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Around Los Santos Off-Road Meets [Xbox One]

steve dogg 51

Recommended Posts

Amazing vid, Steve! Can't wait to see how vids will make feedback posts look like. Here's hoping players give it a shot as it's always enjoyable to see the point of view of a meet from someone else but now this time it's of the whole meet. Like, whoa! Also cool that my first X1 meet was with most Offroad AllStars (I probably got that wrong, sorry - way past my bedtime). Can't wait to meet all the X1 players and get myself back into the mix.

When will the next meet be? I would lover to join of possible.

Meet just ended but keep an eye on the next one by checking out the first post from time to time. :)

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Awesome vid Steve! Was really a ton of fun with you guys! You even used some of my screenshots thats awesome :) . Would love to join your crew and see you soon in another meet! Thanks again for having me! :)

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Thanks numerous for joining pleasure to have you along. And great that you fitted in and enjoyed it. Things go so much smoother when people just get what we do :)


Looking forward to having you along tick and seeing what a you come up with in the creator. And trying some of the classics :)

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hey guys - off road meet coming next week :)


For those who have been following the ROAR Rally Championship on Xbox one we kick off the 3rd round tonight.


If u would like to compete in tonight's time trial. Visit www.roar-racing.co.uk


And message me On gt steve dogg 51

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  • 2 weeks later...


All-Stars Open Meet


Lowriders & Off-Rd meet and cruise




London, United Kingdom

Sat, Oct 24, 11:45pm (BST)


EDT, Eastern Time (US)

Sat, Oct 24, 6:45pm (EDT)


CDT, Central Time (US)

Sat, Oct 24, 5:45pm (CDT)


PDT, Pacific Time (US)

Sat, Oct 24, 3:45pm (PDT)



Scheduled with http://worldtimebuddy.com



Welcome to tonight's meet info.


Tonight will be a free roam event hosted by the Off-Road All-Stars staff.


We will start downtown, in lowriders. As we assemble the lobby. It's your chance to show off that new lowrider, park up, pop the hood, blast some beats and pop that suspension. Once we are all in, we head off to be hill, cruising the streets low and slow.

(If u don't have a lowrider don't stress bring something else you want to show off)


We will swap out the lowriders for something a little higher ;) and head out into the hills, as the All-Stars take you on some epic climbs, descents and routes. If you haven't been off-roading before your in for a treat. (Check out the pics from past meets) 4195390247a92971a9d3e962b840fe72.jpgfba8a5da666ec726847360caeccb11c9.jpgc5bc8c4215644083fd25eda2892d1f53.jpg


As always we will be streamed live on twitch. On various channels.





Tune in or join in.


All welcome. To join message me on Xblive.


gt Steve dogg 51



No killing

Respect the other drivers

One at a time on climbs, be patience it's not a race.

Mic manners - this applies to you, others are not as loud or as confident as you, just because they aren't speaking it does not mean they don't want to. Give em a chance stop and breath u might learn something ;)

Any issues just message the host.

Edited by stevedogg51
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Hell yeah im coming, I missed the 1 year anniversary last time :( When the meet starts it 0:45 but it's saturday and I have fall break, so f*** yeah, count me in!

IGN: DenseMouse1

Gonna fix my Sandking soon ;)

Edited by DenseMouse1
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Hell yeah im coming, I missed the 1 year anniversary last time :( When the meet starts it 0:45 but it's saturday and I have fall break, so f*** yeah, count me in!

IGN: DenseMouse1

Gonna fix my Sandking soon ;)

Great to have you along :) sandking for the later stages and a lowrider to start (if u have one if not don't stress bring another car)

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Do u half to have a legitimate offroad car because I got a dukes painted like general lee that I use for offroad is that allowed or no

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Messaged you on LIVE but will post here, as always.

GT: DignifiedTick
Mic: Yes
Theme: Understood

Also, nice to see those timezones being represented! Good work on that.

