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SOTW #97 - Entry


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Welcome to SOTW!

SOTW is a friendly competition where members of the arts can come and battle each other to design the best signature around a set theme or image. There are no physical prizes in this contest however there are bragging rights like a mofo.


So come on, if you have Photoshop, MS Paint or any sort of photo manipulation program, feel free to enter the competition. However, as with any contest, there are rules. All entries must fall under the below guidelines in order to have a chance!


Congratulations to the winner of the last SOTW contest, Janky, with this beautiful signature


Excellent work, my friend! You've just won yourself a round trip aboard the famous mustache rides of Tom Selleck with a lifetime supply of :cookie: Enjoy!

And a round of applause for the runner up, Camil1999, well done.


Must be own work, absolutely custom (Not just an image with a border or text. ADD YOUR OWN FLARE!)

Must not be work entered before or a signature you're currently using

Must be YOUR work, ripping will result in disqualification

Signatures must fit the forum's size dimensions - 500x150

Forum Gang members are not allowed to vote for their own gang members. This is to have a fair and comfortable contest.

You must create a signature based around the set theme.

Failure to follow these rules will result in your entries being disqualified. So please, read the rules!


In appreciation for The Walking Dead's return last night, we shall have the theme



Saturday, Oct 18th

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Sounds great, and enough time on Saturday for me to finish my entry :)


Thank you GunWrath for new SOTW!

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Got a Free Day, took the time to make a Sig :)



Edited by Toshio_maxoS
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All of these entries are awesome!

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For the record this (zompacacolypse) is not actually a thing.. just something I made up.

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And another awesome entry... This will be hard to vote :O All here earnd first place.

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