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Around Los Santos Off-Road Meets [Xbox One]

steve dogg 51

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steve dogg 51



come and join us tonight for testing and jobs for the new DLC content. Friendly lobby with players sharing there content cars. Followed by some fun on the new stunt races. We will also be testing some rally course and off road trails. All races will be GTA, so players with the new cars can re-spawn cars for players without, the best way to TRY BEFORE you buy on a fully modded vehicle.

Come Join us (other crews welcome)

New DLC price list (with thanks from subaraufan89)



List of the new vehicles & prices!

SuperEmperor ETR1 $1,995,000

Progen Tyrus $2,550,000

Annis RE-7B $2,475,000

SportsObey Omins $701,000

Lampadati Tropos Rallye $816,000

Grotti Brioso R/A $155,000

TrucksVapid Trophy Truck $550,000

Vapid Desert Raid $695,000

BikesNagasaki BF400 $95,000

Western Gargoyle $120,000

Muscle ( Apparently only show if you transferred? )

Declasse Burger Shot Stallion FREE

Vapid Pisswasser Dominator FREE

Bravado Redwood Gauntlet FREE








to join in add steve dogg 51 as a friend and then join the crew https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/off-road_all-stars


once you are approved simply join the session

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steve dogg 51



Thursday 28th July



Private !!! Drop down and give me 20 !


You have been selected for a unique mission, Should you chose to accept it.


For too long the hills and mountains of Los Santos has been ruled by gangs. Funded and armed by merryweather and the corrupt soldiers of Zancudo.


Gang attacks have disrupted many an off-rd meet, pushing our passive nature to the limit.


How many times have our sandkings and been have been left peppered with bullet holes or our rebels turned into smoking wreaks, leaving us with a 3minute wait for the next mechanic and ruining that perfect picture.


Well no more!


Its time for off roaders to fight back, with MILITARY MADNESS.-


As I form the LOS SANTOS very own untouchables The DOGGS OF WAR


Your task is work as a team, work out of sight and take down the various gangs of Blaine and los Santos County. Before we attempt our final objective-to storm and hold the fort of Zancudo.


There will be various set commands for strikes and orders for the attacks. (To include)


-HALO drop night strike

-air strike

-melee strike

-sniper strike

-navy seals strike

-undercover strike

-strategic c4


As your commander, I will be in charge of setting orders, assigning roles and attack logistics.


A mic or at the very least the ability to hear me is vital.


Between each attack we will travel in convoy, OFF-RD. And therefore each solider must have an appropriated, military themed off-rd vehicle capable of tackling the terrain of los santos.




Each solider is in charge of modifying and specking their own military themed vehicle

(Off-rd or SUV) -----no sports, supers or other classes please


Medals will be awarded to the best vehicles. Voted for, by your comrades in arms.


- Best military paint job

- Most authentic military vehicle

- Vehicle most likely to be owned by a middle eastern dictator


You will need to dress you character in appropriate military gear for the upcoming attacks



The Vehicle and character parade and the basic fitness test will take place before the first attack.


As well as your Off-rd vehicle we will need to pool together, our military vehicles before various strikes. Please specify when you sign up if you have access to any Helicopters, boats, jets, tanks, or armed cars. If you dont this does not exclude you from the meet, there will always be space to jump in a chopper and fire a gun etc.


If we are successful in dispatching the Gangs, We will meet on the beach and access our Heavy Equipment. Before mobilising too Zancudo.. We will launch a direct attack with our primary objective to take the EASTERN HANGER and hold out against the advancing ZANCUDO TROOPS for as long as physically possible.




STICK WITH THE GROUP AND FOLLOW YOUR ORDERS. (if you have a suggestion for a fun attack please let me know after each attack, we can run it at the end if there is time.


Please post your GT and confirm you have a mic.


Also add the military vehicles you own eg tanks, choppers etc


1. steve dogg 51

2. Dignified tick

3. Yello Cactis

4. Sashstero

5. Thomobusbi

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steve dogg 51

"military madness"



So last night was a lot of fun.


