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Why does my game randomly lag?


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NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT
AMD FX-4300 Quad Core 3.80 GHz
DX 11

I know this game has a bad PC port, but I have never had a problem playing it before.

I usually play around medium-high settings with 60 FPS.

All my drivers are up to date as well as my copy of GTA IV.

Here's the problem:

A few days ago I was playing GTA IV like I usually do and at one point in the game it randomly started to lag, a lot. So much to the point where it's not even enjoyable to play anymore.

To fix this (temporarily), all I do is change the resolution settings and when I apply them the lag goes away for about a minute then comes back again. I repeat the resolution settings trick, but it still happens again afterwards.

I don't run any mods, and I have re-installed the game just to make sure everything was fine, and yet it still lags.

Does anyone know what could be happening, or how I can permanently fix this?

Edited by ThatFrancoGuy
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Welcome to GTA Forums! :)


Now, was there any software(s) running in the background while you were playing GTA IV?

Edited by Kevin3014
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No, no other programs or software are running in the background. I always make sure that everything is closed before I play a game.

Edited by ThatFrancoGuy
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Not sounding silly here but on such a GPU intensive game which is poorly optimised, is a GT9800 up to the task of a lag free experience?

Also, I found game performs better on 8 gig rather than 4

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