Edited by livejoker
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Do u half to have a legitimate offroad car because I got a dukes painted like general lee that I use for offroad is that allowed or no

Legitimate off-rd please. Don't mean to sound disrespectful, but some of the climbs will be technical and the Dukes Will really struggle due to the clearance. We can always pick u up a sandking unmodded at the start, or some of the SUV's will do great,


Tick: thank you as always for the offical and correct response :)

Edited by stevedogg51
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@NRK: If I can add to Steve's statement concerning the Dukes, I'm sure if you stick around until the end Steve (or anyone else still around) will opt to bring out any vehicle they please. if you bring your Dukes at the end I'll do the same (as I also made a General Lee inspired one). :)

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K any recommendations for a cheap offroad car that's not a truck I don't really like those kinda I'm thinking of the 6x6 or something that's not really a truck but cheap

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K any recommendations for a cheap offroad car that's not a truck I don't really like those kinda I'm thinking of the 6x6 or something that's not really a truck but cheap

Well, it's a truck but cheap: the Rebel. Best bet is to look at the SanAndreasAutos website and check what looks appealing. The Brawler is up there but not cheap.

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@NRK: If I can add to Steve's statement concerning the Dukes, I'm sure if you stick around until the end Steve (or anyone else still around) will opt to bring out any vehicle they please. if you bring your Dukes at the end I'll do the same (as I also made a General Lee inspired one). :)

Happy to do this :) I got a stratum that needs a run :)


As for a truck but not a truck. The bodi is good, always the bf injection, or one of the SUV's dubster ?

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Well thanks for the suggestions but I just found out there's gonna be a Halloween dlc and I'm gonna save my money and play fallout new Vegas but thanks for your help I'll be at a offroad meet after Halloween and when I get a brawler

Edited by NRK Evilm0nkey
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Hope to see you then. :)

NV is the only thing keeping me sane from the hype of Fallout 4.

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Open To All - Lowrider Meet
October 24th, Saturday @ 3:45PM PDT//4:45PM MDT//
5:45PM CDT//6:45PM EDT//7:45PM ADT//11:45PM BST//
1:45AM EEST (Sun.)//4:15AM IST (Sun.)//
10:45AM NZST (Sun.)




Another console, another meet...just what I wasn't expected, though. I'm going to be brutally honest and I apologize if I offend anyone - I swear, that's not my intention. Also, keep in mind this is my first Feedback & Pictures that I've written in months and my first ever for the Xbox One so it's going to be a bit of a learning curve to see how those pictures (and possible videos) turn out as well as judging a meet that contains more people in them. I had to learn about the Rockstar Editor, uploading videos, upload each picture one at a time and get back into the groove of everything else. If I can't win hearts with my words, hopefully I can through the time I put into these posts.

So this was my first Xbox One meet (well, a real meet and not the impromptu meet I joined a week or two ago held by...Steve....?) and I'm sorely disappointed. As I said meets now have more people and while I've always despised co-hosts, the idea of having a helping hand does seem a bit more appealing now that a lobby is a literal daycare. Helping hands were everywhere (special mention to Phoenix and Yello for helping Steve out) but so were there hands giving the middle finger. I've got a list of names here which I'll be adding to a list or two. Again; I'm new to the X1 and I noticed that I barely know anyone. If a name appears in this list and you think it doesn't belong (part of the AllStars crew/you know that person), please let me know as I would hate to wrongfully accuse someone. These names are mostly under suspicion as I wasn't in clear view of them acting out. There was some trouble whenever they were around, though, and while it may sound dumb I had a weird gut feeling about it. "Wait, I'm getting a warning because of your dumb gut?!" I know, it sounds ridiculous but I can "feel" whenever a player will bring trouble and I just don't trust some of these names.

