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Around Los Santos Off-Road Meets [Xbox One]

steve dogg 51

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steve dogg 51

List for tonight has been updated.


I know I keep going on about this but please add me as a friend in xbox live. If you don't I can't add you to the meet !!!!!!

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same...i get in the lobby for 1 second then get booted. i just hardwired into my router and it's still acting like sh*t.

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steve dogg 51

feedback and pics. "ZANCUDO RIVER CHALLENGE"


thanks to all that attended tonight. The invite process was a lot quicker when everyone was added as a friend, but there are still problems with the servers for some 40 mins to get some people in, so thanks everyone for the patience at the start. Hopfully things will improve soon, because we would of had 18-20 in the lobby. Until the servers become stable i'm gonna keep rehashing the 360 meets we have done previously before bringing out the new stuff.


nice group of people as well lots of new people and a few that had transferred from the 360. Nice to have a few Welsh men in as well.


some easy off roading to start and some nice little sections, although night time is a little difficult in the new version, its dark very dark especially with smashed headlight.


We followed the route up the Zancudo river, it seems to takea little getting used to as some regulars struggled on bits i've seen them do a thosand times.

we had a recess and did some jumping, before getting the trucks sorted at los santos customs.


The voting was sandking dominated ! so for the 1st category we voted on best looking sandking : this went to kachkowsi in the white sandking.


next was the least likely to make it : cannaxwaffles in the rancher (despite having proved numerous times that he could hang with the sandkings)


Logic would have suggested that the best looking overall truck vote would have gone to the white sandking ! but no it went to another sandking ? cynisters brown machine.


Back at the almo sea we took advantage of a new aspect of the xbox 1 version, A 1st person race. a short swim to your truck and then a race down the beach, i came in last im terrible in 1st person, well doen to cynister for winning this. Any feedback on this would be good guys if you enjoyed it in future meets i will include it and make it longer its nice to do somthing that we cant do on the other format.


we headed around the alamo sea after a nice group shot, entertained as we went by cannaxwaffles in planes, trains and boats. Some tough sections on the other side, made worse by gang attacks. We reached the Waterfall at Rayton canyon and trashed the trucks.


Demo derby time :) ....... We headed back to the casino for the Helicopter Demo Derby ........ 8 choppers battling it out in the skys ! darkwing came out on top restoring welsh pride ! di iawn fella :)


Hope to see you all at the next one and lets see if we can start with a lobby greater than 16 !!! will post some details up later this week .


ps dont for get you can check out the pictures and new events n the Around Los Santos website (now changed to include xbox 1) aroundlossantos.weebly.com

you can also submit your gammer tag on the 1st page to get priority access to meets when the lobby starts to get fuller !


Videos will soon be posted on the YouTube channel, please visit it and subscribe AROUND LOS SANTOS YouTube


And remember to subscribe to this thread to get news on the new events when they happen.




save the sands lol like we need to ! plenty out in force


mmm thinking of a future challenge

damm im good looking on xbox 1 ;)


some nice variation to start ! though i would give the baller a spin


as the sun was setting we were still inviting people :)


"steps to heaven" the first challenge


benkid 08 (i think) on his ALS debut did well in that rebbel


cannaXwaffles, this mans not shy ! its getting him to shut up thats the problem ;)


A rare sight a sandkings struggling



the sadler was a surprise ! a nice surprise and performed above expectations


ohh god no ! waffles has made it up in the rancher ! were never gonna hear the end of this ;)



freddy had some internet issues and turned into the amazing teleporting sandking ! unfortunately he could not teleport to the top


a happy smiling rebel



cannaXwaffles wanted me to open the passenger side window ! i was only to happy to help


f**** me there must be nearly a dozen spot lights there ! quick Marvin pass me the rifle !


technical skill and control, was evident throughout the meet :)


the red truck and the red truck had a race


power !


S'mae, ydw i Darkwing, dwi i'n dod o cymru, Mae fy sandking yn llawn llyswennod.

(a ruff translation hello, my name is darkwing, im from wales and my sandking is full of eels)


nice job from the other bodi


great looking mesa


this watering hole was popular with sandkings and rebels alike


the sanking let out a little fart ! i the hope no one would notice


great showing from the Sadler ! hats of to you sir for the balls to bring it and the skill for getting up this section



half power = more traction!


it got dark very dark


f**** me that was close


why oh why did he listen to his mums advice on clothing !


cana waffles singing for votes


the least likely to make it ! but as he kept telling us he made most things


the best looking sandking !


not the best looking sandking but the best looking overall vehicle????? gta logic


nice shot


15 sandkings on a wall a glorious sight !








please check out the 2nd half of the pictures

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C5QBN_y9Mkm3AZwYe8cbBA_0_0.jpgLol forget who this is but im dubbing them official CREEP status of the week.N8f_ENOYA0-qSKpG_cD6WQ_0_0.jpg

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Haha that's me.


Not sure why he looks like a crazed psychopath though :-/


Was a good session for my first outing last night. I've struggled to get into the game since I bought it again for the XB1 as I can't seem to be able to enjoy online with a group of people as it appears all people want to do is kill each other.


Also I had to keep it down on the mic as the wife was asleep next door so apologies for that.


Thanks Steve, will definitely be around for another.

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Was a good meet again meet a lot of new ppl. Didn't mind waiting about at the start for ppl to join cause I no myself how annoying it must have been to get kick all the time. As Steve said it got hard when the darkness came down and with no lights. Just turned GTA on and there's a updated hope this is to sort the server problems.I've got a couple videos from last night of the jumps and the derby I'll try get them up.

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well great meet but very short for me. Big issues with the lobby at one point couldnt hear anyone and after that couldnt accept invites and also dont know if anybody else has this problem my snapmatics arent showing on my social club!

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well great meet but very short for me. Big issues with the lobby at one point couldnt hear anyone and after that couldnt accept invites and also dont know if anybody else has this problem my snapmatics arent showing on my social club!

There was an update today GTA online 1.2 ment to have sorted the connection issues.when Ur in game press pause go to gallery and let up pics load up the go over the 1s u want to upload and press the right joystick down.

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Thanks for that jamiem52 got exactly the same advice from rockstar 2 minutes ago I,ll try this next time I,m online

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ok thanks to jamiem52 ive got my snapmatic together and there not all from the meet but they re all I have enjoy!



yes thats me and ive got one of these (just had to spend that 500,000$



thats all i got before it all went pear shaped see you all next meet!

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steve dogg 51

pictures 2nd half









over no problem



technical skill and control in evidence again !


tough climb !




cynister through the water


after all the water sections darkwing asked ble mae'r toiled


ahhh the waterfall has still not been conquered


darkness and his chrome sandking, thinking what is canna waffles doing on the boat, don't worry darkness i'm sure he will tell us :)


the welsh moster truck the Y Ddraig Goch flying proud





















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steve dogg 51

great video and pics guys ! i have updated the picture with some commentary, its all intended to add to the fun some have been targeted more than other but please don't take offense as non is intended (if you do pm me and i will remove).


i will be posting details and date of the next meet tomorrow.

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Some pictures from the meet before the connections problems on Live. Hopefully the servers will sort themselves out soon.








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Here are my photos from the previous meet...sorry for the delay and sorry there are only a few.









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steve dogg 51

nice pics darkness will add them to the website


just a little note as well please visit and subscribe to the youtube channel i hope to be adding some more videos in the next few days


Around Los Santos YouTube

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