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Around Los Santos Off-Road Meets [Xbox One]

steve dogg 51

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@vilotaing box Me too mate :) You need to ask yourself. 2 wheels or 4

Sanchez or Enduro.......
Both have 2 :) so either ..... Unless u want to go with the sandking and four ? Or the dubster with 6. If u do you will need a truckbed, to help our little 2 wheeled friends across the wetter parts :)




Great little video, sometimes with editing the moment can get lost. Love LD watching it back and catching bits I've missed. It clear the donk physics are very different from other vehicles in Gta, as there is a lot of strange glitches, especially the exploding one at the top of joshia.


It anyone want to try the route again I will post the link. Custom Donks can be selected off-Rd or suv's


Glad u enjoyed the meet, hopefully the next one will be to your liking as well, less of a gimic and more hardcore off-rd with some elements of working as a team planned in the next one. We're gonna have to work together


Speaking of "physics" and donks...





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steve dogg 51

@skeve the vanishing car lol


Got a little clip and some music to add to a Donk glitch will work on it this weekend :)

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steve dogg 51


******CREW THREAD UPDATED ********


now up to 690 members

guys the crew info section from the 1st post of this thread has been updated for MAY 2016


we have also added two new events the ROAR Racing DIRT RALLY time trail for dirt rally on xb1 and also the ROAR Forza Challenge. A

As our All-Star community grows its clear that we are also playing other games. So enjoy the challenge on dirt and forza.


FEATURED TRAIL AND JOBS - has now been updated for May, with a new featured trail and Job of the month. More All-Stars


MEETS & EVENTS- updated and moved to the appropriate sections. more meets info to be added this weekend.


have a browse guys any feedback is always welcome

Edited by steve dogg 51
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steve dogg 51

New Donk video :) from the last meet




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steve dogg 51

The ROAR OFF-RD CUP is go ! 14th MAY



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  • 2 weeks later...
  • 2 weeks later...
steve dogg 51

Hey guys new meet announced !


An the classic "Around the Map Challenge" with a little twist.


Friday 10th June 11pm BST


More info to follow, but a good chance to try out some of the new dlc vehicles :)




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steve dogg 51


FRIDAY JUNE 10th 2016

xbox 1

(all crews and players welcome)



We will be traveling around the map as we have many times before. It's an off road meet, but with a few twists.

We will meet at the pier- for those who have them bring you super yacht
Make sure your defenses are off

We will set of by helicopter for a quick tour of the map. Stopping at two places for some photos.

(Helicopters aren't often used in meets, I though it might be nice to get a big group of us together for some formation flying)

(if you dont have a chopper you can catch a ride from another player)

Once we have traveled around we will do a quick sky dive back to the super yachts.

From then we will take the boats, and make our way to the cave. Dock And do some diving, racing and jumping.

We will then make out way to the lighthouse. Before switching to the sanchez and tackling some tough terrain. Between there and shark bay. This is the 1st time i have allowed the bike in my off-rd meet. lets see what it can d.

From shark bay it's time to call in the 4 wheeler s - should be an excellent chance to try out any new DLC vehicles we get tomorrow.

Usual rules apply.

No killing

Follow the leader no pushing, give drivers space but stay with the pack.

Vehicles will be lost ! They always are (mors mutual loves us) help other give lifts to the road for replacements.

Be patient, if you have completed a section. Takes some pics and some video.

The lobby will be a friends only lobby, don't wait for an invite. Join the party I've started and join the game through the menu. Once your in the lobby please jump out of the party so others can get in.

Player list

1. steve dogg 51 (host)
2. Yello cactus (host)

Edited by steve dogg 51
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steve dogg 51



Around the map DLC special. Off road meet


Friday 10th June 11pm BST, 6pm EDT, 5pm CDT


The ultimate off rd meet, we came 3rd in the Gta forums awards for best meets.


We're a friendly group, who have been running this meet for 2+ yrs


The toughest off road trail and crawl. Following the coast around the map.


Off rd, suv and the new brigade are allowed (no stanced, supers or sports etc)


The terrain is tough but it's a great challenge, this is not a race and team work is needed to cross a lot of the terrain.


Rules - follow the leader don't race ahead stick with the pack. No killing, be patient and respect the other


Add me as on xbl gt steve dogg 51



More info on past meets here on the thread






Edited by steve dogg 51
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steve dogg 51




thanks for a great meet guys. Good sized lobby of 25 plus players.

lots of action for the new vehicles.


hope you all had the crew invite.
Here is the link to the crew thread were you can sign up http://gtaforums.com/topic/851455-the-off-road-all-stars-star/page-1


ps only one bad sport to be named and shamed here


enjoy the pics !!

