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Around Los Santos Off-Road Meets [Xbox One]

steve dogg 51

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Host GT: steve dogg 51
Xbox 1
Thursday 19th of November
@ 11.00 GMT

Please post your GT and add me as a friend

Hey guys welcome to the 2nd Vapid trails off road meet.

Vapid creators of the best off road vehicles in gta the Radius, the guardian and of course the Sandking.

This is a small meet to celebrate all things Vapid. Come join in the fun for a chilled night, of trails (nothing to difficult) but A few surprises and with the help of props.

The meet will take the form of 2 Jobs

The first will be a custom job, where platforms will be available to present your Truck. We will then vote on the following categories.

***Vote for The Most Unique paint job.
***Vote for best in show
***Vote for the truck you would like to own

Make your truck stand out ! Customize your paint and wheels. Even purchase a new plate.

The winner of the BEST IN SHOW, will receive a Shiny DUBSTA 2, worth 23,0000 gta$

How it works:
In convoy we will tackle some climbs and take the beauty of the surrounding environment (before killing it off with out emissions). Not a tough route should be possible with a standard sandking or guardian. If you don't have one one will be provided.

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Thanks frog, just send me a mesage on XBL make the invite process easier.


Just remember it's a convoy, so we take it easy. No need to race. Eveyone takes a go at the climbs,

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Feedback: Vapid Trails#2 19/11/15

Thursday night, the day after battlefronta release, a week after fallout. The lobby was always going to be small. But that was a good thing, some times a created trail works better with approx ten or less players. And so was the case last night. The trail last the first vapid trails was not designed to be tough; just different with the use of props a way to experience sections of the map we can't usually get to or are frustrating and difficult To reach in a free roam meet.

The concept behind last nights trails was heights, we scaled chiliad in a convoy first, taking in one of the most beautiful parts of the map. At the top we ran a little course up and around the cliff faces under the cable car. Inching along narrow bridges linking up the sections of the cliff face just big enough to fit a sandking on. It turned out to be a little Moore difficult than I had expected :)

After snapping some shots we moved down to the sky bridge. We drove through the bush, and reached the cock. Before heading into the the sky bridge, a semi transparent structure set on one of the highest places of the map.. I'm going to be looking at ways of making this a little more difficult but we got some great pics.

A nice relaxed and fun night.

The result of the voting pre- trails.

Truck you would most like to own- xxcrowkerxx- orange guardian

Most unique paint job
Stevedogg51-Matt green sandking

Best of show
Simon Adam- sea blue sandking.
(Dubster 2 available to collect as your prize)

Hope to have a video and pictures up shortly.
Will also be publishing the Job later tonight as well.

Thanks to all that attended. :)

Click the spoiler tab for the pics*******

We headed to the voting area ... To ummm vote :)

The joker was a little confused by the rules

Reality casts his vote .... The red and white top (Canadian colours) was a clear winner for him
The winners

Most unique paint job : Steve dogg 51


Truck we would most like to own: xxcrowkerxx


Best of show: simonadam

Hats of the Freddie for the personal plate


Great plate :)
Reality stuck in the mud
My vote for the most unique color, love the backdrop as well

All stars representing

Lcs in the usual colour scheme rocking the guardian
Two of the best colours I've seen
Head for the light
The first bridge

The eagles nest
As the sun set

It was a long way Down :)
As the sun rose we hit the top of chiliad at took in the view of the whole map

We hit the goat tracks at the top

A word the all stars struggle to comprehend

Is it a cock or a chicken- I don't know. Apparently the ability to sex a chicken is a highly difficult task. And a well paid job :)
The view from behind
We make our way to the skybridge

Interesting shadows
Money shot

Thanks as always guys :)


Edited by stevedogg51
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Hey Steve... man it's great you host these meets and yes you do a fab job of keeping things fun. Thanks to Tick's review and pictures, i am glad i get a chance to share a part of the experience/s you guys have at these meets. Keep hosting and doing what you do Steve, cause you got the Around The Map thing on lock down! Tick keep those feedback and pictures coming too man. It truly is a delight to read. Thanks to everyone who shared as well :colgate:

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Miss you, Outkast. Can't wait for you to join us - spot in All Stars waiting just for you, that I'm sure. :)

This is why I do reviews. Not only is it a time capsule as well as letting others know about meets and what they're like but those like Outkast who are missing out can see what we're up to and still "keep up" with us. I remember not having GTA back when I broke my disc (well, my 360 did) so reading any review was so awesome. Sadly these types of posts are rare due to the amount of work that goes into it and typically not a lot of reward for it. It really is a thankless job - or at least severely underrated, no matter if it's done by me who's done this for a while or from a new guy who just did his first Around The Map meet and starts posting his pics. Posts with feedback and pics is so important to make these meets memorable (not saying ATM and such isn't memorable in itself but let's just say I'm sure many will forget what happened in the 1st meet or so). I'm glad Steve keeps the tradition going by posting his own review and pics and that people like Outkast can enjoy them as much as we can. Phoenix does these amazing blog posts - typically short but very informative and "reflective" posts - so the feedback & pics posts are still strong for those that should be doing them. I'm hoping over time more regulars will start doing them as well. It's work but it's worth it in the end.

