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Idea to improve the On Call feature.


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From my experiences with GTAO, I find I have the most fun when I join a large lobby for a job, mostly consisting of strangers, and we keep on playing a string of jobs that we vote for. I don't know if it's just my connection or something, but I find during non event hours this doesn't happen as much as I would like. Most of the time I find myself doing jobs (im talking DMs, LTS's, Races etc) with like 4 or 5 people. This isn't so bad but you can tell most of the gameplay was designed for larger matches.


So, what I propose is a new function to go with the On Call feature where you can set the minimum amount of players that the lobby must have before you are launched into a game.


So for example if you select On Call for Race and set it to 6, then you can continue to roam around and you will not be launched into another lobby until at least 6 players are ready to go in that lobby.


How it would look on the hosts screen is simple, those that have their requirements set (either no minimum or a minimum) will either have the Joined Status or the On Call status set to green. Those who haven't had their requirements set will be in orange. It means if you launch the game, they will not come with you while they are orange.


So hopefully this means that we should be seeing less hosts playing with smaller lobbies, and more players who get to join in larger lobbies. It also makes the feature worth using, it will take longer to get into a game sure, but if the player counter is active you know roughly when you will be joining so you can time your activities in freemode accordingly, and most importantly, you can be assured you will join a quality game when you do finally join.



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don ovdi' island

probably has something to do with the 1 minute launch timer once the minimum amount of players for the game itself to launch is accepted. because of this, sessions will still launch quickly and even if the host extends the timer it only adds 30 more seconds. Under typical matchmaking, no one will join and its possible if the lobby is filled with on call players whose requirements aren't meant , will be excluded from the job thus making the on call feature literally almost useless for hosts.


Not a bad idea, but i don't see it happening.


the LTS event was the first time i EVER joined a lobby that had all 16 players and was not a free roam. Ive been playing online since it came out i might add.

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Yeah same here, I hosted an event for the LTS and it filled up within a minute, I was impressed. The only time we see any real activity now is during events, its the only time I bother playing now tbh. Honestly its not really a bad thing though, you don't really need to play this game heaps so it keeps it fresh if you know what I mean.

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I like the idea.. hate going on call for survivals and dms only for the host to immediately launch it when its just us 2

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Seeing as it's hard to even start a deathmatch with minimum 4 players I don't know if it would work. The problem is either not enough players to be on call for a race/mission/deathmatch in certain moment or just matchmaking and the way game sends out invites and assigns on call people. If that's the case, normal matchmaking should be fixed first in order for your udea to work.

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This is a great idea. I've encountered the same problem. I want to join a random deathmatch that's almost full, but instead I get put in deathmatches that only just started and only one or two people join, then leave.


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Tali vas Normandy

It's a pretty good idea. They should also add the name of the event you are playing.


So that way when I get a custom race. I can leave.

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Yeah great idea OP. I had a whole list of improvements for On Call I made a while back here.


At the moment its just a feature that was just thrown in by just making up the minimum ability it could do. I would prefer it if it told you the name and details of the job you've joined, had the ability to leave on call quickly, and allowed you to use it with invites.


All of these things are simple enough to do, including the OP, how R* haven't thought of this stuff and implemented it is beyond me - especially the invite and job name extras.

Edited by tfroam
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Yeah lets be honest, the invite system doesn't really work that well unless you are inviting to friends and crew members. The game has to get it's normal matchmaking system working properly in order for it to function like a modern online game. It's just fundamental stuff.

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