Edited by steve dogg 51
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steve dogg 51

Pictures part 1 of 3








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steve dogg 51

Pictures part 2 of 3







Edited by steve dogg 51
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steve dogg 51

Pictures part 3 of 3







Edited by steve dogg 51
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I should read the last page more often I could have made this one . Gutted looks like a lot of fun. Hope you do tis one again soon

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steve dogg 51

I should read the last page more often I could have made this one . Gutted looks like a lot of fun. Hope you do tis one again soon

Thanks George, hope to catch as the next event :)

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  • 2 weeks later...
steve dogg 51




Off-rd meet tonight. Welcoming people to the Off-rd All-Stars crew.



Thursday June 23rd

@11:59pm BST @6:59pm EDT @5:59pm CDT


To join. Add steve dogg 51 as a Freind. Go Gta online tab, click my name and join game.


No invites, this is a quicker and easier way to join.


The meet will take place in free roam.

All off-rd and Suv's allowed including the donk and rumpo van.


We travel I convoy, up the zancudo river and around the Alamo sea. Stopping for some great little climbs and pictures.


Mini events include the water splash and Suisse selfi race.


Relaxed fun off road meet from the off road all stars and around Los santos team.




Edited by steve dogg 51
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steve dogg 51



ADD steve dogg 51 ---------> join my game

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steve dogg 51



always is steve dogg 51 lower case and spaces

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steve dogg 51

Is there one on tonight

no mate not tonight. But thanks for attending the last one. Pictures and feedaback will be posted here (so font forget to subscribe and follow the thread) as you have a crew invite. get your self involved :0


Pics and feedback to follow.


Here are a few to get you started


Edited by steve dogg 51
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steve dogg 51

Any way we could start a PS4 division

I will be in ps4 as well by the end of the summer. We have about 100 ps4 members in the OFF-RD All-STARS crew.

Although there active in hosting meets is low. Maybe you could get some of them together.



We also have the CREW THREAD ------> in the crew section

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steve dogg 51

Last minute meet: feedback and pictures.


A little last minute meet. It was nice to see some new faces join in, meet a few of the new crew members and continue to build bridges between the All-Stars and other crews.


I firmly believe as GTA online ages, that this is the way forward.


The number was 16, nice ! Especially with lots of new People. The meet started with the usual tirade of Xbox live messages. It genuinely impossibly to host solely on your own on Xbox 1, u need one person entertaining the players in the lobby and one person controlling and to reply to the messages and send invites out. Luckily for me tick and badthor keep up the chat while I was in and out sending out invites.


The start was slow, hard to lead and reply to the messages. But we slowly made out way up stream from the gas station at the sea up the zancudo river.


New guys are always full of enthusiasm and relief to get going. And this was the case here. Remember guys it's not a race, take it easy. Marky Mark, u don't have to spend 3hrs glued to my bumper, to be honest I went a bit easy on you, but my patience was wearing thin, with the amount of times u hit me when I stopped. I know most of it was intentional. The brake is the LT use it next time please. Despite this it was nice to have I on the mic and hopefully u enjoyed yourself enough to come back to the next meet (with brakes upgraded)


Overall it was just nice to free roam and off road. I didn't push rules and two attempts particularly harshly. A whinny host can be a meet killer as well. I thank the regulars for there much needed patience with my soft approach. I just felt sometimes a softer approach is needed.


And ultimately we had some fun, got some great shots and had a good time.


Look forward to seeing you at the next one :)


Click the spoiler tab for all the pics







At the start



Great pic that's why it's big


Nice shot of Simon :)


I sunk it on purpose just to get the picture


Off road meets ... Keeping mors insurance in business since 2013 :)



I know what it looks like ... But I swear I never layed a finger on her !


She did it to herself !


I told ya !


Lady like :)


Best pic of the meet



Gwop, didn't have a mic or any manors :) great shot but remember the other guys


Pagan ponytail worship is rampant !



One for the Van society guys



I'm not a Sanchez fan :) but there growing on me




Once rivals :)






Owls can rotate there heads 360 deg, maybe the reason he hit me so many times is because he was always looking behind






Edited by steve dogg 51
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steve dogg 51

Pics part two :









We reached the end :)



The leap of faith....




Space was at a premium




The latest diet to hit Los santos ... Had amazing effects










Getting hit by the brickade



Good looking group






Edited by steve dogg 51
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