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Around Los Santos Off-Road Meets [Xbox One]

steve dogg 51

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sh*t sorry for that grenade - it was an accident. I wanted to launch a flare but... Just sorry :(

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steve dogg 51

sh*t sorry for that grenade - it was an accident. I wanted to launch a flare but... Just sorry :(


no worries mate hope to have you at the next one :) thanks for messaging

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@Sash: Thanks for letting us know. In all the panic I was ready to put you on my banlist. I tend to get feelings for trolls and your no mic situation and your erratic driving (hitting others) made me wary of you. I guess I misjudged but the driving was still all over the place. Still, would love to hang out with you properly in the next one. ;)

Pics and possible video will be posted in about a day or two. I usually work 4-5 hours on pics, throw in a video and that's 8-9 hours in total (I work slow and I get distracted). So yeah, I'm changing it up by having a real supper, watching stuff on Youtube and going to bed. It's gonna be the 2nd time that I post-pone posting meet pics right after the meet and it's very strange for me to do that. Still, I hope you all understand and I hope you guys will check the thread every now and then for a full Feedback & Pics post.

Steve, meet was amazing. I say amazing a lot (one of my favorite words) but this was above amazing amazing. It was amazingly amazing. Best X1 meet I've been to so far. Few dinks and donks (hey now!) but I'll explain all that in the full post, nothing to worry about as it's the usual waiting around but nothing else. Just marvelous, seriously. My cheeks are still hurting from that bridge moment (when we're getting ready and violentben gets out of his car and falls through the crack). Other moments too but I'll also keep that for the pics. Thanks for the amazing meet, mate! :D

Edited by livejoker
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The Stock Donk Meet - Feedback & Pics
April 16th, Saturday @ 3:15PM PST//4:15PM MDT//5:15PM CDT//6:15PM EDT//
11:15PM BST//12:15AM EET (Sun.)//9:15AM AEDT (Sun.)//11:15AM NZDT (Sun.)


Like any Steve meet, when it comes to feedback I just don't know where to start.

First, you need to realize the average length of a meet. Most meets will go for 40 minutes to an hour. If the group is good and the host is still around and not off to play Call of Duty with his friends by that point, the meet may extend to an hour and 20 minutes, tops. Two hours is really stretching it. Three hours and that's "Steve Meet" territory. The meet was done in the form of a created race where checkpoints guided us, props served as cool backdrop, traffic was nowhere to be seen and MMI was unheard of. It was perfect to have a re-donk-ilous meet...except for one detail. Somehow, the game didn't allow us to use our Donks. I blame Steve on not checking properly the options when making the race in the creator. Steve blames it on R* because they sure love to f*ck with him whenever he has a meet. No matter the reason, the "race" lasted a full hour and 30 minutes. Now you may be saying to yourself, "well that isn't long at all, you scrub". Well we started off in a previous race which had a stage purposely built for voting and a very small drive to the actual race (which was done in another race). In total I'd say it was around two hours and 3/4 of it spent in stock donks. Yeah, this one was a big one.

Now in those two hours I saw familiar and new faces. The meet started off way too quiet for my taste and I was hoping it wouldn't stay that way for the whole meet. Luckily, new friend and smelly American U Mad was part of the meet and he led the conversation through the whole meet, down the mountain and across the ocean. I was almost silent due to how shocked I was to find someone with a bigger mouth than mine! Being mic-shy can't be helped so I can't blame those who wouldn't speak up, I totally understand that it can be overwhelming to speak up in a car meet. I too was in your shoes when I started out. For those that don't have a mic, though, that pisses me off. It's 2016 and people still don't have mics. It just annoys me that people still attend meets with no mics. You're basically playing the role of an attentive AI driver. Ah, but there's not much I can do about it. Plus, I'm only trying to reach out to those that are serious about car meets and who want to be remembered. The ones that stuck in my head after the meet were those that spoke during the meet (violentben, Basta, Krazy, Fate - pretty sure I'm missing a few others). It helps remember names in future meets and I pay more attention to their cars for pics.

