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Difference(s) between Mercenaries and Muggers?


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Anyone know exactly what the specific difference(s) between Merryweather's Mercenaries and Lamar's Muggers are? Obviously one steals money, and the other primarily kills...but I'm wondering if there are tactical differences, one easier to defend against, etc.?

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It has been ages since I had them attack me, but from what I remember...

Mercs usually come in vehicles, so a well placed rocket/grenade can quickly lower their numbers. Aside from that, they're just like any other gang... Just better equipped.

Mugger usually comes in from behind, back-stabs you, steals money and leaves you on the ground for a bit. Rarely fatal. Though, if you are in a vehicle, the mugger has been known to steal that vehicle and take it on a "joyride"; I've heard of numerous people getting their Pegasus Tanks stolen and, since they were still "healthy", they couldn't call for a new one... Though, if you see the Mugger coming, he only has a knife to work with, so he is only a danger to the unaware...

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Using the mugger offensively you will want to make sure you are near and if possible in view of your victim.

The main aim I would say of the mugger is to actually mug your victim for a big wedge of cash, not just hurt them or disrupt them.

So, be near them, then once they are mugged, kill the victim. Otherwise they will just get up again and are likely to be a little miffed.

Then once you neutralise the victim, kill the mugger to get the cash.

If you have ever made $10K doing this you will know it feels good.

ALSO this is officially the method of dealing with any player found on the street who is AFK.


As a muggee (yes it is a word) - not much you can do. Only suggestion is keeping your wits about you and being aware of that shady looking guy who is running strangely towards you and yes is carrying a knife. I have only maybe once been mugged and then killed right after to not retrieve my money.


Using Mercs offensively is either a desperate or just plain flamboyant way of attacking a foe. The cost is quite high and they only have what a 30-40% hit rate (anyone concur?)

But are a good shout for just getting an enemy on the back foot, disrupting a kill streak or for one who has left you stranded in the middle of nowhere and you can't be arsed to chase them. If I am scrapping lone wolf against some motley crew I might send the mercs in just to create some diversionary havoc and help me pick one or two off, split em up into manageable chunks you know what I mean.

Also usable in deathmatches btw.


Defending against Mercs is easy enough I suppose, but they are deadly accurate and will keep up with all vehicles - basically running is not recommended as you are vulnerable - but otherwise getting to some good cover and just dealing with the waves of vehicles. A 'nade from a launcher for each Mesa as it arrives is a good way to keep them quiet - but bear in mind they can appear on foot from out of the ether.



I don't know why i bothered to write all that. Just want some purpose for my day i suppose. I hope it helps anyway.

Edited by Bandalamente
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Definitely helpful--thanks! Especially the extra details, so I know what to look out for.


Just one more question: are both limited to roadways, or can they also suddenly appear on high-rise buildings, in boats, etc.?

Edited by DentureDynamite
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Definitely helpful--thanks! Especially the extra details, so I know what to look out for.


Just one more question: are both limited to roadways, or can they also suddenly appear on high-rise buildings, in boats, etc.?

I think mercenaries pretty much only show up when there's a road near since their jeep spawns there. They are able to go off the road once thet eject the jeep though. They won't spawn on boats or rooftops.


Muggers won't spawn on rooftops / boats either but they do appear offroad. So you can be mugged on top of a mountain without a road being near.

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muggers do spawn on rooftops

I have sent them from apt while watching mugger attack roof top sniper

Sometimes Lamar does say they can't find em though

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Here are some key differences:


Call dat fool Lamar (must have cash on person to pay. its 2000)

The mugger is an already spawned NPC near the target who acquires a knife to mug the victim

If the victim has cash in their pocket (not ATM), the mugger steals a portion and runs off (on foot or by vehicle)

Any player can claim this cash by simply killing the mugger (even the mugged victim)

The mugger doesnt kill the player


Call Merryweather (more expensive than the mugger)
longer cooldown time than the Mugger

Sends waves of Mercenaries in custom mesas to the player of your choosing (usually in groups of 2-3 jeeps full of mercenaries)

They will continue to attack the player and any other player who attacks the mercenaries untill the chosen victim is dead (suicide, cops, Pvp, mercs kill them, NPC kills them, etc)

If the player survives long enough, they can kill all of the mercenaries. At that point, the caller will be fully refunded

If the victim is dead, the mercs will then hop in their jeeps and drive until they despawn

This is the legit way of obtaining these Mercenary Mesas

The mercenaries are equipped with body armour (like LSPD at 3-5 stars), A carbine Rifle, and a pistol

They are capable of drive-bys



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