First, the following names will receive a warning. Nothing too big - just a little tap on the wrist. Repeated warnings go towards a ban. Now it may not mean much if you get ban as these bans/warnings are typically for my own meets (which are inactive at the moment) and my own ban/warnings lists but other hosts seem to like to use my references/lists so getting called out in one of these posts isn't the best thing. No worries, though, as all can be fixed. Again, these names receive a simple warning:

zFluxey & zGrizles: Warned on the killing of another player without explaining why. Game clip below shows zGrizles slashing up CROWFAD. This is a first in terms of warning someone for killing another player with no reason as intentions are typically clear (to troll), yours wasn't. Don't attack other players is my suggestion to you (mostly Grizles but bunching up Fluxey seeing they're friends with matching gamertags and that's never a good thing).

*update* I've been told that zGrizles killed a player who previously stabbed another player. Playing white knight is admiring but please tell/message the host if you see any sort of shady players, okay?

DUMPYDRAGONEX: Warned due to staying away from group while making extremely loud "tapping" noises in the mic - like a drum machine. Asked to stop once, immediately repeated "tapping". It's seriously not an offense but if you come back in another meet pulling this I'll at least have tabs on you doing this.

Then there's the ban list which is my favorite and it can now be this chap's favorite list too seeing he's the first to make the X1 version of it. Congrats!

CHD x EXOTIC: Banned for being a general cock. I'm honestly not quite sure what happened in the video below but Ryan shooting you would point it as him the trouble maker. The fact he stayed for the rest of the game and talking to us makes him a step better than you. Also, we can hear a rapid-fire type of gun at the start which, I assume, is EXOTIC's minigun (or the sweeper but it lit my van way too quickly), which would explain why my van caught on fire so quickly (to which I ran to move it away from the other cars). Feel free to PM me if you want to tell me your side of the story, EXOTIC.

Now here's the part that I want to discuss in detail. I want to stress, once again, that I don't want to disrespect anyone...but every time I play with the Offroad Allstars crew there's always one member who just doesn't "get it". I repeated myself "just go in passive" which is something one should do to avoid trouble. Ah, but this is GTA where trouble is met with more trouble. There's always one person that fights car meet trolls with violence and then the troll just comes back with explosives. I honestly didn't upgrade to an X1 to put up with this sh*t again. I'm f*cking tired of doing this kid sh*t and putting up with people who don't use tools implemented in the game to make the meet smoother and more pleasant to attend. Not only is violence against trolls fueling them but you're making it harder for the attendees and most of all the host. Trolls are tough enough on the host, it's even worst when a player (or more!) retaliates. The best route is to go into passive mode, open player menu and kick any trouble maker. It's the best way, I guarantee it. If it's not done that way, the meet will go to sh*t. I've said it many times before in my posts in these meet threads and I'll say it again; "take care of the meet and the meet will take care of you". I don't want to be a "mightier than thou" asshole here but if I was hosting a meet with my crew and said crew didn't act in the proper way I'd be pretty disappointed. Keep in mind that there was one actual troll (as far as I know) and he was able to cripple the meet in a minute. A whole crew left confused by one guy. I'm hoping the next open-crew meet will fair better.

I know I give a lot of sh*t but I'm saying all of this because I know you guys can do better. I'm probably unknown to most AllStars but I was at the first Around The Map and I f*cking love Steve, Yello & Phoenix. I know they deserve better and all they need is your cooperation. Think before acting out and realize that taking the higher road in GTA during meets is the best way to leave a lasting impression. ;)

Quick note: Rockstar Editor is amazing for pictures. There's pics of us in a darker environment, will have to remember to spike the brightness a bit up to see more under the effects tab. Making small vids is a bit more time-consuming but as simple as I'm used to Skate 3's video maker (or any other Skate games). The movie maker is lacking in terms of sound control, though, like fading/effects/etc. Bit bummed on that.

Below are pictures taken in Rockstar Editor's mode which is a nice change of pace from the snapmatic. I'm still getting used to it (first time using it for pics). Please let me know if you prefer snapmatic shots or these shots. Also, I've made a little clip from the meet. Doubt I'll do a clip for every meet I host/join but this was done as a test. Clip can be found in the post below.


A storm was taking place and it wasn't the one in the sky...it was the one in the air:

So quickly did the fire burnt out. Why not go back in time and see the good ol' days?