Which brings me to my next point/rant and it's someone that I don't think has a mic and it's not the first time I've called him out (although I didn't mention his name before, if I recall correctly). There's one player who just isn't "cool" to me. There's pictures below where we're all together on a platform taking a group picture but one person is missing. Subaru, while we're trying to do an action under Steve's command, is sitting in his non-Donk Faction for a solid 4 minutes. I have four full clips, each a minute, of him just sitting in his car. While typing that sentence, I actually went back in the R* Editor and I checked to see what he was doing for the full voting of 5 voting categories. Guess what? He's sitting in his lowrider. It just pisses me off how much thought Steve puts into voting categories and making a f*cking stage yet people like Subaru just warm their f*cking asses like it's winter in LS. I know he's a fellow Offroad All Stars. You'd think one of its members would be more respectful to the leader of the crew.

I will say that not all is bad as Subaru did provide a great moment which is in the video below and while it may seem a tongue-in-cheek attack at him I didn't intended it to be. It's simply comedy, nothing else. Please don't let my rage get to you. I think you're a great guy and you got amazing taste in cars (from past meets, I took a lot of pics of them) but you're letting your name go to waste by not taking part in group activities. I'm not forcing you to do anything in a meet, I'm just an attendee just like yourself but when the whole group is on a platform and I see only you sitting in your car it sort of ticks me off.

The route itself was great. Despite having stock donks, most, if not everyone were able to keep up with Steve. Checkpoints sometimes went up a hill and back down so it was confusing, especially at the "crevice" bit (right before the bull run in the smallest river stream ever). The highlight was no doubt the bridge. You know what? I won't even type anything else. Just check the pics and the vid. It's all you need to know. And end to long feedback.

Amazing meet and a wonderful night. Thanks to Steve for hosting as well as everyone else for taking part in this.


Here it is; the most insane sight LS has ever seen:

The short drive started out with a Start/Finish line:

It was a pretty short race to the top:

What greeted us were rocks, ramps, lights and more rocks:

I'm really digging the lights as it makes amazing pictures as well as removes the need to whip a gun out for a flashlight:

Steve, on the left, won "Best Attention To Detail" - congrats!

My pic settings should've been lowered for these orange ones:

But it was perfect for more subtle colors like the dark purple and blue one here:

A great variety to choose from when voting:

This was my favorite out of the bunch. Simple yet real clean:

And finishing up with a banana:

Sash won "Best Paint" - congrats!

Sash also won "Best Interior" - congrats...you goddamn trophy hoarder...

Now this beauty belongs to ViolentBen, I believe, and it's something I'd definitely would love to drive in real life. He took "Best Offroader" - congrats!

Pakn took the most prestigious award; "Best of Show" - congrats!

Steve getting hit so hard he has an orgasm:

The jury checks the footage...and deems the case in the favor of Steve. Congrats, Steve, you just won the lawsuit!

"Yes! Feels good, man."

With the voting done, we set off once again:

Now enjoy this sight because it's gonna be completely different in the next picture:


The Van Society was representing hard with the crew color donks. Guess which one I'm driving:

Our first real climb and a challenge that lasted well until sun down:

I present to you the ultimate donk:

As the sun set, our donks got frisky...horny...wanted a bit of ass, I mean a bit of donk-y:

Here's a couple doing the Backward Donking Triangle:

This one is called the Donk Call The Paramedics, It's Suppose To Bend That Way:

With our donks satisfied, we roamed the night:

My donk was stuck on a hill so Steve launched an RPG to blow it up:

Suddenly a wild but also orange donk appears as my own RPG was fired at the previous donk:

"DignifiedTick killed U Mad" fuuuuuuuu!

Now this lumpy f*ck train led us to what is hands down the most amazing moment of the night...


I rarely use fish-eye for pictures but I had no choice to capture most donks. Some are still off screen on the left!

Those are pretty good handbrakes:

A fire show of debris started:

Bodies as well:

Pure carnage:

Oh, and we also ended the meet on a mountain but who cares about that, right?


Video blocked due to copyrights? Check this one here. Edited by livejoker
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steve dogg 51

Wow amazing feedback and one best videos I've seen ! Talent mate (your mum would be proud)


Nah not all seriousness this is awsome, and I know how much work u put into them.


Just really wish someone else that attended would stick the odd picture and a few lines up as well

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I personally enjoyed the Donk meet very much and was quite fun for me having only been to a few meets in general.

