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Anyone wanna do missions with me?


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Im sick of joining empty lobbies all the time. Wondering if anyone wants to do some missions with me ? if so let me know down below or add me

PSN: CassieVain :)

Edited by CassieVain
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I friend requested you. All I do are missions. I'm on right now and I'll be on for a few hours. I'm high level with a mic. Hope to see you around.

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Hey i would love to play with u im 13 and level 155 add me

psn Ghostface_K1llah after the 1 is two capital i :)

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I always do missions. Well, almost always. I hope your good though because I'm exceptionally bad.


Looking forward to failing gloriously with you. Oh, what about the others ? I'm sure they'll relish failing too.


PSN;- troysayshi

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Aw man i assumed no one would reply and abandoned the post! ill add you guys anyways and we will do some missions or races whenever i'm online :D


And Troy im sure ive seen your name before, did you join Adots car meets at some point? :p

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Lol, definitely not me at Adots car meet and if it was I'd not doubt have been asked to leave for not taking it seriously enough.

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Sorry for jumping out like that Cassie. I will make it up next time. Infact apart from one, who was on earlier, I jumped off from absolutely everyone on Saturday.

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