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Around Los Santos Off-Road Meets [Xbox One]

steve dogg 51

Recommended Posts


(click the header to visit our website)


@aroundlossantos on Twitter


steve around los santos on facebook


stevedogg51 on RockStar Social Club



Next Meet




the trailer was made with thanks to clips and pics from livejoker(dignified tick), Yello cactus, Phoenix. Special thanks to the off-rd All-stars members who appear.

Xbox 1


Off Road Meet

The Theme: OFF ROAD & SUV


live on twitch www.twitch.tv/stevedogg51



Monday Feb 15th 2016

10.30 pm GMT

4.30 pm EST





other time zones available on request

Host: steve dogg 51



Were Back! After an extended break for the Xmas and New Year period, The Around Los Santos Challenge is finally home. And proud to present the first Off-Rd meet of 2016 Sumptous Summits
"Sumptous Summits" will be a traditional Off-Rd meet held in a Friends only Lobby (it important that you add me before the meet).


The meet consists of a grand tour of the highest peaks and summits in Los Santos and Blaine County. Plenty of testing off-rd climbs, steep slopes and rocky terrain. We travel in convoy at an authentic off-rd pace (if were to slow for you, this might not be the thing for you, your welcome to leave and try one of the ROAR Racing events)
The route is pre-planned, with various stops for mini games and impromptu mini games, such as relay races, jump completions and the 1st ALS swimming gala


We will start on the South East side of the Map, with a little meet and greet and vehicle voting. Prep your truck for the following categories.


Voting Categories

Best Paint Job which truck has the best paint
Truck Id most like to get ran over by- if you had to choose one truck to hit you and smash your brains on the dirt which one would it be
When the going gets tough the tough get out (and walk) the truck most likely to have problems during the meet
Best of Meet simples: the one you likes the bestest

(The best of Meet winner will be rewarded with a brand spanking new DUBSTA 2 or £18,000 gta dollars after the meet has concluded)



We then move on the trail. We start easy crossing the Palemero highlands and steep grassy slopes of the Tataviam Mountains. Around the Land Act reservoir we get dirty in the Mud, before dropping down to the coast. Once we have a feel for the convoy. We pick up the pace and stop for a few mini games.
With the San Chianski Range ahead we tackle the, tough and fast climbs individual climbs were top traction is the key to getting to the top. Once at the highest peak, we test are ability to descend the steep slopes to Catfish View. We have 2 SET climbs to attempt. At the Set climbs we park up, and each driver gets 2 attempts at the climb. Successful or unsuccessful after each driver has had 2 attempts we move on. This is the RULE OF TWO (its vital to the smooth running of the meet, please stick to it) while waiting for your turn or once finished your attempts please exit your vehicle and watch and support the other drivers attempts (take some pics or video) please be patient and give everyone a chance.
El Gordo lighthouse Offer the perfect Photo opportunity, but to get to it we wont be using the road. A chance to wash the trucks let say.
Mt Gordo offers some excellent climbs, after attempting the The Snake we follow the path around to the tranquil pools for our ALS swimming Gala, a chance for you to don the Budgie Smugglers and cool off. Youre going to need to ! The Infamous Snipers Ledge path will be our chosen route to the peak of Mt Gordo, High clearance, skilled driving is required to avoid failure.

From Gordo, the only destination is the highest Summit in Los Santos mt Chilliad. Before we take in the views from the summit we need to climb it. Drivers will need to work together on the steep grassy slopes, and give each other plenty of space as they approach the rocky terrain closer to the summit.

While Chiliad is the highest, the Route across to Mt Joshiah is the most challenging and enjoyable; we revel in wide range of climbs and descents through the Chiliad MT state wilderness and Raton Canyon. This is off-road heaven. Once Raton is crossed we ascend up the Northeast Face of Josiah, Narrow ridges, will take us down to a slow crawl as we hopefully avoid the sheer slopes on either side and take in the breath taking views from the summit.

A swift decent, is the next mini game. Its easy to fall of a mountain. But falling in style catching the jumps of the way down is the aim here. Bonus points awarded for 360s front flips and back flips.
The wide open planes of the Great Chaparral offer a perfect chance to, gain some speed. Before our final climbs at the Observatory and the finish at the Vinewood sign.