I think the judging was enjoyable (saw some nice Donks with good colors and nice themes) , the race/offroading (even with the use of custom Donks being broken) was very entertaining watching people failing all those climbing checkpoints. My favorite parts were Tick and U Mad getting into fights after every checkpoint, Tranquilizer falling off every cliff and catching on fire all the time, the Michael Bay-esque explosion on the bridge along with people falling into the water like lemmings and through the cracks on the bridge, the clusterf*ck race downstream, and the final checkpoint with donks falling everywhere trying to complete the race.

In short I had a fun time and while I did not talk too much I had a really great time and give props to steve dogg, tick and all the others who participated for an entertaining couple hours.

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@Ben: Thanks for the feedback and kind words. I really appreciate people who take the time, a quick minute even, to leave feedback about the meet. Hope to see you in future events! :cookie:

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steve dogg 51

@ben woooo .... Some feedback thank you ! Hope to have you at many more meets, they will get wilder and also tougher with the more traditional off road vehicles.


@ben Get practising go visit the OFF-Rd All-Stars crew page.

Have a go at the time trail ! And also try some of the jobs on the page to get an idea, and let us know how it get on. hell u can even request an invite would love to have u along




@itaian no meet planned at present not for a week or two, subscribe to the thread and visits the Off-Rd All-Stars thread to test out that off-roader and post some pics !



Edited by steve dogg 51
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steve dogg 51

Plus my feedback pics and video is almost finished (14hrs plus of work on this meet already but worth it )

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I really enjoyed the Donk meet. Was guttin' that we couldn't use our custom Donks but I understand that was out of Steve's control. Did annoy me in the voting section where people were told to use Donks many times but didn't. The route was a well chosen one. The lack of custom Donks actually made for a really good challenge, which I enjoyed. Some of the climbs were unpassable but Steve did everything he could to help the group overcome these issues. The photo sops were very "explosive" (people who attended get this as it was kinda a joke for those there).

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That's why my video intro says it was a happy accident as the stock donks made this meet tons of fun. While I'm sure it would've been amazing with our own donks I'm happy that we all had the same vehicle. Same engine upgrades, same tires, etc. It made us closer as a group, if I can say so.

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steve dogg 51

Around Los Santos Off Road Challenge

Off-Road Donk Meet 16/4/2016



Steve dogg 51
Scooby type ra6



Tick thank you as always for the MASSIVE amount of effort that goes into your, honest and fukin amzing feedback. As Always its a pretty spot on summary of the events. Was waiting up till late last night for it to appear but fell asleep before it arrived :)

Of the 16 other people there i wish just one or two would come forward and post a picture or two :)


My Feedback and in reply. Time: i honestly tried to cut this one down. To at most the 2hr mark. But again it went over ;( mainly due to us using standard donks.


Standard donk f*ck up : I have found the issue, you need to open the settings to all vehicles in that class to be able to allow custom vehicles. I should have checked, with a custom, but mostly i test routes with a standard vehicle, to make sure all the player that have a low rank can compete the course.


the gully : When testing i found out that the little gully by the mine, that we spent so much time at, was really hard in a standard vehicle. Hence: why I planned to go around it. However this got lost in translation an made the route confusing. I also lost a bit of control here and hence we ended up spending 40 mins at a point of the course that should have taken about 5.


Subaru: this fella is a long time supporter of the meets and crew member. We have had our run-ins before. I'm also aware that he has a fault with his xbox at present and can’t hear game chat at all. He even text me at the start of the voting to tell me this. I forgot to fill him in on the categories and also remind him it was Donk's only (although this one he should of guessed). In his own way i know fairness and the voting he takes very seriously. I he would not simply jump on a car to fit in and vote, and so absconded from the vote. Subaru's situation is a little unique and i appreciate the trust he has placed in me by sharing this with me i'm not gonna go into it further as its not my place. But i appreciate his attendance and the fact he feels at home during the meets.


mic chat: jeezz it was quiet, I’m never sure why, is it becoming boring ? .......... ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED ;)
i was thankful for Mads input, if we could space his comments out a little, to allow people time to comprehend what he's saying and give them time to reply back it would be perfect ;)
i did however have one complaint that ended up in two players leaving the voting. Mads thank you, look forward to playing the game a lot more with u in the future, thank you for cheering up and creating sound in what would have been a quiet lobby but please be aware that some people are a little more offended by personal insults than others especially when they don't know you at all.


