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Goldfinger - We preferably do missions, but we'll beat you at what


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Goldfinger is recruiting teamplayers for PS3 and PS4!


Our motto is:

"We preferably do missions, but we'll beat you at whatever!"

Meaning we are grinding some missions, maybe for 100k dollars, and then some freeroam. It's all about the money!


If you are tired of playing with people who makes you feel like you are playing against eachother. You should keep reading!

I for one am very happy about the new payouts in missions... Been tired of running my a** of to get to shoot someone before its all over!

Goldfinger play the missions together, we take cover, you shoot left and I shoot right. You go in from one side, I go in from the other. We wait and cooperate. No rushing, it will only cost us in the end.


Same thing in freemode! Help and assist other members.


The vision with Goldfinger, [GOLD] was to only take in members which had earned a gold trophy. This to make sure everybody is the same kind of crazy. The "All in-GTA" kind! Maybe set the bar to high...?

The goal is to have as many members as possible on our friend-list. This will make invitations pop-up faster.


Requirment to join is to have our crew as the active one.


If you want to be a lieutenant you need to have a gold trophy, and be friends with either my commissioner or my self.

- Above the law - rank 100 online

- Career criminal - 100% story mode

- Solid gold, baby! - Earn 70 gold medals on missions and strangers and freaks


I challenge anyone to a race, and I enjoy the occational team-deathmatch.


We are currently 273 members. Not all active as we've been here from the beginning.




I will make the transition to PS4, but my commissioner will be staying with the PS3

Edited by thokro77
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A challenge!:


Rooftop Rumble - Play by yourself on Hard. Only use the pistol. Kill everybody in this mission. Even the ones waiting at the documents destination. No extra bodyarmor or snacks, just the one bodyarmor from the start, and the extra life.


How fast can you do it?


My time was 15 min 13 sec.

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Per request.

– overeducated wonk who fetishises compromise

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