Whoa, who's this pretty girl? You'll have to wait a bit to find out!

Backstreet Boys was the jam pumping!

Lowriders from all taste were there:

Some done up simple, others had little details:

And some not done up at all:

Others were show cars:

And the rest were Grand National Champion of 1998 Cali's Hip Hop 97.4 FM's Top Pick!

And then there was the pimps:

And I was hiding cause I was short of the dolla I owned them:

Some of us didn't know how to park:

Luckily we had the whole place to ourselves:

Aaaand now back to the present where an explosion caused us to move to the lower level:

This is a scary sight with those lights barely showing the place, right?


It was less dark in-game but this shot is way too nice to complain:

These shots and the possibilities it creates is amazing!

We had a few voting categories and man was I happy to take part in these again!

DignifiedTick won "Best Paintjob", thanks!

Steve's rat bucket won him the "Best Project", congrats!

Intense hopping went on as we tried to pin-point the best hopper...

AK Sh0tta not only won "Best Hopper" but also "Car most likely driven by Vanilla Ice". Congrats on winning two categories! Also, I'm pretty sure those are lag-draulics:

Terribly sorry but I'm not sure if this is SubaruFan89's ride, as he won "Best of Show". We used to take snapmatic pics and have them in order but with R* Editor you can move around and take pics on the fly so I didn't catch what you were driving (so many cars!). Please tell me if this isn't your car. Again, congrats!

We moved to the open air and showed those tourists who runs this place:

We then showed them that ghosts are real:

Such an awesome shot (banner):

This one isn't bad either:

Another quick change of location to something more relaxing and more "at home" feel...

What an illusion, right?!

We took our bouncy castles and swapped them for trucks and rode through the night:

The tried-and-true one at a time line is still the best experience for offroading:

And everyone waiting on others is just so cool:

A rare filter shot - little effect with 40% applied to it, unsure which effect I used (probably exposure and blue lighting):

Check below for the rest of the adventure - it doesn't go like you thought it would:

*edit Oct.27th - typo*

Edited by livejoker
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Continued from above as well as a clip from the first portion of the meet:


"Idiot of the Night" award goes to this man for his role in "Damn, I Wish I Felt Pain!":

He pulls out a molotov...

Uses it as a bowling ball...

Oh God, he's set himself on fire!

Oh, this is awful! Run around!

Stop, drop and roll!

Stop, drop and roll, man!

Well that's one way to do it...

Oh no!

He's on fire again!

No, don't get up! Stop, drop and roll!

Wow, that was close...

Okay, what now?

He's stealing a car...?

Driving it over the fire...

And getting out. What is he doing?

Making sure it's locked, of course.

Hey, watch out!

Behind you!

Oh, sucker punch!

Bam! Another!

Pow! Pow!

He's off-screen now!

This man is on fire! Well, not like the other guy was...

He's running away - the first smart thing he's done tonight:

Oh God, watch out again!

A hard hit!

Oh no, he's dead!

Left on the street like roadkill...

What a surprising turn of events, right?

Just another Saturday...*cue music*

Between lowriders and trucks there was a bit of a merging phase:

I rode a lot in the back of this thing due to my laziness and to annoy Reality with my chicken taunts:

And then becoming possessed:

And being promptly thrown off and falling down way too many mountains:

"Ain't no river wiiiiide enough, baby!"

Thrashed, we kept going:

Until we got f*cked on the side of Chiliad, climbed to the top and did the longest race in the world. For the most part, this was a great night. :)

And now, a little game called "Which is worst?" Tell me which death is worst as in you wouldn't wish this death on your worst enemy's GTA character.

Death #1

Death #2

Death #3

*Sorry, Youtube vids only show up for the first two in a post, apparently. Click the links to check the other vids out - they're short 30 seconds or less clips!*

Edited by livejoker
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I quite agree on many of your points tick. Although this was an inpromtu meet for me. A quick decision late yesterday afternoon to replace the ROAR Rally with a meet.

