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Around Los Santos Off-Road Meets [Xbox One]

steve dogg 51

Recommended Posts

Works for me! :)


Put me down for Feb. 7th, mate.

Will do tick :) .... Glad I've changed the time it's shaping up to be a nice lobby. I would have been rushing things if done on Tuesday.

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Great :) glad to see you survived Xmas and to have you onboard. Have a read of the 1st post and watch the trailer. Date change to Sunday now.

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The Date Has been Changed to

Sunday Feb 7th @ 11.30pm GMT//5.30pm CST//6.30pm EST

Full details on the first Post on the 1st Page of this Thread

Spaces Left

Edited by steve dogg 51
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Sorry freddy for the change. Understandable with the it been a Sunday. Thanks for letting me know will catch you soon.

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So guys we have eighteen signed up so far :) ... A great number for off-roading. We will most likely be joined by a few of the off-Rd All-Stars crew as well.


Looking forward to it :)

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Guys if anyone is short of a mic for the night, I have set up a dedicated DISCORD chat and text server for the meet.


It will combine with the game chat. So if you don't have a mic no problem. Just log on to the server using this link




You will be able to hear the other guys in game chat and also talk via the server, using your phone or laptop.

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How will game chat work? Does everyone go on Discord or what? I'm confused and interested in seeing how this works, been trying to find a way myself to get Discord in my meets somehow. So glad you're the first one to be the lab rat on this. :lol:

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I'm gonna duct tap the phone to my head, so people chatting on discord can be heard though my mic :)


Nah, I will be using my connect, laptop, iPad and iPhone on speaker plus have sound from the tv coming out of a speaker and the tv. I will have three channels open on discord for myself (laptop and iPad,iPhone)


The laptop will be used purely to pick up my voice on discord.


Game chat will come out speaker from tv, positioned far away from me, tv and other devises. That will feed into the iPad which will have a channel open/profile on discord callwd game chat.


So far my voice and players in game chat can be heard on discord.



Next I will have a channel open on discord on the iPhone which has the players in game chat muted but discord users openThis will be positioned, in a box to reduce noise interference with my Kinect. This will allow players in game chat to hear the discord users, but not themselves echo.


The end result, should be that you can hear everyone. Unless you have discord and game chat open and then you will hear everyone twice :)


It's experimental, and I'm looking at way of refining it, when I have the new PC possibly hooking up a mixer and also searching for a two way, mic input/audio output splitter to fit onto the Xbox control pad (which would solve a lot of pain)

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Tonight ! 11.00



Lobby will be friends only, it will open at 10.30.


U must make sure you have added me as a friend.


It is strongly suggested that you hard reset your Xbox first.


To do this; hold the White Xbox button on the front of your console until your console turns off. Once it is off unplug the console, re plug in and restart.



See you tonight guys

Edited by steve dogg 51
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Damn, 1 hour left. SO LOOOOOOOONG!

Quick question: It's SUV and Offroad class. What about the rat-truck (muscle class)? Is that eligible? I won't bring it if others start nit-picking that it's the wrong class but it's off the ground and has offroad tires. Also, this isn't Around The Map but just a general offroad meet, right? If I can bring it I'll probably take it out later as there's a few trucks I'm itching to drive on the X1.


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Whatever I do I can't connect. Hard reset, reset modem, nothing.

"Unable to connect to party game session."

Is it Invite Only or something?

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Edited by livejoker
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guys meet is on hold due to connection issues


there is a playlist up and running of some mini games feel free to spectate and then join, hopefully we will get some off-rd action in later.


new date will be up tomorrow

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f*ck this sh*t this is bullsh*t goddamn servers cant even load sh*t goddamnit i'm done with this potato piece of sh*t server crap.


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FEEDBACK: 8/2/16


Well this was a non starter. At 10pm GMT i sent the first invite out. Twitch Was up and running everything was set. 7 people joined instantly and all looked good. I had some sound issues so dropped out of the lobby to see if they would cure the problem. That is when the real issues started !


For the next 2hrs i was unable to enter any game with other players. numerous Hard resets, router power cycles. Invites attempted via xbl in game and all the lobbys. Nothing worked. At midnight GMTi decide to call the meet off.

Sometime after i manged to join a playlist which was kindly hosted by Phoenix. 16 player and some great laughs. But sadly not the meet i had planned and wanted to host.


But we shall try again. Thursday this week. time TBC


thanks for everyone's patience tonight and apologies from me.

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Sorry, I won't bother with the usual feedback and pics because it honestly isn't worth it. We had issues with the R* servers and 30 minutes (actually 50 minutes seeing we started early) of trying to join the rest of the guys/gals, we couldn't get all together. We did manage to get into a playlist so we played some games. They're a ton of fun and I was so glad to see old and new (for me, at least) faces. I do have three issues that I'd like to bring up. First off the whirlpool demo derby map was way too long, it totally killed the mood. Of course the host wasn't the usual host so it's an easily overlooked option but we should've all jumped off to end it quicker like discussed (or have a fight with machetes, also discussed) but the other team usually got into cars when spawning so of course my team did the same (I did the last few rounds on foot to entice others to join in, not many did...). The second issue was the short-lived soccer/football game where we scored one goal with the panto (the ball). It was a team deathmatch, games like that need to be deathmatch (come on, Steve!) or else you don't hear the other team, thus we couldn't communicate at all with the host/the other team. It honestly lasted a whole minute.

