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Need Tactical Members


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Hello, my name is MightyPeppers.


I have run 3 crews, Ninja Nightstalkers, 4x4 Dominators, and now Tactical Dominators. I have quite literally made this crew with the past 24 hours of me posting this. Now to the point, recently I have been in a skirmish with a GTA MC or Motorcycle Club, it was and has been 11+ versus 2 (me and a friend being the "2")

I have tried on many occasions to fight back and at one point even called on help from they're rival crew, sadly ... No luck.

I am requesting organized people to join my crew to help put an end to this. Race and age doesn't matter, just skill. I need people who are willing to talk simple code when needed and are willing to stand by me when times are tough. Rewards and rank will be given upon those who show effort, this may include: Weapons, RP help, Money, and Vehicles. So, if you are willing to join the fight, here's the link, request and I'll accept ...



Please feel free to ask questions

Edited by MightyPeppers
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My Friend Look no further if a Tactical Crew Is What You are look for them Join Ghost Delta-1 , we are an Elite Special Forces unit, I see that you made a crew so your expecting to be a leader so tell you what if you join mine , I'll base your rank off your LVL and KD ratio

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immature shitposter

I am a freelance hit man and will gladly help for the affordable price of three cash cards paid in installments..

as for being tactical, I have flashlights on my guns, wear bs mercenary clothing, and mash the square button while shooting to do tacticool spetznas rollz....

Just join a bigger crew and get members to help you, it's better than getting slapped around

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Of course not , we are also based on PS3

& @madrazo we can use an ask no questions get the job done kind of guy

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Madrazo was being sarcastic and shoot me a link I'll check it out, I'm best with ANY sniper rifle (but who isn't) pretty damn accurate with a jet, and I'm damn good at flying dust off for those in a pinch.

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