Thanks to all that attended a small group but about right, for a mid week late night meet.

Loved the fact everyone embraced the theme before the meet. You all looked amazing, and the trucks were spot on. (im really sorry i did not do the voting but, due to the quiet lobby and flat atmosphere at the start i went straight to the action)

i think having to prepare for a Theme pre-meet adds to the enjoyment and fun during the meet. We lost this aspect when we moved from Xbox 360 to Xbox 1 - but hopefully we can get that theme feeling back !


I wished i had spent a little longer prepping the meet and planning. The concept was good, and i'm sure if i revisit it again there is much more to be done.


a special note to players


@Suabarau89- it was nice to have you listening and communicating ! - it helped so much, loved the "fences are overrated" comment - while u were reversing the brickade. I know others, tick included really appreciated your input with regards to photo taking and help.


@ViolatingBox- thanks for the help with answering the many questions i had last night, a great help. And thanks for your handling of been killed. Much appreciated your reaction and lack of retaliation.


The meet itself started slowly, One thing I would Encourage is talking. It was like trying to get blood out of a stone at the start, nobody answering direct questions. Things did get better and we became more comfortable with each other :)


The best bit for me personally, was the attack on merry weather, parachuting in using night vision and then sneaking around, while for some reason feeling the need to whisper.


Hopefully the ORAS and Vans Society can continue to work together and build up a strong, group of regular players. With this in mind. I will now be hosting weekly. On a Monday Night- It will be a mix of Off-road trails, Themed Meets and playlists. Shorter duration meets (1-2hrs). As the group gets stronger and larger, will push and attempt more extravagant themes.


I will also be opening up the OFF-ROAD ALL-STARS TIME TRAILS, closely mirroring the VS TIME TRIALS. It will be open to all players and crews. And have its own thread in the CREWS EVENT section. A monthly course, and vehicle list will be announced. And players will submit there times before a deadline date. individual and crew competitions, the event will start late August and it follows on from the success of the event on the crew page.

I will keep the weekends free for hosting bigger events and meets, such as the ROAR RACING events and the AROUND THE MAP CHALLENGE. This will hopefully give me time to attend and promote ORAS crew members meets.


ALL-STARS and Meet players PLEASE NOTE:



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Anyone up for a photo cruise this week? Take our favorite off-roaders around to San Andreas' best scenic photo locations. Maybe some friendly competition and such. Message Brian Driv3r on Xbox One.

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steve dogg 51



Sunday 11 september 2016 for all members of ALL STARS and friends :

SHORT COURSE SHOW with Trophy Truck and Desert Raid !!!

No particular rule ... start, driving ( ...as clean as you can ;-) ) , jump and win !!! :-)


- 10 races on asphalt and dirt road ,

- 5 laps each

....and about 1 -1.5 hours of fun guaranteed .

Prepare your Truck to best !!!

Meet in the session at 22.30 UK time - ( 10.30 pm UK )

Start Lobby at 23.00 UK Time - ( 11.00 pm UK )

Join to POL 36

Just a reminder

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The all stars edition of the longest, most testing off road challenge is here again.


This time it's a less than usual meet ;)


Less than usual - I want you to pick a vehicle that you would not usually pick for an off road meet. Modify it in an off-rd style, colour scheme, high suspension, and off road wheels. and off-you go !


The mini challenge will be to stick with your, less than usual vehicle for as long as possible. When you lose it you may switch to another.


Post your GT and a picture of your chosen vehicle.


Party invite method- I will start up a party, please join, and request an invite. Invites will be sent out every 45 seconds to the party. When your in the session, please jump out of the party to give others a chance to get in.


If you lag out during the meet, rejoin the party and I will send you an invite.


Rules- after recent meets I need to repeat the rules.


