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Around Los Santos Off-Road Meets [Xbox One]

steve dogg 51

Recommended Posts



Around Los Santos Off-Rd Donk Meet,

with the Off-Rd All-Stars Crew


3rd place in the Gta forums

"Best Car Meet 2015"


Saturday 16th April


11.15 pm GMT

6.15 pm EST

5.15 pm CDT


Vehicle allowed Donk only.




please add me as a friend this week on xbl my gamer tag is . steve dogg 51


On the night don't wait for an invite, the voting arena will start as a job.

Called (ALS) Donk Vote.

Join the job via your phone, or join me via the Xbox 1 home screen, or the friends online section in the GTA menu.


- Meet info -

We put on of the latest dlc vehicles to the test. With a custom trail/crawl around some of Los santos's toughest terrain.


A follow the leader style cruise, off-rd a a nice pace taking on some difficult terrain. Which will require the use of Donks hydraulics. We take on mud, slopes, water and rocks, all set within a custom job (to save on insurance)


-vehicle vote-


Before we hit the trail. There will be voting, within a custom arena.




-best interior

- best looking colour scheme

- best looking off-rd Donk

- most attention to detail



We will finish up with a demolition derby or maybe a jumping competition. To let of some steam :)




-follow the host at all time don't race ahead

-stay in order and give the driver ahead space

-no killing or blowing up vehicles

- give the quieter players on the mic a chance to speak

- it's not a race, take your time.

-don't cross the finish until instructed to do so


If I respect the rules, more fun will be had by all I guarantee. If you don't respect the rules you will get kicked and banned from future meets. I work with other hosts and crews to create a ban list of troublesome players. Your activity will be recorded, u will be named and shamed and the video circulated to other hosts and posted on the forums.


-General advice-


2 attempts at a climb then give another driver a chance. If u can't do it go around. This keeps the meet flowing there is always the next climb.


If your at the front of the convoy and have completed a climb, don't get impatient give the other players there shot. Park up out the way (it will be a Gta race) so get out your vehicle and take some nice photos or video. We love feedback from of the meet including photos and videos.


Most importantly respect your other player, no aggression needed, these are passive meets


Off roading is not for everyone, it's rewarding and frustrating all at the same time, if it's not for you just let me know. No offence taken. I would rather U leave on the night and I can recommend some faster paced racing events. or more traditional car cruises by some great host that you may prefer. Don't get frustrated and end up getting banned.


Please post your GT below

State of u have a mic

And confirm u understand the theme.


More info about the meet, past meets and rules. Can be found on the first post in the first page of this thread, take a look loads of info and stuff. (Donk meet info will be added tomorrow as I'm currently away)

Edited by steve dogg 51
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Saturday at 6PM? Sign me up!

GT: DignifiedTick
Mic: Yes
Theme: That Donk, Donk, Donk, Donk, Donk, Donk!

So no invites sent out? Just "join game"? Also, you're going real hard on the rules there mate. "Shamed in a video and circulated on the internet" is a bit harsh. :p

Steve, throw in Raptorskwee17 (I can invite him in when the meet comes but I fear I'll forget). Dude has a mic and understand the theme. Another host.
Sent the message to 67 people. Also serves as cleaning my friend list up so should be interesting to see who and how many responds.

Edited by livejoker
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Tick and bast80


Great to have you along. Thanks the perfect examples of how to respond.


Tick: name and shame is harsh, but it will be done In accordance of severity. Hopefully it wont come to the point were its needed :)

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Jbooth11 your in and thank you. Check out the voting categories to plan your Donk ;)


Will offer a dubsta 2 (in gold or silver the player who's Donk is voted best of show)


Violatingbox - I'm getting back on track with the meets, more coming soon, including the "Around the Map Challenge" 3-5hrs of butt numbing off road action :) as we follow the coast from the Vespucci pier until Vespucci pier :)

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I wanted to check out the last one of these meets, but couldn't due to scheduling conflicts, so I'd like to get in on this one if possible.


GT: Skeve613

Mic: Yes

Theme: Donk


I'm on Pacific Time, so I think that will be 3:15pm for me and anyone else on the west coast. Looking forward to putting the Donk to some real use!

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That trailer is the best video you've done, mate. I can't stop watching it whenever I see it pop up.

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@skeve613 Your in :) get your Donk clean and shiny, polish it well i want to be able to see my face in it (that sounds a little wrong)


@livejoker thanks for the comments, starting to get quicker on the videos now and enjoy making them. Although i'm still a little limited by software.


@daltonwilliams123 aka xbl tag Mr Dalton28 thank you for acknowledging the theme :)



numbers are looking good ! (potty_boi, Darkwing) - sort you GTAF passwords out :) have added u to the list (which will be updated)



dont forget guys fellow Off-Road All-Star @daltonwilliams123 has his MAD MAX THEMED CAR MEET AND PLAYLIST ON FRIDAY NIGHT.


MORE INFO HERE http://gtaforums.com/topic/851455-the-off-road-all-stars-star/?p=1068686801

Edited by steve dogg 51
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Yes please if there are spaces I am in.

Could not find you on XBL.

GT: SashStaro

Mic: Yes

Meet: Donk


I have a donk, but the tires aren't off-roading ones. Hope that's fine. Trying to win the design prize.

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Consider your self in (and thank you for the proper details when signing up)


Style and preference of Donk design, is all down to you the category best off-rd looking Donk might not be the one with the most attention to detail. I would think attention to detail would consider interior, colour scheme how the graphics fit, personal plate and also how your character matches up to it (unfortunately because the vote will take place within a job we can't open the hoods and trunks, which would have been nice)

Edited by steve dogg 51
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Adri The Classic Guy

Gt: Adri el grande

Mic: yes

Theme: Donk

I will prepare my donk more carefully than the ridiculous thing that some people call "car" that i have right now xD

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I still haven't got my private numberplate from the order. And where do you claim it anyway?? :(

Using the i fruit app, on your phone while online usually works them u why a text in game to say it's ready

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Gt: xxviolentbenxx

Mic: Yes

Theme: Offroad Donks

​Sounds like a blast, offroading will be fun with those massive wheels.

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@violentben good to have you along. Your right off roading will be fun, the suspension adds a little different dimension to the trails with the donk, better traction in certain positions, switching it about for traversing inclines.


I hope at some point we get a 4wd vehicle with this option

Guys if u want to find out a little more about a great off-rd crew take a look here (still under construction) but nearly there


Edited by steve dogg 51
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