Vehicle Preparation


Off Road & SUV Class Only No pegasus please

Character Preparation

No restrictions :)

About the Meets

We form a nice orderly que and fall down mountains 1 by 1

In the last 20mths we have had approx 20 off-rd meets. Covering all parts of the map, we drive slow and climb the best terrain. We break up the off-road action and hold a few innovative mini events - car surfing anyone ??


Looking for something a little different from a car meet ?


The Around Los Santos Meets have been forged from a strong group of friendly, Gta forum members. We have tackled the toughest off-roading Los Santos has to offer, whilst having some great fun. Our weekly meets have Included Team events and off-road competitions. And we now use the R*creator extensively, to create innovative trails and mini games within the meets. These have included the Clukkin Bell beauty pageant, mud wrestling, demo Derby's and numerous fight club arenas

The most important factor in all the meets has always been the people. Many of the players that enjoy the 1st initial meets continue to enjoy them now. There is a strong group of regulars that without, i would not be able to continue hosting.

More recently I have been heavily involved in the formation Off-Road All-stars Crew, which received recent recognition on the R* Crew Cut
As well as the off-roading, the ROAR Rally championship is a new, time based Rally competition. The unique format allows drivers to compete over different dates, Posting times on an interactive leader board.
And if you can't make a date for the meets we offer some great off-rd trails and GTA Jobs visit the R* social club


A Little About Myself

Me simply i'm a guy form Wales that likes to host off-road meets and racing events so far its gone quite well, 3rd place in the Best Meets Catergory in the GTA froums Awards 2015 and twice been featured by Rockstar on the News wire for the "off-road all Stars Crew" with lvl phoenix and the "ROAR Rally championship" with @ yello Cactus




Feedback From the meets


here is a few things others have said about the meets and me.

"The challenges were great but some of them were near impossible yet I had a great time and that's something only a good host can do. I know I was sucking ass yet I was entertained for the whole meet and I can guarantee not many hosts can do that"

"you feel united when you're driving in a pack led by steve. We're like a bunch of girls and he's wearing Axe/Lynx body spray" (it actually doesn't work even if you use the whole bottle, trust me)

"I used to think Steve was a great host but now I'm convinced he's mad. All around the map? In one sitting?! Dude, my ass is so sore it felt like I went to a Village People's concert."

"It's so refreshing to join in with people who all have an aim of just having a good time"




1.Simply reply to the post.

Quote your GT and acknowledge the theme or the title of the meet.


2.Send me a Friend request on XBL

(it will make the invite process easier)

gt: steve dogg 51


1.steve dogg 51





6.Stevie N37






12.Goliath MK iv




16.ox darkness xo

17.Yes Lefty













don't blow up cars or kill another player

If you don't arrive on time players from the reserve list will be added approx 10mins from your first invite or if you are showing off line.

respect the other players. No racism (or language that may cause offense). Abusing sanchez riders is however allowed .

when asked to follow in line, please follow in line (if you want to go of and explore why join a meet ?)

please bring an off roader (SUV's are fine as well) please no jesters, bikes or pegasus

arrive on time.

I Got 97.5 Problems & A sanchez Is Every Single One




Find all the latest news on the meets the next event,

The off road blog,

And all the pictures and videos in one place !





RockStar Newswire Featured Off-road crew

(click link to view feature)




For Much More info click the spoiler tab





Founded in November 2014, the Off-Road All-Stars are a vibrant society of XBOX & PC off-road enthusiasts who love nothing more than scaling the treacherous terrain of Los Santos & Blaine County with their fellow rock-crawlers at their side. Renowned for their skillful expertise on the dirt & an online community unlike any other, the All-Stars continue to rise to staggering heights and won't stop 'til every inch of terrain has been explored and conquered: 'impossible' just isn't a part of our vocabulary!


Check out the amazing crew E-Zine



The Off-Road All-Stars welcome anyone of any skill level. Whether you're looking to hone your skills, challenge them or simply see if it's something you might enjoy, the All-Stars will take you along with them and show you a way of travelling Los Santos and Blaine County that you'll never forget. Alongside planned meets are our ever-popular impromptu meets, bringing together an array of whichever members are online to dive, crawl, leap and bound over the plains of the map - and have a laugh, of course. We're never short on humour and good-natured banter, so if it's fun you're looking for? You're 100% in the right place.