The Bridge: last minute change to the course, i thought it would make a nice photo. The explosion is one i have used before in other meets. i usually do it at the start, it was an idea to give the trolls there fix, before a meet properly started, if we blew up all the cars first intentionally then maybe they would not do it during the meet ! It never worked but it sure makes for some epic video !


The new guys: lots of you and thanks for coming along i hope to have you at lots of future meets. It’s no secret that I’m looking at rebuilding and getting a new bunch of regulars at the meets, have a strong familiar bunch of people that are comfortable together chatting and talking, allows me to push the boundaries of what we do in a meet, more complex games Eg team events, The 2nd annual clukkin bell's beauty pageant, car surfing etc.... etc ....


I am however more aware than ever that fresh blood is also vital to the meets and crew. MAD, thanks for the input :) scooby type R - hope you enjoyed ur first meet, Krazyleroy- i know u found things a little tough but stick with it. xxviolentbenzxx- great car thanks for coming. Basta80- another VANS members thanks for the support. Skeve613- hope u enjoyed it :) tjgwop- issues getting in but hope to have you bk

sash- Apologies ! i kicked this guy for blowing me up, it was a hasty move my me, i wanted to set a firm example to others and kicked him. Just as his explanation message and apology came through hope to have you at future meets mate, apology accepted.

Invites are on the way over to you all for the Off-Road All-Stars crew, just to keep you in the loop about future meets.




Thanks guys for a really fun and look out for info on the next meet ! “Phoenix’s Around the Map Challenge” its gonna be big 



The Voting




we head out into the night .... DONKTASTIC



Millions of Donks ;) ..... donkalicious



All lined up and ready for the vote ...... donk-illient



the lengths some players went to show off there interiors in the "best interior category" was donktreme



the winners line up up under the giat rock donks .....donlulations guys



The Winners and the group: l

most attention to detail - steve dogg 51(the authetic skid marks on my white y fronts won it)

Best interior- Sash

best paint - sash

best off-roader- violent ben

best of show - Pac and the yellow junk car (missed the shot)


(ok the podium is for the winners not sure what the two cars on the right are doing)



look at the camera and say cheese ...... for f*cksake at the camera ....... ahh i give up not donking impressed




The Trail prt1




what was suppose to be an easy first climb ! using the standard vehicles added time and fun lets donking go



are you stuck steve (yellow donk) Pottyboi83 asks ? nah im just chilling out in the bush



No its not the stig, its his rather darker and more gheto brother "the donk"



(David Atenbrough accent) and here we see the great migration of the Donk's from Bennys garage across the wild planes of los santos



Hydrolics ready lean Left ... it really works .... donkgasmic



there is always one smart arse, who has to do it backwards



and he usually ends up in a fireball at the bottom of the hill



come on boys :) u can do it !



some one chickenin out and takes the high line :)



(que) moody donkistic shot !



More power she/he screamed ! tick in the hunt for 101 zebra's t finish off his jacket



Spin your wheels !! why ??? dust ... makes the photos look good :)



(david atenbrough) as the great heard gathers we see the strange signalling of the Donks the start of what we believe is a complex mating ritual



is it a bird ??? is it a plane ?? ... nah its a wheel, 2x doors and a front bumper off a donk



ahhh that would explain it


(david attenbrough's back on "Donks in the WIld") and here as they get spooked by an exploding orange donk and the stampede starts



George. George, George ....... of the jungle ! watch out for that ....... (all together now) ....... TREE !



(DAVID Attenbroughs Back) as the stampede continues some donks did not survive



ooooo nice donk shot



" You killed Larry and turned him into leggings" screamed the driver as he smashed a donk over him in revenge " i loved that zebra !!! "


(david Atenbrough) its a little know fact that donks are actually birds and love to roost for night on telephone wire and bridges.



ummm guys .... now were up here



ummm.... any suggestions on how to get down !



only one thing for it ! JUMP



group shot please. nobody move ...... no body do anything this is perfect .....hold it



for f*cks sake ..... i didn't get the pic



donknage !



