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Advance is released at the same day as San Andreas..


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GTA Advance is released at the same day as GTA San Andreas was, so i just wanna know, will there be a 10th anniversary for Advance? Not that i give a sh*t.

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Maybe there will be a version for iOS and Android.

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Advance wasn't even developed by R* so I'd say there's more of chance of heists being released to GTAO in the next few days than a 10th anniversary edition of Advance.

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  • 7 months later...

u know what was a real flop? ctw.


I don't think so. I finished it to 100% a couple months back and thought it was one of the most fun and entertaining playthroughs I ever done in a GTA Game, and if you read all my 100% Save Topics and such for EVERY GTA which I have posted here and GTAGarage, you'd see I know my stuff and tbh, CTW was one of the best GTA's out of the 10 I played and completed numerous times to 100% and did everything I could possibly do. I had a lot of fun with CTW.


In fact, I hope to one day see an iOS/Android release of Advance. I'd surely do it to 100% like I usually do and such. I could use the GBA Emulator on my iPhone 6, though, and that will run Advance no problem. I gotta look into it more, though.

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