Let see what ROCKSTAR had to say about the All-Stars (click to view newswire)



The Off-Road All-Stars are the best of the best when it comes to not only off-roading but atmosphere and team spirit, too. You'll never find another crew quite like us, and that's an All-Star guarantee!





lots more All-Stars Videos on crew leaders ph04nix YouTube Page (click here)


How do you Find and Join the Off-Road All-Stars


there website including there own dedicated forum, full of pics info and much more www.offroadallstars.net

Facbook, the crew facebook page is the most active crew space Off-road All-stars facebook page

Rockstar social club, crew texts and sign up request. Rockstar social club link

twitter @offroadallstars


alternatively you can message Crew Leader Ph04nix (xbl gamer tag) or Crew commissioner GT steve dogg 51








RockStar Newswire Featured

(click link to view feature)

Authentic GTA racing Events





R.O.A.R racing events are a colbrative effort between Steve dogg 51 and Yello Cactus. We offer an authetic Racing events within For the GTA comunity, many based on real life motorsport competitions.

The events are all streamed live on twitch, in cinematic with full commentary (much like TV Coverage)


our events



(season 1 finished, Seaon 2 coming Summer 2016)


(video courtesy of Ph04nix)





4TH round Highlights




Our first event the ROAR Rally Championship offered a timetrial Rally competition.

Stevedogg51 and Yello Cactus to bring this Crew's vision for an official Racing Championship to fruition.


The Rally Championship has its own separate website with information on how to sign-up, previous results and the forthcoming schedule. Here's how it works:

The championship consists of four major rally rounds known as The McKenzie Rally, The Chiliad Mountain Rally, The Redwood Classic and The Palmer Taylor Trophy. The lowest cumulative time across all four rounds determines the winner. Designed with multiple dates for players to post their time and no limit on the number of competitors taking part, players who sign up are asked to pick one custom ride from a specific vehicle class and use that same selection throughout the championship round. Each round's selected track is posted a week in advance to allow all competitors time to practice. Check out this promo video for a quick summary.

On the designated Race Night, all entrants join the Race and go for three laps, which break down as follows:

First lap: a warm-up lap tackled as a group to learn the course. All Racers must pull off the track before hitting the last check point.
Second lap: Racers take turns to set their time over the course of the second lap. This is recorded on the rally leaderboard.
Final lap: completed in group formation for a show of unity.

The primary reason behind the inclusion of having only one hot lap is to add to the pressure of each Racer to perform to their utmost best in front of their peers. To make the rally truly interactive, the rounds are broadcast on Twitch in cinematic mode with live commentary.


(custom graphics for results board after each stage)


Lets See whats ROCKSTAR Said on there NewsWire Feature (click for full feature






R.O.A.R Stirling Cup



click to play the trailer


The Stirling Cup

Modern day motor racing is about speed, precision and foremost safety (Yawn).
In the Stirling Cup we take a nostalgic trip back in time. A time before clipboards and crash helmets were invented. A time when a leather flight cap and some goggles were enough to protect you from the hard tarmac and inevitable fireball, should you flip your vehicle into a crowd of tweed dressed spectators, smoking pipes and checking their pocket watches.

The Stirling GT is a landmark of Germany's proud history of helping flabby, self-loathing businessmen pretend they're Grand Prix drivers. It's a tradition that's been around for at least sixty years, so while it's still pathetic, at least it got there first.
Your Stirling can be modified in any way you see fit. No restrictions on tires, spoilers or performance modifications.


  • ​Four race Championship
  • 15-20 lap races
  • Qualifying laps
  • Compulsory pitstops
  • Le Mans style start
  • ​Clean, gentlemen racing
  • Bonus points for fastest lap during race
  • Slipstream 'on' during race


This event is been run for the clean racing crew CLOUD 9 RACING


To sign up for the event you must be a Cloud 9 member

view the full event info here on there forum





ROAR Off Road Cup


(click the image to view the trailer)


Have you got the skill and ability to negotiate the toughest climbs and descents where flat out speed is replaced by controlled speed. A badly damaged or destroyed vehicle could drop you back multiple places but fast, technical and consistent speed is crucial. Off-road or SUV vehicles are needed but what will you choose?


