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Around Los Santos Off-Road Meets [Xbox One]

steve dogg 51

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Hey Steve, can you put my name down please for when you reschedule this?

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steve dogg 51

Reality it's aways a pleasure. Ps going around the map tommrow if of anyone would like to join


George great to see you back

Edited by stevedogg51
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Just playing around with my sons account and taking pictures





Edited by Freddy1Krueger
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  • 2 weeks later...
  • 2 weeks later...
steve dogg 51

Hey Guys Just taking a short break from things at the moment for the last 10mths i've hosted religiously on both the 360 & One, so i need a little time to get things in order.

I will be spending the time Trying to get a new project started, which I'm really excited about. Initially on the one but i hope to follow this up on the 360.




I will also be working on updating the first page of this thread, and the website etc. And a few videos to review the meets from the start.

In regards to meets, i have a few planned. Which i' am currently working on. I hope to get a few in reserve and ready to Go on my return.

Plus in September i want to do a week of meets, as a way to say thanks for all your support over the past 12mths.


To keep things going i would ask if you could think back to the Around Los Santos Meets you have attended, and post a little reply and maybe a picture of your favorite memory.

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steve dogg 51

Impromptu meet this week. Thursday night most likely. If any one is still about on here let me know ?

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I'm up for it Steve on Thursday plus my son as well Freddy1 Krueger and QzR MystiCaL

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steve dogg 51

Elliot I will send u an Xbox live message tonight: welcome to a new wonderful world that is the events section !


We are a little more organised, structured and better groomed than the unwashed masses of the Lobby's and meet up sections. But just as fun :)


Freddy and co happy to have you both along, more players signing up via the all stars crew and xbl :)


Should be a fun and relaxed night :) going back to basics for this one, convoy around some of the best off-road spots :)

Edited by stevedogg51
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And I missed this .. :O


It was so much fun trying to hold the big hanger in the base

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  • 2 weeks later...
steve dogg 51

Next meet info will be posted soon. As always check the first post of this thread :) or www.alsmeets.co.uk

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Just found this thread, can't wait to try off roading with you guys. Now I have to go build an off roader

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steve dogg 51

Just found this thread, can't wait to try off roading with you guys. Now I have to go build an off roader


looking forward to having you along. If your interested check out a few things




also the the "Off-Road All-Stars " Rockstar Featured Off-rd crew www.offroadallstars.weebly.com :)

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steve dogg 51



Wednesday 29th of July. Xbox 1

11pm BST/GMT

Comment with GTA

and add me on Xbox Live

Gt steve dogg 51


Vehicle voting.


Demo derby + relay races.


The lobby will be set to friends only, so don't wait for an invite join through the menu if u can.


Full rules and info on past meets www.alsmeets.weebly.com

Edited by stevedogg51
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  • 4 weeks later...
steve dogg 51

Guys check out the ROAR Rally tonight live on twitch


News on the next Xbox 1 off-road meet coming soon

Check out the new website www.alsmeets.weebly.com

Edited by stevedogg51
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steve dogg 51

Thanks ghost will add you when I'm on next. info on the public meet coming soon :)

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Mangled Crow

Yo steve, its been awhile since i was in a meet with you, in case you didn't know i transfered over to X1 now, think could i be added to the list for the next meet ? also being in meets is not really the same anymore without Tick, i hope he gets an X1 soon.

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  • 3 weeks later...

The off-road meets will be back soon guys have been busy with the


ROAR Rally - if u want to enter u still can check out the preview video



Time trial Rally stages.

All target times posted are taken from the Current ROAR rally championship from a standing start. (Lap 2). lap one used as warm up. Sports class



Round 1



"The McKenzie Rally"

Four stages set around the farmlands of Grapeseed. Drivers will need to be on constant guard to negotiate the rally stages set on the farm land tracks surrounding the McKenzie airfield. Tight turns, low traction and where keeping control under braking is as important as top speed. Thread your car through the narrow gates around the farmland buildings and even through the apple orchards.

Use the accelerator wisely and remember you can't slow down when you're in the air


Stage 1 http://rsg.ms/b2a8e2b



Times to beat





Stage 2 http://rsg.ms/6edaabf



Times to beat



Stage 3 http://rsg.ms/7352837


Times to beat



Stage 4 http://rsg.ms/dd83c4b



Times to beat



Round 2


The Chiliad Mt Rally"

The second round of the ROAR Championships is set within the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness. Taking drivers past the unforgiving cliff side tracks, through Raton Canyon to the Alamo Sea and North Churmash.

Once mistake could cost you the stage, round or even the Championship.

Undulating and uneven tracks make every corner a challenge. Too fast and you'll flip off the cliffs and lose time, too slow and your rivals

will eclipse your time. So then, what are your tactics going to be?


Stage 1 http://rsg.ms/809d22c



Stage 2 http://rsg.ms/9044604



Stage 3 http://rsg.ms/a3b9c3b



Stage 4 http://rsg.ms/5624270



Round 3


"The Redwood Classic"

Just like their cigarettes, the Redwood Classic rally is rough, harsh and liable to kill you. Smoke though the tight, twisting hill climbs of the first stage where traction and acceleration will out perform top speed. The stages provides fast unforgiving descents which require controlled breaking and precision drifting on the dirt. The 4 stages of the Redwood Classic rally will have you hooked and addicted from start to finish.


Stage 1


Stage 2


Stage 3


Stage 4

Edited by stevedogg51
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Can't just got into bed. Have some meets coming up soon. Also the All Stars Crew is always up for off-roading

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Hi guys it's been a while since I posted on the forums here.


1yr celebration. (Since the 1st around the map)


Just to let you know I will be hosting this Saturday 19th at 11.45pm BST

6.46 pm EST


We already have a big lobby of 15 or more people via the Off-road all-stars crew.


Check out www.alsmeets.weebly.com to see past meets and videos.






The route will be around the coast line, completing the whole of the map. Excellent off-road and some of the toughest. We work as a team and have helicopter and bike support


1. steve dogg 51


2. - 16. Off Road All Stars members


17. L am Chaz

18. Failing George

19. Storm Waves

20. De

21. Scotty27







Edited by stevedogg51
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Hi, sorry I don't know how to sign up, I'd love to do this if someone can send me an invite. Xbox1 'L am chaz' if full then invites to future events would be cool


Ps 11.30gmt is fine but late at night for me so can't talk... Can listen though

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L am Chaz consider just simply posting your GT enough to sign up :) great to have you along. Send me a message on Xbox live steve dogg 51


George :) you have been missed mate hope u are well :) signed u up looking forward to seeing you :)

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10 spots left the list is filling up nicely :)


11.45pm BST /// 6.46 Pm EDT /// 5.45 CDT


Message me and send a friends request


Pics of past events over the last year 51cda20b755402ea677a722a229fa847.jpg0ea373270a6bdf964cf821bef042377d.jpg425f072086d9a887a9b29ae746aa5bcf.jpg3a1e03c6d4bcc0b9d6d7cfd038e896c4.jpgf9409f492476808731ff057a59da360c.jpg

Edited by stevedogg51
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