Back on the move we headed up !



always great shots at this point of the map



Traction was at a premium in the standard donks



Brian liked to think the Spirit of "larry the zebra" lived on in ticks leggings, on a quiet night under the moonlight brian swore he could still hear him neighing softly in the wind

but sadly it was just tick letting of some gas.




Edited by steve dogg 51
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steve dogg 51

the Trail prt2




(David Atenbrough) as the Donks struggle and climb to there final destination some prefer to do it backwards


(David Attenbrough) And here we witness the Mating of the orange donks, as the male mounts the female/male (tick)

i will have my Zebra jacket !

Great view

sometimes you gotta sit back and take it all in :)


We reach our destination


Well done guys ! and in standard Donks



Brian took a moment to remember Larry and also pondered why he was wearing a rug



there had been reports of a skid mark loving pants thief in the area.



you will never take my pants alive !!



i become a marter for skidmark loving, world Y-Font lovers the across the world. repeat after me "my life life before my Y-fronts"



a few more artsy shots to show off on twitter :)



the final group shot prep .... nothing can go wrong this time .... lets get it together this time guys











Edited by steve dogg 51
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I was about to send you this in PM, Steve, but seeing we're now on the X1 I don't want any secret messaging. Let's clear our dirty laundry right here.

I went hard on Subaru but in my defense I didn't know Subaru couldn't hear us, no one made mention of that. It drained the life of me when you wrote that Subaru feels at home in these meets and here I am bashing him but it couldn't hurt for him to be more participative in his "home" activities, don't you think? Unsure what his situation is (I have an idea of what it might be, no need to tell us, I'm sure we all understand that it's private stuff) but if you could talk to him that sitting in a car for the whole voting (just stand in front of the car you want to vote for) or just skipping out on the group picture sucks the life out of a meet's atmosphere if people see him not taking part. Anyway, it's not my problem nor my place to attack another member on what I think is proper etiquette during a meet. I wish him the best and would love to see him in the next meet but taking part in more than just following the leader. The typical driving-with-the-group meet stuff is becoming very mundane to me, I guess. I hope he realizes I'm only bashing him because I want him included in group pictures and to enjoy himself more. It really is the only reason why I'm making this a big deal.

Please let me know what two players (in PM) left during the meet and if they've sent you word on anything U Mad said. I'll take it with him and help him out. He seems new to meets and I know he's trying to find his "gig". I called him a Smelly American in a message before the meet and he latched strongly on that, surely proud that I gave him a name but even I was facepalming through-out the meet on how hard he was pushing his new "role". I love U Mad and he's a very cool guy and I'm sure he'll be a top attendee once he finds his personality.

Steve, great pics and feedback as always. You think my stuff is amazing? It's only because I know you got wicked captions that are hard competition. Well done, mate. :p

Edited by livejoker
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steve dogg 51

I quite agree tick :) I give him a little benafit of the doubt from time to time, but it is imprortantbthay he does not distract from he meet. And set a president of what others think they are allow to do. I appreciate your input on it mate, so that way I can see what other think in general.


As with chatting and mic, I don't know what to do, it's quiet really quiet. Maybe the meets are getting a little to serious.

I do want to do more than just the follow in convoy, but as with the suMotous summits meets The swimming and relay races, people seem unable to follow commands.


What would you think if I made the trail a lot shorter and slip into 3 parts with a custom job In Bwtween. Do I think it would shake things up enough

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Shorter races is the way to go since you can't change vehicle. Keep someone locked in the same car for too long and they're bound to be bored.

Maybe don't put games/activities between each "race" but at least throw in a game between 2nd and 3rd race if you have 3 races in total.

I've been doing the no-host approach and quite dig it. People pass you when they reach checkpoints (in the form of flags placed, you can just use checkpoints if you wish but prop flags are the best if you're doing a planned route heavily using checkpoints). People take the role of pace-leader and it makes for amazing pictures. ;)

The thing about meets is what you remember the most and for me it's the random stuff. There was a meet that I joined where we were doing a Paul Walker tribute and we needed flairs to shoot up but most of us didn't have any. Now I don't know if this was before the option of buying them from the interaction menu came out but we ran to an ammu-nation for a solid two minutes, laughing the whole way, and ran back. We then shot flairs straight up...and back down on our cars, scrambling to move them but too late as they exploded yet we laughed so hard. I remember moments when hosts lose control (in a good way) and the whole lobby just enjoys themselves. I think giving a scenario with some liberty in it is the way to go. Maybe stop and set camp up (with tables and whatnot) and offer dual hill climbing with some sort of chilling activity like swimming right next to us or something for those not doing the hillclimb BUT not making it too interesting that the secondary activity seems more fun. I really don't know. What I do know is that players enjoy following during a meet but they also enjoy coming as one and doing something in a group where the host becomes near meaningless. Jumping down waterfalls to land in a boat, parachuting on a truck....think "Mario Party" freeroam activities. Once you think "Mario Party", you'll know how to get people laughing until their cheeks hurt.