One winner and 1million GTA $ prize money.
Of course this will be streamed live in cinematic, with full commentary so nothing will be missed.


Set within one race. 30 competitors battle it out though 68 check points for approx 60 mins. The race takes you to the top of the highest peaks and the farthest corners of The GTA Map.
​Navigation is key, check points are deliberately spaced miles apart.
You don't want to wreck your truck, a respawn will set you back miles and you must pan your route to the next check point using your knowledge of the GTA terrain. A wrong move could cost you minutes.


Dotted throughout the race are a number of Technical climbs which must be overcome. The climbs are enclosed with the use of props, and can only be completed correctly by hitting the check point within the enclosure.

​Everyone's route will be different, everyone has a chance but who will be the quickest.

Vehicle choice is vital, the class will be set as off-rd what will you choose ?

The sandking will fair better on the climbs and allow you to overcome the tough terrain quickly, but on the long open speed sections, the brawler, injection or dubster 4x4 will race ahead.
Maybe the 6x6 or rebel then ?

Both climb well, both are quick and have a little more clearance. If you want to get those tricky decent done quickly why not choose the insurgent ? It's extra armour will avoid costly explosions and frustrating respawns. The choice is of course yours

Drivers can enter as individuals, or represent as part of race team, working together to plan routes. However teams must be aware. There can be only one winner.


To Sign up for this event. Message Yello Cactus or Steve Dogg 51

or leave a comment on the GTA Forums Thread.






Click here to subscribe to My YouTube Channel





Click to view my Twitch Channel, Live stream of all Meets



i work with other hosts to clean up meets and ban players


faintergravy 12


Edited by steve dogg 51
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Just get him to ask Santa for one and I'm sure he will let you share it

Sorry to break it to you, Steve...but Santa isn't real.


I'm hoping some usuals stick with the 360 so I can dominate the 360 meets (my master plan). It's gonna be a long time before I get an Xbox One - I don't see any real reasons to buy a new console for 2-3 games (Dead Rising 3, GTA and Forza Horizon 2 interest me). Plus it's still too early in its life cycle to get one. I remember the 360 launch was so limited. The One has great stuff now, yes, but it's gonna get so much better and I wanna jump in when that happens. Plus I'm more broke than a plastic chair that got sat on by your mom.

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Just get him to ask Santa for one and I'm sure he will let you share it


Sorry to break it to you, Steve...but Santa isn't real.

I'm hoping some usuals stick with the 360 so I can dominate the 360 meets (my master plan). It's gonna be a long time before I get an Xbox One - I don't see any real reasons to buy a new console for 2-3 games (Dead Rising 3, GTA and Forza Horizon 2 interest me). Plus it's still too early in its life cycle to get one. I remember the 360 launch was so limited. The One has great stuff now, yes, but it's gonna get so much better and I wanna jump in when that happens. Plus I'm more broke than a plastic chair that got sat on by your mom.

Lol ^ I'm with u on that one man... I'll be on 360 for much longer

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Have to agree, I've had the xbox one for 11 mths, while bf4 and fifa are great on it the majority of my play remains on the 360, still play fifa and bf4 on the 360 so I can play against mates. To be honest I still have the odd game of sonic the hedgehog on the megadrive !


To me what's important is the game play and of course with online games who's playing with you. So therefore I will continue with the 360 meets as the primary meets. My hope is the xbox one version will offer a new perspective with better features for recording and catching the action. Myself I'm not holding out that much hope on the xbox 1 version as I think it is a hasty rehash of the 360 version. But we will see how things go, I am I'm fact a bit worried that the new foliage system on the xbox one may ruin off roading all together

Edited by stevedogg51
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If I was to get $500 for an Xbox One and GTA, it would be purely for better pictures. Game looks great as it is now - pop-ups suck, yes, but the game still works. I would never upgrade just for better graphics and a few minor features. Then again I'm saying that as I don't have the console for it. :p

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*picture of awesome Picador lifted*

Right click, Copy Image Location and then use the image extension on the forum (in the toolbar). It's a much easier way to post pics without doing any codes.


