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Around Los Santos Off-Road Meets [Xbox One]

steve dogg 51

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steve dogg 51

yep this is happening, Im just waiting for my xbox 1 update to finish and then i will start inviting people. Currently the update is on 55% :(


send me a message guys to GT: steve dogg 51


this will speed up the invite process see you all shortly

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Think I'm going to miss this one. Will try and get back on if I find time. If not when is the next session as I'll be gutted if I miss out :(

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Good 1st meet so far on the Xbox One. A few server problem with random kicks and disconnects. But hopefully they will sort the servers out as time goes on


Edit Sorry Trolop. My internet is bad I thought I had picked you up. This is the reason why I tend to hang out at the back so I don't lag on people's screens. I did try BT Infinity but it kept going off and losing connection so I had to go back to ADSL Copper cable



Now that 1st person is here you can't take a picture from a Heli witout the Heli being in picture



Edited by Freddy1Krueger
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steve dogg 51

Maybe invite through

The phone. The regular invite does nothing.


will try again through phone

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steve dogg 51

thanks to all that managed to join us, Lots of difficulty at the start. People getting kicked from the lobby or unable to join. Plus as host adding people from messages is a long process compared to the Xbox 360. So in future i will add everyone on a list as a friend. It was good to have this test run and find out things like this.


other issues, with game chat and party, both very difficult to set up or leave made communicating difficult. Plus the quality of the game chat was rubbish to start.


overall i expected problems like this but it does not make them any less frustrating.


the twitch channel seemed to work well from our end any feedback would be great from those who viewed the feed.



on the plus side - the map looked stunning, the water more blue :) and defo deeper (or that's my excuse, offroading is a smoother visual experience, although traction is reduced.

so its gonna take some more tweaking with the cars.

the 1st person view is interesting, and its gonna be nice to put that aspect into future meets.

























saved for pics and feedback

Edited by stevedogg51
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steve dogg 51

Yeah, I've got a mic and my gamertag is The 3rd Shot.





meet has finished this time, but look out for more on this thread

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steve dogg 51

Sorry had to dip out early, headache and server issues combine badly. Will catch up on next one

no worries cynister was gutted for you with the connection problems

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steve dogg 51

KieH97's. Thanks for the pics great joker costume.


Ncd1 & Kachkowski. Great to have you along hopefully the next one will run a bit smoother will work on the invite process

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Great meet last night by Steve. Here are a few more pictures


Start of the meet




Vertical Climbing




Great view




Safari shot




Steve looking serious




Melee fun



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other issues, with game chat and party, both very difficult to set up or leave made communicating difficult. Plus the quality of the game chat was rubbish to start.


was there an XBL party because i couldn't find one, and when i asked you in game i received an invite to the game i was in but not a party...0_o

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steve dogg 51

Kieh97. The majority of the game was done in game chat, at the beginning we did go into a party to see if the quality was better, it was but then we had trouble inviting people in ( because not everyone was a listed friend of mine) so we went back to game chat. Were u able to here us ?


I will look back through my messages sorry I missed that one but to be honest in the space of the first hour of the meet I had 74 xbox live messages, (requests for Invites etc people getting kicked etc ) 14 texts on the mobile in game, 2 In game phone calls, I set up a twitch feed, and monitored the forum for people not on or had been missed and led people on the route. The time it takes to open a message in xbox 1 and then go to the right place and send an invite is stupid, plus I did not have my keyboard connected to reply back to messages quickly. Hopefully now I'm aware of the problems we can improve them for the next meet. I'm happy to meet up in an invite only lobby and correct setting with people as well.


For future meets, please everyone send me a friend request when you are confirmed in the list.


My gt: steve dogg 51


For news on future events please visit the website



Meet pictures and youtube videos are be here and all the meet details appear there before the forums !!!!!


There is a sign up section were u can submit your gamer tags, I use this list to send out priority invites to the meets.


Benkid08. I have only done off road meets, but I might do a one off car meet again to highlight problems and test things out. And in sure a lot of the people I have do car meets with on xbox 360 will be starting to swap over to the new format

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thanks, no i couldnt hear anyone! ive gone over all my settings as well in gta and xbox, i have no idea why its not working. still had lots of fun though even if i had to communicate only by beeping my horn! :)

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Was a good meet but sadly had to leave early, shoutout to the guy in the chopper tho he was extremely helpful so 👍


As for chat I was on mic and couldn't hear anyone at any point during the 5 hours I was present which was a shame I was having a right laugh, just not as fun talkin to yourself ;)


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From what I heard there has been several issues reported with in game chat on ps4/ xbox one. They did an update to try and help that last night I believe while you all were in a session. I would say though give it a month for them to fix all the major bugs. Meets one the xbox one and ps4 for a while may be difficult but I am sure they well have it all fixed in due time.

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