Usual I put some planning into meets, I stick to off-rd know my route, have categories planned for voting, mini Comps etc.

Of late I have done all my off-rd meets through a created trail and job. For two reasons, I love creating new and difficult trails with the props and people are genuinely more relaxed in a race knowing that weapons are not a a available.

Lasts night meet was planned to have the lowriders come out at the start only to, fill time while we went through the long and lengthy process in the xb1 of getting people into the meet.

My first mistake was to set it as a friends only session. This is good because it genuinely makes my life easier, people do t have to wait for invites, they join me though the menu. But it does cause problems when you get a small group of dicks join. They usually come in 3's and last night they did.

I spent more time trying to keep an eye on the lobby at the start than replying to the 57 messages I had on Xbl for an invite or re invite.

Another issue occurs, when we get players like the ones ticks had mentioned above, and they come in a group of min 3 they are impossible to kick. For every time they are kicked (you can only vote once every min as well) there other 2 friends vote to unkick and invite them back in.

My other issues is sadly, I have never really hosted a car meet, I know the formula. Find a spot group people together do some voting, cruise. But as reflected last night & in my vehicle choice (it's not really my thing) my passion is not there as a host as it is off-rding and doing stuff that's a little different and unique. Following the forum am can quickly lead to bored and restless lobby. For future meets, it will be invite only, I will limit the lobby numbers, and I will introduce only one or two new players that I have not met before. Although specia metiln should go out to the new new guys last night who did behave, contribute and have fun.

It's a shame i had wanted this meet to go smoothly. Ticks first back and most likely Phoenixs last. And building On the planned vapid trails the previous week which went like a dream, (22 people parked on a bridge made of busses over rayton canyon flashing lights in unison bumper to bumper)

But like ticks face smoothly,was not the word.
Things improved sightly when we went off-roading. But again free roam has become a little stale for me.

Despite all this the banter and chat no matter how bizarre was a lot of fun.

The "pop the hood, poop your pants" downhill challenge was fun. And the 3min follow the leader inevitable ended up with us in a cluster f*ck on chiliad.

Next week - we will be back to The ROAR Rally 3rd round conclusion and the publishing of the forth round tracks.

Www.roar-rally.co.uk Still time to sign uk for this Rockstar featured (plug) event ;)

But as advertised there will be a Halloween Trail (with mini games).

I hope to catch u all there and thank you for the support


Enjoy the Pics 





Edited by stevedogg51
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"This video contains content from SME, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds".

On another note, where is all the feedback and pics from other people? Is that not a thing anymore? :(

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Yeh the video, sound track is an issue (why we have it in the game and available to use on the editor is beyond me if we can't publish the video)

Was going to change it. But I'm not, the majority of the video. Was shot in a a lower level of a multi story car park. it make angles and views of the car difficult due to the restricted space.


All in al your not missing much outkast :)


Tick: sadly feedback and pictures have been very rare of late.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I made a post of this over on the Offroad All Stars forum now that I'm part of the crew (still weird for me) but my heart, at the moment, is still with GtaForums so here's that same post where it would typically appear - here:

Around The Map
November 11th, Wednesday @ 3PM PST//4PM MST//
1AM EEST (Thurs.)//4:30AM IST (Thurs.)//
12PM NZDT (Thurs.)


First official crew meet I've been part of and it's blowing my mind how someone as new as I am can be with the "in crowd". No jokes left unexplained, no one disrespecting me (or others) and no one having more advantages than others for being an older member. It's that kind of mindset that sold me on All Stars being more than a crew. I've tried to join a few crews back in my Forza days after I left my main one and it was so hard to find something I liked. Hierarchy played those lusting for power and making newer members feel like crap. If your name wasn't known you had a much harder time to connect with people and loosen up to become appreciated - such a vicious cycle. It's a really stressful event to find a crew. I guess I'm cheating the system as I know the founding fathers of this crew (Phoenix, Steve, Yello - hopefully not missing anyone else important!) and I'm already Lieutenant on here but this meet was, for me, starting from scratch. I knew very few people in the meet but came out with some new friends. I sadly haven't had the chance to connect with most players but I've starting knowing MrPenguin and Simon to joke around a bit with them. I'm hoping to connect with you guys more as time goes on.

