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Xbox car meet going on right now


Recommended Posts


The Names GarlemG

I am the founder and Sole Proprietor of The Gucci Stunt Crew.

Calling on Los Santos's finest and skilled players of the streets.

We're hosting a private world of the best Flyers, Drivers, and Deep sea Divers.

True Car Enthusiasts And Stunt Masters are Ideal for our meet ups.

95% of the time there are 12 people in the Session.

What you should Expect of us:


Best Car shows in the Area

​(Best Thought out Locations)


Majority if not everyone has Mics

Sessions Usually last 2-8 Hours,

Until its Last Person Awake.


At this time we are looking to invite to Car Shows,

Flights, Bike Rides, Drag Races, Strip Club Lounging.


Two on the Pole at the same time, Anything can Happen!!$


Chrome Buses


We are all around cool people who aren't caught up with

the Daily Purge.

But with that said, we also partake in Deathmatches and missions.

What we Expect from you:


Be a decent person


Have a Mic, and if you don't at least be cool

and try and take direction.


Understand there are going to be people cussing and not

holding back. Not the best I know but I would rather hear bad

words than be continuously run down and shot by strangers.


I strongly recommend 18+. Also, on that note be prepared to

kick somebody if the room asks you to. Majority rules when

it comes to booting people out of the session.

Other than that, there's a big world out there. Meant to be

explored and Stunted in.


Going Hard in the Paint


If you are interested in being part of these sessions and meet ups,

message my GamerTag: garlemg and say "Gucci Stunt Crew".

It is not Mandatory to be in the crew but it is recommended as we

are always running together.

This is more of a invite to our meet up, but spots in the crew are available.

I emphasize that so people don't complain that i posted in the wrong section.

Please message my gamertag if interested as I will not always be on the Forum.

xbox GT: garlemg psn:mnkymnry


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GarlemG is not a good person....

He will ruin your fun at a car meet... he will kill you and blow up your rides


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Etimadator or whatever is a hoe ass person who sounds like he's in a cult or at least a sex trafficking ring. He nags so much and wants everyone dressed the same and holding hands. Car meet is still going on right now

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