "we/you was" instead of "we/you were", even it is grammatically incorrect. I see and hear this almost every day. I got used to it so to me, it is not a big deal.

As in the game, I guess it is just how they speak.

Edited by SarahPilko
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Dude, nobody gives a damn about grammar when they're speaking, so I guess R* did them on purpose, to be as realistic as possible.

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if CJ said "Damn it, ho-mie. You are really starting to piss me off now, ho-mie! I'm sick of your bull-sh*t now!" it'd be horrible.

Edited by MrPeteyMax
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The misuse of English by certain members of the public who were "trained" to not use proper English as a way to prove their inferiority is to be expected.

It is now the expected manner of speech in the United States.

To my knowledge, you will not hear such divisionary language in any other country.

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Super Shizuku

thank you,so it's true that r* really did that with purpose

Edited by Rendy Specter
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