The last issue is honestly isn't an actual issue, just a problem I have concerning meets as a whole. It's really dumb to say but the whole meet felt "off" simply because Reality and I were the only ones using our mics. Everyone else were just zoned out like they've been up for 2 days straight. I dunno...I was so excited for this meet, it failed to hold up because of the servers, we started games instead, I was so happy to see people aaaaaand then we sat in silence when watching others play when we died. I can't force people to speak up but it sucks not having conversations going on. I did arrive later as Reality already had like 40 points when I got in the playlist but damn...I can understand the mood changed due to server issues but if it wasn't for the fact people I knew and friends of mine were in the lobby I probably wouldn't have stayed. :/

Steve, don't let that burn you. I'm glad you tried to maintain some sort of meet so the night wasn't lost. Major props. :^:

Sorry for the pics, they're honestly not up to my usual standard. Seeing it's in games (jobs) I couldn't get great shots of others so you'll notice how I heavily focus on my character/team (due to zoom/camera distance, etc.). Also huge apologies for the lackluster post - I just don't think a random minigame night that I didn't fully enjoy (again regarding servers, not the actual event) deserve the usual time I put in those types of post (up to 4 hours!).

Getting rekt by Reality:


First up, probably the best game of the night:

SHOOTING GALLERY! Make it across without dying:

Here is our threat - no, not the man on a bike! Up there!

Arriving at the end at full speed...

Was probably the best part...

Coincidence it says 69 with an arrow?

I think not!

Bloody armpits - they can strike at any moment!

We lost some good men here:

My last picture of the game, flipping them off as I died shortly after:

Next was the whirlpool and I was hoping to use that machete on myself in later rounds...

The other team viewed with a zoom and high in the sky:

The map is so big it can't even load properly:

Race in a circle and hope to hit someone:

I think the newer "bumper cars" maps would be much more interesting as action that took place around the bases were the most entertaining bits:

On the ground, the action became deadlier...

I was getting drunk while this man was trying to figure out how to climb up:

Back-up arrived!

I was now an emperor and these two gladiators must please me!



Machete rounds were the best:

Especially when a teammate and I ran after this Guardian who would change direction and race the other way to avoid us:

After the games, those that stuck around brought some trucks out (sorry, brightness isn't adjusted for pics):

A man started a f*ck-train and I got aboard:

"Pull over the train now, sir, and show me what's under your coat!"

The train got more passengers and I soon arrived at my destination and got off the train. Some say they're still chugging to this day...

Edited by livejoker
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Yep was a shame again the inabilaty of the rockstar servers to enable a good host to hold a meet .I joined the games during the shooting gallery game and stayed for the other games .What livejoker has stated above is true but I,m not a big talker online and last night I could only hear one or two people talking at one time so it was like listening to a one sided telephone conversation and i could hear the game sound quite loud over my chat.In the end after unplugging and re plugging everything it felt very late and I left. No pictures sorry

Edited by FailingGeorgew
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@livejoker - thank you as always for the feedback and pics. Apologies for the problems. I could not believe it ... It's like it picks a night when I have a meet, no matter if it's weekend or midweek. It's defiantly an aspect of the game that needs sorting. It appears when I look at other peoples meets and how easy they get people on , that the issue maybe because it's friends joining or even differing country's ... I really don't know.


One thing I did notice was, despite the difficulties you were having getting in. the invite to party so we were talking and then the invite party to game did work, when in a job menu.

Maybe that's the way to invite in future ?


I did find everyone a bit subdued on the mic, it's probably due to the long wait. Some people had been waiting in a lobby from 10pm for me. That's nearly 2 hrs. I also found the difference in mic volume an issue, I found you were very quiet as was traumahawk and then I found others very loud. The talking over People is something that will be addressed in a meet, but as this was not really something I was hosting and the fact Inwas knacked and pissed off off, unjust let things roll.


The playlist was a last minute thing- just to do something, the games weren't checked or pre- selected. We just did something ... anything .... And its thank to pheonix that we got that started, thanks you :)


The football game needs work, I've not editited it for over a year. There is a reason it's not a death match, I just can recall what it is, will go back and make some changes this week.


And the demo derby I will be honest just goes on to long :)


@failinggeorge - thank you for posting, I'm sorry we did not get a meet in, and for the loudness of the meet and over talking. Hopefully will get the next meet date up soon and we can do this properly :) catch you soon.

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I'm very loud compared to others so I put my mic further from my mouth. My new Turtlebeach headset should be here in a few days so I can hear in real-time how I sound to others.

So the playlist netted me like $50K and it got me thinking; when will we do nights to pair up with regulars and new players alike to do minigames and missions? Money Makin' Night! I'd be down for that. Get like 6 people in a party for missions and another night get a group for minigames.

Edited by livejoker
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I wanted to try joining last night but never made it on live. I will be keeping an eye out for the next one, seems like a lot of fun. Unfortunately, no mic here.

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Hi guys yes a new time and date has been decided.


For the Sumptuous Summits Meet.


Details on the first page will be updated.


Monday Feb 15th at 10.30pm gmt. Other time zones will be updated tonight.

Edited by steve dogg 51
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I'll update your meet in my agenda when I got time. I've got two meets and will be uploading pics/vids of them so I don't know if I'll be in shape to join this. I'll try so put me down as a strong maybe.

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The Date Has been Changed to

Monday Feb 15th @ 10.30pm GMT//4.30pm CST//5.30pm EST

Full details on the first Post on the 1st Page of this Thread

Stick your names down now. We had to cancel the meet on the last date due to server issues. I have a backup plan if there are problems tomorrow, so a guaranteed off-roading !

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