Around The Map has always been one of my favorite GTA meets and one that I rarely skip. This one was just a joy and with no one causing trouble it was easy to bask in the moments, which there were a few of...well, too many to put a number on, to be honest. So many that it made taking pics a nightmare! We've got the R* Editor now and I've been trying to figure out a way to snap pics and make little clips as painless as possible. I've been editing a video and taking pics for at least 3 hours now, probably 4 hours...so yeah, it's a big learning curve. It reminds me a lot about the meets I used to join on the 360 and how I would spend a whole night awake just making these types of posts. Not only do I have to take my own pics via freecam in the R* Editor but I also feel the urge to make a clip, upload it, edit it via a program, upload it again and then figure out how this forum works. If there's any issues with my post they'll be fixed as quick as possible or deemed too small to bother with.

Now here's where I typically put in feedback about the event but I'm just so burnt out by lack of sleep that I'm hoping others might pitch in and tell Steve what an amazing event this was. I know Steve looks like a drunk squirrel when he's leading us on those mountains but trust me; Steve puts way too much time/thought in these. His level of giving-too-many-f*cks is on a Presidential scale and he's always looking to make each and every Around The Map as memorable as possible. Steve is a master at "being in the moment" and never scowls us for screwing around. To him it makes his task as host easier and makes those memories last longer. Hell, he'll push us to become more crazy and once we've had enough he'll say, "alright, let's move on". That's not something other hosts have in their set of skills so please tell Steve he's doing a fantastic job at making our gaming experience that much more enjoyable by letting us do spontaneous things like flying a plane or jumping from a Hydra onto a boat held by a Cargobob. The thing Steve does best, in my opinion, are recess'. His recess sessions throughout the meet are the best. It sounds like it's something pathetic to take pride in but when Steve tells us we're stopping for a 5 minute break it immediately becomes my favorite part of the meet. Everyone is always cool and Steve lets us do what we want - within reasons - until the recess is up. Steve is like a substitute teacher on a Friday. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if for Steve's next meet he tells us to go on Netflix and make us watch a movie all together.

Seeing I'm new I sort of made this feedback & pics focused on me more than I usually do for two reasons: for you guys to get to know me better since I'm new and also now having the ability to stand in front of the camera and not behind it. I've made many of these types of posts and most pictures were from my perspective meaning I rarely got to see myself. I always enjoyed pics from others as I could see myself in a corner with my phone out taking some shots. It's great to have a tool now and take pictures of myself and include myself with the group. Apologize for the heavy focus on my ugly mug.

Oh, if there's one thing I noticed about the editor is that there's a range that the freecam can go up to. Many times I found that I couldn't take cool pictures because that range is so limited. I either have to be at the front or back during meets - not the middle. If I'm in between I tend to leave cars out of pictures as the spacing can be extremely varied at times. When using snapmatic in the past I would typically be found at the very end of the line and I think we should enforce a little something...I noticed someone (I think I know who it was but don't want to call anyone out from fear of being wrong) playing the lone wolf at back and would never let me get behind him. I know he plays some sort of "watchful eye" role but I think, now that the editor is a thing, any photographers should be at the back for zoomed in pics with a freecam while movie makers/directors should be in the middle for sweeping shots of the back and then the front (or vice versa). Plus, I always saw the back as the spot for photographs and anyone who drives with a heavy foot - not a Shepard dog keeping the herd together. No disrespect and I'm probably being harsh due to working on this post all night but it made taking pictures so hard. It's the first major post I'm making with the editor so it's no biggie. We learn from the mistake and become better over time but let's at least consider some sort of formation; those that want a place at the very back should have that spot depending if they're planning to take pics. Anyway, that's my only criticism about the whole meet and it's not even something regarding the meet itself so that's a big success on Steve's part! Well done, mate. If there's an event GTA players should try at least once it's an Around The Map hosted by you.