That doesn't mean success, though. Every meet is a gamble based on who's joining. We both know long-time attendees that are real quiet but they enjoy the meet so there's cases where someone can enjoy a meet openly or enjoy a meet internally, sometimes not knowing if they're having a good time in silence or they're not liking what's going on. It can be tricky. At the end of the day you should be hosting meets that YOU would love to join. That's the key. If you host meets that you'd be waiting all week to join then you got it going right.

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steve dogg 51

I'm thinking less of a plan is more of a plan :) but it's all about the people.


News of the next meet :)



It's everyone's fav. The epic, butt numbing, dvt inducing around the map challenge. We lost 2 guys on the last attempt (one died from dehydration the other from ruptured piles)


For the people that don't know, we travel around the map off road sticking to the water line and some of the toughest impassable terrain that is there.



Ps it's gonna be a little different this around the map. Paying homage to Phoenix and also with a little of the Cammel Toe challenge thrown in. We are going to need to work as a team more than ever.


Hopefully it should add a little more fun, to everyone

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steve dogg 51

@vilotaing box Me too mate :) You need to ask yourself. 2 wheels or 4

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@vilotaing box Me too mate :) You need to ask yourself. 2 wheels or 4

Sanchez or Enduro.......

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Really enjoyed the meet, it was a lot more eventful and interesting than some of the other car meets I've been to before, and I look forward to attending another one of these when timing allows.


For anyone interested, here's some random stuff I recorded from the meet. It's just the raw footage, no fancy editing done by me, but hopefully some of you will get a kick out of some of it (I personally enjoy anything relating to idiosyncrasies of GTA's in-game physics).



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steve dogg 51


@vilotaing box Me too mate :) You need to ask yourself. 2 wheels or 4

Sanchez or Enduro.......Both have 2 :) so either ..... Unless u want to go with the sandking and four ? Or the dubster with 6. If u do you will need a truckbed, to help our little 2 wheeled friends across the wetter parts :)




Great little video, sometimes with editing the moment can get lost. Love LD watching it back and catching bits I've missed. It clear the donk physics are very different from other vehicles in Gta, as there is a lot of strange glitches, especially the exploding one at the top of joshia.


It anyone want to try the route again I will post the link. Custom Donks can be selected off-Rd or suv's


Glad u enjoyed the meet, hopefully the next one will be to your liking as well, less of a gimic and more hardcore off-rd with some elements of working as a team planned in the next one. We're gonna have to work together

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@vilotaing box Me too mate :) You need to ask yourself. 2 wheels or 4

Sanchez or Enduro.......
Both have 2 :) so either ..... Unless u want to go with the sandking and four ? Or the dubster with 6. If u do you will need a truckbed, to help our little 2 wheeled friends across the wetter parts :)




Great little video, sometimes with editing the moment can get lost. Love LD watching it back and catching bits I've missed. It clear the donk physics are very different from other vehicles in Gta, as there is a lot of strange glitches, especially the exploding one at the top of joshia.


It anyone want to try the route again I will post the link. Custom Donks can be selected off-Rd or suv's


Glad u enjoyed the meet, hopefully the next one will be to your liking as well, less of a gimic and more hardcore off-rd with some elements of working as a team planned in the next one. We're gonna have to work together


Haha sorry man, I meant I'm definitely going 2 wheels. The decision between Sanchez and Enduro will be tough though :lol:

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steve dogg 51

PERFCTnDARK69 #followtheponytail


Lol thanks perfct




Guys In other news, I will be renaming the Xbox 360 thread, and continuing that thread as a general car meet thread and advertising the PC Gta meets on it. Check it out loads more pics on there and nearly 2500 posts



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