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imaginary GTAHD COLLECTION logos

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It was May 21, 2010.


Rockstar had just released Red Dead Redemption:


DAN HOUSER: So what now, Sam? Now when we made a cool spaghetti western openworld game, what will we feed them sandbox lovers now? There is whole 3 years till we can release GTA V :O

SAM HOUSER: Relax Dan, we're about to release a brand new Max Payne game...well in 2 years, but still... it will be ace in a hole!

DAN HOUSER: That's not even sandbox, okay? Hey, Zeberpal, what thoughts do you have about it?"

ZEBERPAL: We have a lot of people at GTAforums begging for 3D GTA ERA high definition remakes, why don't we polish and release those?

DAN HOUSER: But there are RAGE mods for it, even though they are semi-workable.

SAM HOUSER: Hmm..actually it sounds reasonable...well, that's a great idea!

DAN HOUSER: In this case, I will tell guys from Leeds to work on it. Approximiate release date will be set on May 2011. Platforms are: PS3 and XBOX360. Oh and yeah, I think we should include all canonic GTAs until IV.

SAM HOUSER: We should not change gameplay at all, just port it on RAGE, redraw textures, increase polygons, make controls similar to GTA IV, make cutscenes more realistic, artwork..

DAN HOUSER: Aaron, your job is make more detailed artwork, like you did on IV.

AARON GARBUT: Are you crazy people? How would I be able to make it until May 2011?! At least, let Zeber take care of logotypes.

ZEBERPAL: Oh well, whatever..


one day later


DAN HOUSER: Ok, Rockstar Leeds are up for it, they only ask to place GTA2 on ChinatownWars engine, and GTA1/LNDN on GTA2 engine. Otherwise, I will look completelly archaic.

Do we have any visuals yet?

ZEBERPAL: Well, I made these last night.


Zeberpal deploys the roll with papers










Sam is coming


SAM HOUSER: Sorry, guys. But we waste too much money on MaxPayne3. No HD for now. I think we'll just release San Andreas on X360 sometime in october 2014, and that's about it.





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i think that IF they do HD remakes, theyll make a collection like the double pack or trilogy pack.

They have already made Gta Sa HD remastered for xbox 360

Edited by Cristiano Ronaldo 7
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