Notable thanks goes out to Penguin for his Cargobob work and Canister for offering rides when need be.

***I've removed some pictures due to the 40 pics per post limit on GtaForums, something the All Stars doesn't have (yes, finally!) - want to see all the pics? Click here***


Selfie First! When Snapmatic was a thing I would take a selfie. Now with the Editor I usually skip the selfie but here it is nonetheless as it's tradition:

We first met on the infamous Around The Map beach where we always begin this:

Sandkings were present, as always:

And I knew this was a crew meet:

So I walked the beach and checked out the surprising variety of trucks:

Now that I got the editor I can appreciate little things like color coordination:

License plates:

And more license plates:

After introducing each other, we did the most complicated thing to ever take place in Around The Map...

A coordinated driving formation:

This was a big time killer for me:

I call it...

The Vanishing Guardian:


Woah, I can see my house from up here!

I can see it become bigger and bigger...

Hey guys...? You got a trampoline?!

I can show you the wooooorld!

And other nasty things:

I got as much air as that plane:

After my show, we started rolling...

Johnny knew he was being followed, "just keep looking forward...", he repeated to himself:

It looks good, right?

Once the formation broke up, our brains went dumb and we followed Steve in a circle:

With our brains wired back up, we took a nice pace onwards:

Trucks lining up is always a beautiful sight:

And now, let's perform a sacrifice and contact the undead....




Penguin doing thankless work as scrap collector in the Cargobob:

I joined Penguin on the rescue team and helped those that couldn't swim:


This would make an amazing poster:

A lot of screwing around with air vehicles:

Felt nice to just chill and not be forced into a vehicle but still keep up with the group:

We're getting close now!

Those that stayed threw grenades in the water as a sign of finishing a big journey...

Here it is...the final group of Around The Map:


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What a joy that review was to read, Tick. Brought back some wonderfully nostalgic feelings and a huge smile to my face. smiley.png The captions were perfect, the points well made and the video just fantastic. Thank you so much for putting so much thought into it, I know I love it and I'll bet everyone else will too.

My own review for last night's brilliant meet: http://www.offroadallstars.net/blog/all-stars-festivities-3-around-the-map

Edited by Ph04nix
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Thanks you very much for the feedback guys. So much effort and work goes into it, and I love reading every bit of it.


Usually I feel like I miss out on a lot up front, but last night was great, a smaller group but I felt connected


Love the captions the best bit. Always great to know there is a record of the meets as well. And to see people's perspectives and photos.


Love the video tick, chuckled all the way through. Simple and bit over implicated and just funny to watch if you were not there ! And even funnier if you where.


Thanks again guys look forward to updating the thread with some pics and comentary myself.

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click for info on the Next Off-Road Event



Click the GTA forum Thread For Full Details





Saturday 28TH November

11:00pm GMT

6:00pm EST/EDT

5:00pm CST/CST

3:00pm PST/PDT

From the guys that bought you the Rockstar featured ROAR Rally Championship (click for feature)
here are the details for our 2nd event.

Have you got the skill and ability to negotiate the toughest climbs and descents where flat out speed is replaced by controlled speed. A badly damaged or destroyed vehicle could drop you back multiple places but fast, technical and consistent speed is crucial. Off-road or SUV vehicles are needed but what will you choose?

The next planned event will be the ROAR OFF-ROAD CUP. We go back to what we do best in this competitive off-road endurance event.

One winner and 1million GTA $ prize money plus a dubsta 2 .

Of course this will be streamed live in cinematic, with full commentary so nothing will be missed.

***Sign up by posting your name and GT here as a comment ***

Message steve dogg 51 on XBL for more info


The details
Set within one race. 26 competitors will battle it out though 68 check points for approx 60mins. The race takes you to the top of the highest peaks and the farthest corners of The Gta Map.


Navigation is key, check points are deliberately spaced miles apart. You don't want to wreck your truck, a respawn will set you back miles.

