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Around Los Santos Off-Road Meets [Xbox One]

steve dogg 51

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Yeah I was hanging towards the back of the group and I was constantly getting pushed from behind. But all in all I had a great time. I finally got all my clips uploaded and I'll be working on a video here soon. I got lots of good shots. I'll post a link on here when it's completed.

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Great meet yet again, Can always appreciate the hard work that goes into these events. Cant wait for the next one :).

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steve dogg 51

Guys here is the full feedback, reflection, photos and videos of the Wet and Wild meet. Hope you enjoy them. Sorry things are all over the place forgot to double post.


Part 1 can be found here:



Part 2 can be found here:


After the voting we went down and upstream ! chaotic, frustrating and wet :) just like it should be. For a change we went on a jet ski race and finished up with a game of "its football not Soccer" great fun !

PART 2 Up And Down River Pictures:










































Alll the jobs featured in this meet have been published in the creator Click Here to find my jobs !


Thanks again, feel free to post your comments good and bad about the meet, and look out for info on the next Around Los Santos Meet.



over the last couple of weeks I've spend a considerable amount of time on the xbox 360. Attending meets and hosting a few. I've found myself comparing the meets and hosting on the both consoles. I find it strange that there is such a difference in feeling between hosting on the 360 and ONE, I'm not sure why ? but the atmosphere often feels more relaxed and chilled on the 360 . maybe it's my expectations. The ONE promises so much,and for so long it's failed to deliver. Meets have often felt serious and missed that spark of excitement. This is no reflection on the people involved. Its stressful to get involved in a ONE meet, as holo Fenix indicated last night this was his 4th attempt to get into one of mine (so pleased that's u did)

When i host on the ONE, I seem to lose connection with people within the lobby, it a struggle to remember everyone's names and put names to voices. So Interaction with everyone is so difficult. I often feel embarrassed when I have to look up names on the video to recall people that attended.

With new people It has taken a few meets to get to know you, and for you to know me, i hope the 1st time attendees last night won't be put of by this.

So what can i do to make the ONE meets more intimate ? I I was thinking a player limit on the lobby might be the answer. In part it maybe but I think the main answer is one I have simply lost sight of (despite been reminded by more experienced hosts). THE FORUMS. Interaction before and after the meet on the forums has always been there on the 360. Great banter pre meet & feedback and pics post. So as a 2 part attempted fix future meets will be forum sign up only, and limited to 25 people on a 1st come 1st serve basis.

Another problem is me. In future meets I need to take a more relaxed approach and use the creator a little less. I Haven't been relaxed on the ONE for some time, I invest a lot of time in the meets (3wks planning Wet and Wild, and god knows how many hours in creator and testing) and always have the worry that servers will fail and people cant join. And whilst i love the creator and the buzz from people enjoying my creations. Using the creator as a meet route leaves very little flexibility to respond and adapt to the lobby.

Thanks again to everyone that came hope you all had fun, next meet is in the planning stage and details will be released soon.

Edited by stevedogg51
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Personally... I think the decisions that you seem to be coming to are the right ones. Smaller lobbies and more free-roam are definitely getting a thumbs up from me. :) You do amazing things in the creator but somehow the race versions of trails make it less relaxed, less homey.


Still, whatever you end up deciding to do I can quite honestly say I'd follow you anywhere, m'dear.

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steve dogg 51

This is not going to be the next meet. It's just a little taster of somthing in the pipeline.

i hope to update the first post within the next week. Edited by stevedogg51
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steve dogg 51

Info on the next meet will be posted on twitch tonights stream of the xbox 360 meet.

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steve dogg 51

Hi guys .... Still waiting for my work rota. As soon as I have it I will be post the details for the next themed around los santos meet on Xbox 1.


While we wait I will host an impromptu meet this Friday all are welcome. Midnight gmt

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steve dogg 51

Will do guys. What Warstock items do you both have ?

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Nonkelronnie BE
To sign up the meet simply follow the steps below

post a reply to this thread,

state if you have a mic.

confirm you understand the meet concept and give me one random letter from this word "Rockstar"





Can you add me, please?

I've got a mic, I understand the concept, f*ng 'A'


I don't have any Warstock vehicles available for now...

Edited by Nonkelronnie BE
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steve dogg 51

Thanks guys for the sign up will update the list tonight :)

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Sounds cool 2 me put me down for this one and if u could add my mate bren aswel

Gt. Pottyboy83

Mtes gt. brenpudsco

Letter. K

Edited by pottyboi83
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Nonkelronnie BE

Of course fella list is nearly done

Steve, Can you update the first post with the entry list, please?

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steve dogg 51


Of course fella list is nearly done

Steve, Can you update the first post with the entry list, please?



done, few more names to add but have to nip out. will finish later :)

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GT Freddy1 Krueger Theme understood, Mic Yes, Random letter T


Warstock Vehicles








Insurgent Pick Up


Plus if need be I can buy a Crusader



Edited by Freddy1Krueger
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Finally they have made the Insurgent full 4 wheel drive

Edited by Freddy1Krueger
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steve dogg 51



it sure is freddy :) great vehicle

Edited by stevedogg51
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steve dogg 51

Last chance to sign up guys !


Limited spaces left.

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steve dogg 51

Hey guys just got in from work, 2hrs late ! Have a few things to sort so. I will be pushing the start time of tonight's meet back 1hr.


Midnight start time gmt. That is approx 2hrs 15mins from now. Apologies.

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steve dogg 51


Great pic Freddy


Unfortunately meet has been postponed. Poor severs and an unwell family member. Will update and reschedule soon

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