Edited by livejoker
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Tick your spot on. As a host there is nothing better that recapping and seeing a different perspective of the meet, the most important one the that of the people that attended.


I try to keep a little recap, although my way with word will never be up to the standards of yourself and Phoenix.

However I won't let that put me off from posting :)


Great to see that outkast still follows the thread here, looking forward to seeing him in the xbox1 it even catching him on the 360.


The 360 thread is still alive (barely) I hope it remains as the 70 odd pages make a wonderful read.

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hey guys i know ive not been around lately but im sad i missed the last meet. and im looking forward to the next one i can attend as steve always does an awesome job

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi guys would like to Start by wishing you all an early Merry Xmas


Thanks for the nominations for the Best Event in the GTA FORUM awards


If you would like to vote @ http://gtaforums.com/topic/833473-best-event/


it would be most appreciated.


This year has been a great year ! plenty of meets and some great times. I have been a little quiet on the Forms of late, but i expect to be back posting and hosting in the NewYear (we might even get a little off-rd action in the snow)


So far in the new year there are a number of meets planned.





WET & WILD 3 - the wettest off-road meet.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Guys Thanks for the Votes for the GTAF awards - We came in a very respectful 3rd place. Congratulations to the winner Van Society Meets.


over the past few week the poor Uk Weather has trashed my internet. So i've had a little break from GTA.


The Next Off-rd Meet will be shortly after the 20th of Jan when my new fibreoptic connection is up and running. Hope to see you all for that :)


ROAR Racing my other project. Has just finished its 1st event the ROAR Rally, we were a bit ambitious with this, providing a authentic rally time trial, without restriction of only a 30 player lobby and on the spot time graphics and full cinematic commentary via twitch But we some how manged to pull it off, some great racing, great laughs and we scooped up Rockstar News Wire Feature as well.

Congratulations to AUDISPRTQUATRO for winning this Mammoth 16 stage event. We had over 80 people compete in the time trail over 6mths (it went on far to long). We already have #season2 in the planning. check out all the news and info on how to sign up at www.roar-rally.co.uk


and check out this video of the last Round.



We have numerous future ROAR events planned. Next up is the ROAR STERLING CUP, endurance racing event over 4 rds.




Check out the action from last years Meets




And coming in early Feb the RORC - ROAR OFF ROAD CUP. A multiple check point off-rd race.


Edited by stevedogg51
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How do I join?

Hi sneaki, the next meet will be advertised soon. Look out for the post here. And on Xbox live.


If you start by adding me on Xbox live gt steve dogg 51


Thanks for the post :)

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hey guys I've been taking a little break from hosting of late. A few people have asked were I've been? what I've u been up to? . will there be anymore meets ??


Hopefully this little video will clear up the questions :)



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Wow, I just peed a little from the excitement. That's your best vid so far, mate. :cookie::cookie:

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Wow, I just peed a little from the excitement. That's your best vid so far, mate. :cookie::cookie:

Thanks tick, glad you liked it.meet info posted on Friday :)

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Tuesday at 6:30PM EST? Count me in, big boy. Might not make it if it snows, though (I'll let you know a day before if such an event happens).

GT: DignifiedTick
Theme: Offroad & SUVS - understood, sir!
Mic: Yes, unfortunately for you.

A lot to read in the first, to be quite honest, but loving all the details and the new thread look!

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Tuesday at 6:30PM EST? Count me in, big boy. Might not make it if it snows, though (I'll let you know a day before if such an event happens).


GT: DignifiedTick

Theme: Offroad & SUVS - understood, sir!

Mic: Yes, unfortunately for you.


A lot to read in the first, to be quite honest, but loving all the details and the new thread look!


Thanks Tick, yep Tuesday .... its the new friday :) (well this week anyway because im off on my jollys at the end of the week)

thanks for the sign up






Click Here for the full meets info on the 1st post of this Thread




You know who I am ;)



always a pleasure Ryan Your names on the list :)

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