Please tell me that can actually be lifted instead of a monster truck with a different body. OH MY GAWD A LIFTED CHROME ADDER WOULD BE THE ULTIMATE THING TO DRIVE I NA FREEROAM!

Edited by livejoker
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Yo stevedogg sorry I won't be able to make this meet, super bummed out. But I just started back at an old job, and I will be working during this. But you can bring someone else in my spot.

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Yo stevedogg sorry I won't be able to make this meet, super bummed out. But I just started back at an old job, and I will be working during this. But you can bring someone else in my spot.

You got an early copy of GTA V on the Xbox One?! :O

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Yo stevedogg sorry I won't be able to make this meet, super bummed out. But I just started back at an old job, and I will be working during this. But you can bring someone else in my spot.

You got an early copy of GTA V on the Xbox One?! :O



I am just talking about Fright Night, in three days. Wont make it. Just noticed this was the wrong thread ewwwwppss.

Edited by Mcschlotsky
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  • 2 weeks later...

More screen shots coming tonight !
Plus provisional info on the first "Around Los Santos off Road Challenge" on xbox 1

I'm holding back on a date just because I'm predicting some early server problems.

On the news front, it looks like your character is gonna be fully customisable (like fifa etc) so that should be fun, from the screen shots I've seen it's gonna look gorgeous as well, thats always been a plus point of the ALS off road meets we get to see remote parts if the map at different time of the day and night.

The list will have 30 spaces ! Who knows if we can fill them ? I doubt it on the first one.

But I will update the first post with more info tonight !





Edited by stevedogg51
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Right time to get down to it. 9days left untill its released


So lets get some info up on the the first "Around Los Santos (ALS) Off-road Challenge" on XBOX 1.


The first event will be a chilled event to take in the new graphics and 1st person mode. We will be going around the map a full on challenge ! to take in as much as we can and evaluate any changes in the game. I want to make this open to all its a long event (the last one took 6hrs), so its going to start early for my UK friends at 9.30pm GMT, there Are 30 spaces , so don't worry if you cant make the start time just message me when your on and i will invite you, u can catch up with the group.


The usual rules will apply. And remember this is not a race its about getting everybody around the map, enjoying the scenery and the toughest off-roading the map can offer. We don't leave people behind if they get stuck help em out, if people need a to call in a vehicle give them a lift to the road. Give people space, don't nudge people unless they ask and no killing !


Although we have been around the map before this will be the first time on the next Gen, so clear out the snapmatic and lets see what it has to show us .



As usual full details on the first post. CLICK HERE to sign up

Edited by stevedogg51
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Put me down for this one Steve can't wait for the new GTA a mate of mine will like to join but can't remember his gamertag will have to get bk to u on that one lol

Edited by pottyboi83
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My mates gamer tag is darkwing8393 if u could add him to ur list would be brill he be on GTA after Monday


have added him to the list, looking forward to a chilled spin on the next gen !

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this sh*t is gonna rock in superultramega HD! i can't wait to see the chrome sandBLING in hi def. y'all better wear your spf 1000 and your blue-blockers because i can't be held responsible for any crispy burnt eyeballzzzzzzzzzzz.

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there are some pics of PS4 released, will be putting them up in a bit


anyone else wanting to join ??

If I had the money to buy everything in time you bet your sweet @#$ I would join but alas I do not. However I think the list will be small at this time because of all the awesomeness everyone will want to take in first. Plus trying to experience any new missions and such. Plus there are a lot of people on the fence about rebuying the same game. In time I know this list will be bigger, just right now it may be to early on in it's life cycle. Plus you have those people that think online, transfers, and other problems are going to arise causing things to not work right for the first month or so after release which I can not blame them since it happened on the 360/ps3.

Edited by bigd7775
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Quite right I agree. There will be teething problem and more will join in time. Just hope with the transfers that my Huntley and sandkings come over, Was not expecting a great deal from this meet and to be honest I would be quite happy with only the few that can join coming, it's gonna be a chilled loby

And a chance to check out the differences in the game play and any I. Driving mechanics.

I hope rockstar has not changes anything that f**** up off roading (this is my biggest fear)

All welcome to join me and have a relaxed session. I might change the date to a weekday and then this would free up the Saturday for the 360 meet. Will see how things go.

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