You must plan your route to the next check point using your knowledge of the gta terrain. A wrong move could cost you minutes.

Dotted throughout the race are a number of Technical climbs which must be overcome. The climbs are enclose with the use of props, and can only be completed correctly by hitting the check point within the enclosure.

Everyone's route will be different, everyone has a chance but who will be the quickest.


Vehicle choice is vital. the class will be set as off-rd what will you choose ?

The sandking will fair better on the climbs and allow you to overcome the tough terrain quickly, but on the long open speed sections, the brawler, injection or dubster 4x4 will race ahead. Maybe the 6x6 or rebel then ? Both climb well, both are quick and have a little more clearance. If you want to get those tricky decent done quickly why not choose the insurgent ? It's extra armor will avoid costly explosions and frustrating re spawns. The choice is of course yours !

Drivers can enter as individuals, or represent as part of race team or crew, working together to plan routes. However teams must be aware. There can be only one winner.

So sign up now spaces are limited. 3 WAYS TO SIGN UP

1. visit Facebook sign up : CLICK HERE FACEBOOK SIGN UP
2. simply POST YOUR NAME AND gamer tag AS A COMMENT on this thread
3. message steve dogg 51 on XBL

Come test yourself in a true test of driving, navigation, knowledge, tactics and off-rd ability.


If competing is not for you come catch all the action in a beautiful cinematic with full commentary, chat and coverage of all the action live on twitch.
click here to check out commentary on our past events.

The event will be held as a Gta race. (To avoid difficult spawn points do not exit your car until given permission)
Killing is not allowed, gentleman rules apply. Race as clean as possibly do not deliberately smash into and wreak other drivers routes. This will result in a time penalty or even disqualification.
The class is off-rd, but only 4 wheeled vehicle are allowed. (No bikes)
The race will be streamed live and recorded. The streamer will also act as the race Steward and enforce the rules and give penalties. Any incidents can be reported to the host. If one occurs please record using Xbox dvr. The race steward will then review in race. And apply the penalty. Penalties can be, a forced time penalty. A forced respawn back to the previous check point. Give a place back or disqualification and kicked. The host and stewards decision is final. The best way to avoid the above is just to be respectful guys and win clean.

Facebook sign up :

**prize money: this will be payed out to the winner by involvement in a heist. The payout % will be set to max for the event winner.**

Unsure ??
Why not try the short test track ?
Hone your skills, decide on your vehicle and get an idea of the technical climbs that will be part of the course


Link : http://rsg.ms/8a1e5f4


Edited by stevedogg51
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[div align=center][img height=646" style="max-width:100%;" width="647" src="http://images.tapatalk-cdn.com/15/11/17/aa0c7eaaf5a2f3d81a363dd8e80a4d42.jpg]


[div align=center]Host GT:  steve dogg 51

Xbox 1

Thursday 19th of November

@ 11.00 GMT

[img height=238" style="max-width:100%;" width="196" src="http://images.tapatalk-cdn.com/15/11/17/d4244f2379182583e58e17d332a4edcd.jpg]

Please post your GT and add me as a friend


Hey guys welcome to the 2nd  Vapid trails off road meet. 


Vapid creators of the best off road vehicles in gta the Radius, the guardian and of course the Sandking.


This is a small meet to celebrate all things Vapid. Come join in the fun for a chilled night, of trails (nothing to difficult) but A few surprises and with the help of props.

The meet will take the form of 2 Jobs


The first will be a custom job, where platforms will be available to present your Truck. We will then vote on the following categories.


***Vote for The Most Unique paint job.

***Vote for best in show

***Vote for the truck you would like to own


Make your truck stand out ! Customize your paint and wheels. Even purchase a new plate.


The winner of the BEST IN SHOW, will receive a Shiny DUBSTA 2, worth 23,0000 gta$


How it works:

In convoy we will tackle some climbs and take the beauty of the surrounding environment (before killing it off with out emissions). Not a tough route should be possible with a standard sandking or guardian. If you don't have one one will be provided.

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