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Gay Tony

Should polygamy be legalized?

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El Dildo

The concept itself is harmless, but polygamy in practice has almost always led to the further subjugation of women.

that's because "in practice" polygamy has almost always been tied to religion and religious codes/rules.

and religion is about the oppression of women in general.


I don't see how legal, secular polygamy is wrong or why it would lead to the kind of subjugation we get with classical religious-based polygamy.

Edited by El_Diablo

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We could design as many Utopian 'in theory' scenarios as we want but can't deny the reality of the situation - secular Polygamy just isn't a big thing. And furthermore, patriarchy isn't tied integrally to religion but culture - culture which won't change on a dime.


Anyone who says it's 'wrong' is arguing from the position of superstition but the same can be said about prostitution or drug use. We do need to make an effort to protect people from obvious behavior patterns that very much exist today.

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El Dildo

I don't have the answers as to how it would be implemented and personally I'm only interested in loving one person at a time.

but I can't find the logic at this point to deny other people the right to enter a polygamous relationship and/or marriage, assuming they're all consenting adults.


your concerns are about our culture are legitimate, but I simply don't know how you address them aside from education and further liberalization in society. most of the issues with polygamy are tied directly to its classical religious underpinnings. in this day and age, consenting young people can probably pull it off without any serious domestic complications.

Edited by El_Diablo

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It's not like something you can be born into. Polygamy is a lifestyle choice. Just because someone wants to do something really badly doesn't make it right. Also, what Otter said about women and polygamy. You don't legalize something just because a few people want it. I'm referring to polygamists of course. There are so little of them that they wouldn't be worth the time in electricity bills it would take for Congress/Parliament to legalize it.

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