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Around Los Santos Off-Road Meets [Xbox One]

steve dogg 51

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I know you mentioned Friday above on the previous page, heads up for the future; I can't make any meets on Friday. I'm sleeping through the day (I'm heading for bed right now) and working Friday nights. I can join meets any other day of the week, though.

Edited by livejoker
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Aye man ima be interested in the meet. Me xswagga2savagex and my friend xperthug3467 have a lot of experience in driving and would like to have an opportunity to join the meets. We like to drag drift off road . You name it

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Have a read of the first page of the thread guys :) will need you both to add me as a friend on Xbox live. Info is all on the 1st post.

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visit the 1st post of this thread for meet info and sign up

Edited by steve dogg 51
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Stevie N37

Same Stevie New Gamertag lol


Thanks stevie :) your on the list




I'm on for taking down the Sumptuous Summits :)


got you in Dalton thanks for the sign up :)

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Hi elite, thanks for signing up, and for your message on xbl

Edited by steve dogg 51
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Hi guys just a quick note. I ask everyone to sign up by reading the first post and following the instructions there.


It's simple and takes a minute. Once you have done that u can confirm with a reply on this thread. With your GT, and the theme.


This may sound a bit padantic, but I've been running meets and events weekly via this forum and crews for over 2 years.


This process, lets you know what's to expect in the meet, and what is expected of you. It also allows you to make a decision. Off-rd meets are not for everyone, and that's fine.


I won't be inviting via xbl, from a message there, while I don't want to tar everyone with the same brush, in my experience people who only ask for an invite via xbl and can't make the small effort to read the first post and post here. Are not really the type of people I want at the meet. This may reduce the numbers, yes. But I have hosted meets for 3 people and hosted meets for 30, I'm not really fussed about the attendance figures- a fun, organised, challenging, good time is what I'm after providing. I put time and effort into the meets, planning routes and providing videos and photos after, I do it because I believe you all enjoy it, I enjoy doing it and I think car meets should offer a little more than just, a one line post on the forums and meeting in a car park for photos.


While I can't guarantee a trouble free good time, the feedback I've had from players in past meets indicates there is a good probability that one will be had. If this sounds like the thing for you, have a look at that first post on the first page of this thread and follow the instructions.


Ps I'm happy any questions you have regarding the meet. Just post them here

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Put me down as a solid maybe Steve. I'm pretty sure I wont be out of work in time to go but will try my best to be on asap. Great to see you back hosting meets and im sure it'll be good fun.

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Can i sign up?


My gamertag : Goliath MK iv

Yep have added you got the list. Have a read of the first post and through the thread or other YouTube videos to get an idea of how things work. Message me if any questions :)


Reality- hope u can make it bud :)

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Put me and my friend down xSwagga2Savagex and XPertThuG3467


Hi DOP, im a little bit dubious i have had to report up to 3 of your posts this week for spamming other hosts threads. im presuming your new to the GTA Forums and just getting used to things.


So will take a gamble and put your name down.


Your mate will have to post and put himself on the list, following the instructions on the first page of this thread.

could you confirm you have a working mic to use.

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Btw love the edit


Thanks fella, will add you now. What truck you planning on bringing ?


remember guys VOTING is 1st. Check the categories and get working on the paint. Best of show will win a cash prize or a DUBSTA 2 any color of your choice (as long as it gold or silver) :)

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Do you allow people to join mid-meet? I'd like to participate, but since I'm on Pacific Time I won't be available until an hour into the next meet you have scheduled. No worries if not, figured I'd ask anyways, and I can always try again in the future.

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Hey Steve, can you put me as a "maybe"? Strong chances I'll be celebrating my sister's b-day that night as she's on a trip on her actual b-day.

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@skeve613 - yep no problem. We should have finished up the voting and be well on our way at this point. But your welcome to catch up.


@darkness412 - I have my sunglasses ready :)


@yeslefty- will get you added to the list. Have a look through the thread and get a feel for the meets. Any questions don't hesitate to ask :)


@livejoker- no problems

Edited by steve dogg 51
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Morning guys - I have spent the best part of the morning, rearranging the 1st post on the 1st page of this thread. You should now find it comes with a load of new information and links.


Links to YouTube, twitch, the off-rd al stars and the ROAR racing events. Most pictures are hot links to the appropriate you tube video.


And now active links to Facebook pages and website are also up and running.


In the coming weeks I will be including links to the feedback and pictures from past meets,


have a look let me know what you think, and don't foget to click the spoiler tabs for the full info !


If any links don't work let me know.

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Guys sorry about this but there is going to be a change of date.


The Meet will be put back to Sunday FEB 7th @11.30pm


I will change the dates and times on the videos and one the first post.


Sorry about this last minute change but be booked a last min, holiday :).

Don't want to run the meet and have to rush it because I have an early start on Wednesday morn.


Please let me know if you cant make the new date.


Sunday February 7th. 11.30pm gmt

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Works for me! :)

Put me down for Feb. 7th, mate.

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