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How do bets work?


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I've been playing alot lately and I'm pretty good at placing bets and winning but I don't know how they work. Does someone have to match my bet [Ex:10k] and I get their bet too or I only get half of their bet?

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Maya Echo Visari

I honestly have no idea, and I like to bet too. I never really thought about it. The number of players betting most likely factors into this as well.


If you're playing a 1vs1 scenario I'd say whoever bets the least, that amount which was betted becomes the break-off, and.. you're stuck with his amount to bet? I have no clue.


But I'm pretty sure whatever they bet, they lose, no matter the amount, it becomes yours.

Edited by SevDoggX
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Money lines. If you lose you lose your entire bet. If you win, you win an amount based on your odds. For example say you bet $100 and have 3-1 odds (underdog) You are risking $100 to win $300. On the other if you are the favorite and have say 2-5 odds you are risking $100 to win $40

Tip: if someone bets a large sum on themselves ($10k) place a minimum wager on yourself to get really good odds... Usually 33-1

Edited by wh1t31v3y
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Stopped betting once I got the Hustler award on both characters. Odds have nothing to do with players skills or records, strictly how many players bet and how much. Your best bet is to only bet the minimum every time.

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