- no killing -

- no contact -

-stay with the group -

- be patient -

- give each other space-


Each Incident will be dealt with by me on its merits

During or after the meet. I make a choose based on experience, meet flow and various other aspects. No one is above the rules, be you a friend, part of the ORAS leadership, or the president of the USA (Obama I will kick your arse if u break them)

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steve dogg 51


calling all the gta forums guys CREW NOTICE from the OFF ROAD ALL STARS and Around Los Santos Off-Rd Challenge






if you love car and off-rd meets READ THIS



the new Guys I know I and other come out with new ideas and ways of trying to connect crew members. Some work some fail miserably.

But finally we may have something that could work. Xbox clubs.

I often wished when scheduling a meet that there was a way of group inviting players, rather than having to invite people individually. It was always stressful, and people got missed.

It seem that the new Xbox live clubs features, now allows us to set a time, and date of a meet. Invites players to register there interest and then sends an invite and reminder when the meet or event is starting and prompts them to join the party for that event.

This is great ! Just what we have always needed.

If also allows us to post meet shots and videos to the club feed.

No silly lists, entering gammer tags etc etc

I would urge all ORAS Members on Xbox live to join the official

OFF ROAD ALL STARS club on Xbox live.

Or you can add me on Xbox live
GT steve dogg 51
and search the club through my profile.

And I would also ask if the proactive members of the crew could set an example, when your online, why not just set a club party ? Which Allows you to chat with other crew members.

For the first time we have a means of reaching crew members and communicating via the Xbox (not Facebook not a forum) who are active and playing. And we are not just limited to a single game.

Give it a try, and let me know your thoughts and feedback on it

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steve dogg 51

Off- road playlist tonight


Selected trails from the rockstar featured

Off-Rd All-Stars Crew


Slow Crawl and climbs authentic off-rd action on some of the best and toughest trails GTA has to offer.


SUV and Off rd vehicles


Tonight 11:30pm GMT


Xbox 1 gt steve dogg 51

Visit the: Off Road All Stars club on Xbox live to request an invite

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steve dogg 51

624420b78032337f49a35d81a32bdbd5.jpgGOLIATHON 20


The GOLIATH track is the longest in forza history. It's a mix of harsh high speed corners and long sweeping straights. Some drivers favour speed others handling. Whatever there preference, concentration, consistency and skill are a must. And hell that just for one lap.


Up steps yello cactus. And tells us we're doing 20, yes 20.


3hr 30mins of intense high speed racing action. I'm no stranger to long events and meets (come try the around the map in GTA) but this one takes it to a whole new level.




Through the event competition was often against yourself as much as other drivers. Sight lapses in concentration resulted in 20-30 second time deficits. Rain, darkness and sunlight all had there effects.


And despite 7 starting only 4 finished. Fh3 brutally kicks any man that want to take a break.



Race winner Yello Cactus


In last nights event, cactus finished on top, Dalton stuck it out to claim his reward. And after 18 laps of swapping and changing position. Magnum bested me.


We had a few dropouts and inactivity kicks.

So with that in mind the next event, will incorporate a team challenge. Meaning that the battle for 10th and 11th place will be just as important at the battle for the lead.




Check out the Xbox live club - for detail and to sign up for next Saturdays



Trailer video :)




Saturday @11:30pm GMT


25 laps

Any car in the s2 class any tune.


As well as individual spoils on offer.


this time it will also be a team event.


The lobby will be randomly split into two teams : the red team and the blue team.


Player will score points for there team based on there finishing positions.


Points are automatically counted by the game, and current points totals are live through out the event.


This aspect means that the battle for 11th and 12th place is just as important as the battle for the lead, extra incentive for everyone to complete the race and also take part.


GTA trails night.

Sunday night


What a load of fun, my first play on GTA for a while. 8 player and 3 trails.


Great lobby, plenty of chat and banter. And I didn't even have to explain the rules once !


The first trail was an old one - around the map prt 1, the 2nd was a classic - vapid trails 2


And we finished off with the 1st off rd time trial.


Thanks guys for attending hope to be hosting a few more things in the future





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steve dogg 51



YouTube Concept Trailer

official petition

please click & sign


It been a while guys. Many of you used to enjoy the Around Los Santos Off-Rd Meets.

Currently we are looking to petition rockstar for an off-rd DLC

visit the thread


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